What you should know about Dfinity's new cryptocurrency, the internet computer

Dfinity launched Internet Computers last week. ICP, its cryptocurrency, already has a market capitalization of over $ 30 billion. This article is not about the value of owning ICP or how or why you may or may not want to trade crypto. I'm not going to offer financial advice here. What interests me is how closely Dfinity's vision matches my piece of what life in a decentralized world could look like thanks to Ralph Merkle. In the essay, I would like you to imagine a world powered by decentralized apps (dapps), in which currencies are traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and people do business through distributed ledgers (a.k.a., blockchains). I also suggest that the future I asked you to imagine is "literally months away". I was wrong. It's happening right now. Or is it?

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