With FanDuel, Bud Gentle will sponsor the primary branded guess within the USA

Bud Light will sponsor the first branded US sportsbook.

Announced today, FanDuel has partnered with Light Beer to sponsor a bet during the game between the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills on December 19th. Fans wagering more than $ 25 will receive an additional $ 3 for every additional point and field goal the Broncos score.

Why the Broncos? Yes, Bud Light and FanDuel were already official partners of the Mile High team, but more importantly, Colorado is one of eight states that legal mobile sports betting. (The others are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee. Michigan and Virginia will follow in 2021.) While FanDuel has an audience of nearly 11 million users, the branded bet is only available in Colorado, which is currently the first local promotion that FanDuel is hoping to be a recurring sponsorship stream as mobile sports betting continues to grow.

Supported by pent-up demand from the pandemic-triggered sports and entertainment drought, FanDuel saw the largest increase in new signups on its daily fantasy platform and sports betting products since 2015 in the first week of NFL promotion. The bets were placed around 200% per year – over the year. Since the US Supreme Court lifted restrictions on online wagering in 2018, more than $ 20 billion has been wagered on US sports betting, so NFL stadiums are designed to offer the fastest wireless speeds for Players can cope.

"It's good for Bud because they get to showcase their brand in an age-appropriate environment in front of passionate users with disposable income, and it's good for our users because they get a fun advertisement that we can draw." said Mike Raffensperger, CMO of FanDuel. "This is really an interactive experience that people are looking for, and I think that makes it really attractive compared to having more advertising opportunities for stocks and trading."

It also gives FanDuel the seal of approval to work with one of the biggest brand names in sports marketing. After all, beer sponsorship is a practical requirement in the world of professional sports. Aside from the obvious synergy between sports fans, a sportsbook and a well-known beer, the stigma of gambling has largely dissipated over the past decade, supported by a marketing push from FanDuel and competitor Draft Kings, as well as the sports leagues themselves looking to get into the action.

National, FanDuel's Daily Fantasy product, launched in the late 2000s and considered a game of skill rather than gambling, is legal in 48 states, and FanDuel is recognized as the official daily fantasy partner of the NBA and WNBA.

Raffensperger declined to say how much Bud Light had paid for the sponsorship, but it was a "meaningful" amount. FanDuel had previously worked with partners for the fantasy sports game and the platform's free products. During last year's NBA All-Star Game, FanDuel teamed up with Mountain Dew for a free activation that tracked nearly 80% of NBA users on the platform.

While no other brand bets are planned yet, Raffensperger said FanDuel has received interest from casual dining brands, the auto category, and even airlines, especially partnerships ahead of the Super Bowl and the upcoming NBA tip at the end of the month.

"Beer makes a lot of sense," said Raffensperger. "We get a lot more incoming requests. There is a first mover whitespace advantage."

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