Will altering your small business telephone quantity have an effect on Search Engine Optimization?

30-second summary:

  • While having a business phone number isn't as difficult for your SEO as a full rebranding, a change can have an impact on your SEO.
  • Maintaining NAP consistency should be your primary goal when changing your phone number.
  • Your marketing strategy can also make the transition easier for your customers because you can let them know about the change in advance.
  • The main goal besides maintaining your ranking should be not to lose your customers' trust by changing your information – so the process needs to be approached carefully.

Much like all other aspects of digital marketing and brand positioning, SEO is an ever-changing game. With so many moving pieces and trends evolving, it's no wonder brands aren't entirely sure which decisions they're going to make negatively affect their SEOand which ones are safe enough to do.

One day some kind of behavior seems perfectly fine, while the next Google penalizes it for implementing algorithm changes. Add in customer expectations and it becomes even more difficult to figure out what is worth the effort and what should be left alone.

When it comes to your business details, including your name, address, and phone number (neatly wrapped in the notion of NAP information), changes can be good. After all, entire companies have successfully renamed without any problems. Changing a single piece of information, such as However, your phone number, for example, can change the entire customer journey if not done correctly.

Here we're going to tackle some key steps in the process so that your phone number change doesn't negatively impact your ranking or brand perception.

Nap in the bud

Local search This is an essential part of your overall SEO strategy. This is even more true if you run an exclusively local company with a physical presence, e.g. B. a pastry shop, a car repair shop or a beauty salon. Your pedestrian traffic depends heavily on your customers' ability to find correct information online when they search for your service.

If they come across an outdated number, they'll call the nearest business in their search results with solid reviews and forget you exist. Simply put, consistency is important. Google does not want to disappoint its users and punishes companies with inconsistent NAP information (name, address, telephone number) on the Internet. Once your directories, website, and other online listings no longer display your actual phone number, your ranking will suffer.

The remedy is pretty simple. If you've decided to change your phone number or your entire communications system, take the time to revise all of your local business listings and directories that your business appears on.

NAP consistency is an important ranking factor This can either overturn your business in the eyes of search engines or help you get to the most wanted spots in the SERPs. While changing your work phone number on its own isn't a cause for concern, how you distribute them plays a big role in local rankings.

Take care of your call tracking

Some companies avoid call tracking just because they're not sure how to go about it, because they're afraid of damaging their SEO in the process. More importantly when it comes to call tracing, every business must adhere to these important legal requirements. like the EU's GDPRor General Data Protection Regulation to ensure that their customers' sensitive information is safe. However, when the time comes to ditch outdated landlines and change or merge your numbers, you can also take advantage of this potentially SEO beneficial process.

In order to standardize and improve their communication systems, companies are switching to digital telephone solutions such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP for short). There are many benefits of such a transition to call tracking, smarter customer care, and better customer loyalty that can help your SEO efforts over the long term. Like you Learn more about VoIP With its numerous applications, you can make the most of your telephone interactions with your customers to improve your brand reputation, but also your ranking.

Not only should you have more work phone numbers available when you need them, but you should also know that VoIP platforms come with other useful features such as call analysis, recording, email and SMS. Gathering all of this data and implementing SEO safe call tracking using dynamic number insertion will work in favor of your SEO.

Build and maintain customer trust

If you do it right, changing your business phone number can be a seamless process that won't harm your ranking. However, it's important to remember the reason behind ranking first: search engines want to provide users with the best and most trustworthy results first, and most importantly, other online options available. In doing so, they reward companies that display themselves accurately online, and contact information is an integral part of that display.

The basic premise is this: when a customer calls you and receives a notification that the number no longer exists, they will lose trust in your brand. Google and other search engines recognize this lack of trust and outperform other companies with accurate and verified contact details. In a way, it's customer trust that determines search engine rankings.

Research has confirmed this when 80% of respondents in BrightLocal research stated that they would lose trust in a company with incorrect and inconsistent contact information. Once you've decided to change your phone number, the key piece of your SEO puzzle is making sure it's displayed consistently across all of your digital branches: maintaining customer trust and therefore your ranking.

Notifying the customer in good time

Fortunately, there is an easy way to make sure your customers have the right information. Once you have taken care of all of your yellow pages, social media pages, messaging app presence, and website, you can use your marketing strategy to get the word out.

Your subscribers and repeat customers want to know that your company has changed important information. Just like you don't want them to go to an old address in your cafe for an hour to discover a strange looking plumbing store, you want your new number to be added to their contact list.

You can use your weekly / monthly newsletter to let them know of the switch, post a social media update notifying customers of the new number they can reach you at, and also a small announcement on yours Publish website, especially if you are receiving frequent calls from all of these outlets.

Changing a business phone number can be a simple process in itself, but it will only affect your business if you prepare properly. Maintaining all of the business registers that your company is listed on, as well as implementing search engine-approved tracking tactics and retaining customers, are more than enough to aid you in this process.

Emma Worden is a Sydney based digital marketer and blogger. Emma writes for many relevant, industry-related online publications and works as an Executive Editor on the Bizzmark Blog and as a visiting professor at Melbourne University. You can find Emma on @EmmaRWorden.

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