YouTube is including three new options to its Premieres choice

YouTube has released three updates to its Premieres option for artists, creators, and publishers.

Product manager Derek Yang said in a blog post on Wednesday that YouTube had seen more than 85% growth in daily premieres of over 8 million channels since March 1. More than 80% of these channels would have never used premieres before.

A new Live Redirect feature allows creators to host a live stream as a preshow before a premiere, with the audience seamlessly directed to the premiere after the live stream is complete.

According to Yang, YouTube has been testing this feature over the past few months with channels like Justin Bieber, BTS, Cardi B, New York Comic-Con, and We Are One Film Festival and found that it brings the community together.


With the help of trailers, creators can upload recorded hype videos from 15 seconds to three minutes, which are played on the watch page before premieres.


Finally, YouTube allows developers to customize the countdown videos that play before premieres to add excitement and debut countdown themes with a range of moods, themes, and vibes.


Live redirect and trailers were made available to eligible developers on Wednesday, while countdown themes will be available in the coming months.

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