What makes high-quality backlinks and the way are they generated?

What are backlinks? How do I get backlinks? These are common questions for people starting their digital marketing journey. Backlinks in SEO are the links from another website to a web resource. By generating high quality backlinks, you can improve your website's page ranking and traffic. In this article, we're going to explore the pros and cons of high quality backlinks, along with the tips and tricks for creating them. Let's dive in.

What makes high-quality backlinks?

In order to generate backlinks, people need to link to your website. However, linking to any website can affect your website's SEO ranking as Google may consider it spam and penalize your website for it. In order to improve your website's Google ranking, you need backlinks from high domain eligibility websites. Here is some insight into high quality backlinks and how to generate high quality backlinks that will help you achieve your website ranking and traffic goals.

1. High page relevance

Page relevance means how relevant others consider your page for the given keywords. A high relevance is important in order to generate backlinks from high quality websites. Publish high quality content that is 10 times more meaningful to readers than any other content available on the same topic.

2. Links from trusted sources

Create compelling content that offers great value. Mention well-known websites and email them about them. If they like your content, they will likely link to it on their website.

3. Anchored text with exact / phrase match keyword (or) synonym

The anchor text is the text that will be used to link to your website. An exact match can be very beneficial to the website. But don't overdo it as Google may penalize it for over-optimizing. You can also use synonyms for the keywords you want to rank for as they will work without looking spammy.

4. High ranking backlinks

Page rank is a metric used by Google to determine the ranking of websites on SERPs. Perform a backlink profile analysis. Just keep the high quality backlinks and remove the bad backlinks to improve page rank.

5. Avoid reciprocal links

Backlinks in SEO that are exchanged and traded are not considered a healthy practice by Google. This can affect the authority and ranking of the website. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

6. Links from quality websites to convince your competitors

Spy on the backlinks your competitors are targeting to stay one step ahead of your competition. Use tools like Moz Link Explorer. Find out what works best for your competitors and replicate it for your website.

7. Not much advertising content on the website

Content is king. Focus on delivering valuable content and reduce advertising content. Others will only link to your website if they are adding value to their audience rather than promoting your product or service.

8. Some other backlinks on the page

With a view to creating high quality backlinks, make sure that the page that has backlinks to your website also has backlinks to other websites. This increases the relevance and trustworthiness.

9. Do follow links

Do-Follow is the standard link for a website. While the no-follow link has an attribute that tells Google not to follow it. No follow links don't increase your website authority, but they do bring traffic. Do follow links improve your website rankings. So keep their proportions accordingly.

How do I generate high quality backlinks?

High quality backlinks in search engine optimization are a great way to improve your website's credibility and achieve your company's web goals. Here are some tips for generating high quality backlinks for a website that will help you improve your search rankings.

1. Natural digital PR dofollow links

There are several different ways to generate natural do-follow backlinks for SEO. You can use directories, share social networks, or send requests to website owners you want to get backlinks from.

2. High Traffic Dofollow Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to generate backlinks. When you write a valuable guest post, not only are backlinks generated for high quality traffic, but you are also established as an authority on your domain.

3. Create dofollow backlinks with infographics

Infographics are high quality, easy-to-read visual content that engages your audience. Infographics are maximally shared. You can create do-follow backlinks with infographics when other websites use them in their content.

4. Link resourcing through blogs

There are several link building resources out there to get backlinks in search engine optimization. According to the 90/10 rule for link building, 90% of the effort should be spent on creating content and 10% on building links. Your high quality blog posts that are well positioned will bring great backlinks to your websites.

5. Get as many social shares as possible for your website content

Social media is the best place to get the highest traffic. Make it easier for users to share your content on social media by adding social sharing options to your website.

6. Analyze Competitors' Best Links and Earn BackLinks

Find out which keywords or topics your competitors are ranking for. Study their content strategy and create better content on the same topics to get backlinks.

7. Badge backlinks

When a company makes a list of the top websites or brands in a domain, it links websites in their list. This is a credible way to get badge backlinks.

8. Free Tool Link Promotion

Free valuable tools bring a lot of traffic. Creating a free tool will help you in two ways. First, people will love your website, and second, it will provide more backlinks for you as people will reciprocate for your free help.

9. Comment on blog posts

Commenting on blog posts increases engagement and brand awareness. You can also use them to backlink your website.


Link building is a strategic process that takes time. Focus on quality backlinks to get high engagement traffic to help you grow. Use a mix of different link building strategies and keep experimenting to find your sweet spot for getting high page rankings on Google.

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