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What Really Matters in Search Engine Visibility: SEO or UX?

Sep 1

Search engine visibility is a hot topic for many website owners. Should they invest in SEO or UX? The answer to this question is that both are important and help with search engine rankings. Search engines want to offer the best experience possible by providing searchers with high quality content. This means that websites need to be designed well enough so that when a searcher clicks on them, they will see what they were looking for quickly and easily. A website's user experience can affect how well it ranks in searches and whether people even click on the site at all!

Which Is More Important For You?

Some people believe that SEO is the most important element of a website to get it ranked highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) and others argue that UX design, or good user experience, is the key. But what really matters? This blog post will explore both sides of the debate to help you decide which you should focus more resources on for your business.



What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of tactics designed to help improve the ranking of your website on SERPs. These include using appropriate keywords in content and writing good meta descriptions for images to ensure they appear when someone searches relevant terms. It also involves ensuring that links from other websites point back at your own site to add authority.


UX the New Factor

What Is UX?  UI, or user experience design, is a set of tactics designed to help improve your website's overall usability and accessibility. This includes making sure that site content loads quickly without errors and providing users with helpful cues so they know what to expect when using it. In addition, you want their online interactions with your company's webstore or information site to be easy and quick.


It's no secret that a good UX is an important part of improving the usability, accessibility and experience for your website visitors. A site with bad navigation or unclear content will lead to frustrated users who may never come back. And today, it seems like everyone has developed high standards when browsing on the internet.

What does this mean? It means that a fast loading site with simple navigation, clear information architecture and good content is not only helpful to the user but also necessary in order for your business to prosper online.

It may be tempting to focus on SEO before you worry about UX because it's easier and faster (and cheaper) - however this will lead users straight out of your site due to usability issues. You seriously do need to consider both of these aspects.

PPC - Pay Per Click


When you're looking to market your business online, one option is PPC. This type of marketing can be a successful way to get more traffic on your website and increase revenue. With traditional display advertising like banner ads, many people are turning away from this form of digital marketing because it's just too pushy. It interrupts the user experience, sometimes with annoying pop ups.



Some people are turning to PPC advertising, which is a more subtle form of marketing. You'll still have the banner ads on your site - but they're not in-your-face and interruptive like before. Instead, you'll be able to advertise that small section or page with those banners at a set cost per click.

If you're not familiar with PPC, hire a PPC consultant, it removes the stress of expensive errors.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your website means you should also invest in good IT support services. There is nothing worse than having a website that is slow loading, EXCEPT; Having a website that does not load at all.