Valuable things Twitter mentions can tell you about your business

If someone mentions your name in the conversation, your curiosity might be a little piqued – but you should be more than a little curious if it's your brand that is getting Twitter mentions.

Twitter mentions are a Keys to how customers interact with brands on the platform. Customers use them to exchange positive opinions or to express disappointments about the less positive experiences with brands.

When customers take the time to give you feedback on a Twitter mention, they expect a response – and they expect it to be quick. How quickly within a few hours.

This is why it is important to get a handle on Twitter mentions. If you are new to the concept, this post will help you understand everything you need to know. We protect:

  • What is a Twitter mention?
  • How to find Twitter mentions, search for Twitter mentions, see others' mentions, and delete Twitter mentions (spoilers: you can't delete them)
  • How to mention someone on Twitter
  • Valuable things that monitor Twitter mentions can keep you informed about your business
  • How to monitor Twitter mentions

Let us begin!

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What is a Twitter mention?

A Twitter mention is a way to get another user's attention and likely try to start a face-to-face conversation with them on the platform.

In a nutshell, A Twitter mention is a tweet that includes the @ symbol followed by someone else's username.

For example, actor Daniel Dae Kim uses a Twitter mention to include Nike right in his conversation:

Thank you @nike. We just do it. #StopAsianHate

– Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) February 20, 2021

You can include mentions anywhere in the body of your tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end:

Mothers are the love of our life. To celebrate #MothersDay, we're giving away 5 x Tropical Sun Hampers inc. a @ lush gift set! Just follow our page and tag your mom or a friend who will take best care of you. The winners will be selected on Sunday by midnight. Don't hesitate and join today! 💝

– Tropical Sun (@TropicalSunFood) March 20, 2020

You don't have to mention just one user, either. You can include as many users as makes sense, as long as your tweet stays within 280 characters.

How do I find mentions on Twitter?

Not sure how to view Twitter mentions? Twitter collects them for you. You will receive a notification for every new mention of your brand.

If you're unsure how to review your mentions, all notifications about Twitter mentions will appear in the All tab. To do this, click on "Notifications" (the bell symbol) in the Twitter menu.

You can go too the Mentions tab in notifications to see all of your brand's Twitter mentions. Here you can see all the Twitter mentions your brand received in one place:

Do other Twitter users see that I mentioned them in a tweet?

Just yes.

Everyone you mention on Twitter will get a notification. If you mention more than one user in a tweet, everyone will be notified.

Since all tweets are public by default, anyone can see the tweet with the mention. Depending on the said person's privacy settings, their response to your Twitter mention may not be visible to the public. For example, if the user has protected their tweets, the response will only be visible to their immediate followers.

What a Twitter mention isn't:

A response to Twitter users
Mentions are different from answers. Always include the @ symbol and the user name in mentions. However, the username is not required in responses. Twitter automatically includes the username in a reply so all you have to do is type in your reply:

A fantastic read on how to really stop worrying about the low / minimal risk of transmission and focus on the high yield.

– Zain Chagla (@zchagla) February 25, 2021

A chance to buy a bigger fan base
Don't spend money to cut corners – don't buy Twitter mentions! Let conversations happen naturally.

Hashtags or keywords

Officially, Twitter mentions are the @ symbol and a username. Informally, users could mention your brand by:

  • Share links to your content, e.g. B. how this user shared content from Slate magazine.

It's a shame purchase

– kid_Qr (@ meinca1959) March 11, 2021

  • Using a branded hashtag, like this example where a user included the branded hashtag for Emma Watson's equality movement:

#LeadershipDevelopment is a lifelong commitment to get better, to be better.

Allyship and advocacy are leadership qualities. Mentoring, coaching, sponsoring are also.

For men – take the opportunity to be #HeForShe

Do it better. Be better

– Tom Varghese Jr., MD, MS, FACS (@ TomVargheseJr) February 12, 2021

  • Just add your brand's name to a tweet without the @ symbol:

Pokemon Nintendo Switch

These are all displayed in the Twitter search. Note, however, that technically this is not what is meant by a Twitter mention.

How to mention someone on Twitter

Adding mentions to a tweet is straightforward. Here's how to mention someone on Twitter in three easy steps:

1. Open the Tweet Composer box

And start typing your tweet.

Example Tweet Composer Box

2. Enter @ and the username of the person or brand you want to mention

A Twitter mention works anywhere in the body of a tweet.

Hootsuite brand mention body of the tweet

3. Then click on Tweet

This will send your tweet to the Twitter sphere. And the user you mentioned will get a notification.

Yes, it's that simple!

Can my followers see my mentions on Twitter?


When a user visits your Twitter profile, your mentions will not appear. Twitter mentions don't appear anywhere on your profile – neither on the Tweets tab of your profile, nor on the Tweets & Responses tab.

But followers can See mentions on Twitter using search. If your followers enter the @ symbol followed by your username, they can search for Twitter mentions. And all the mentions your brand has received will be displayed:

LUSH brand search bar

Notice: It's a different story when someone has protected their tweets. For users with protected Twitter accounts, mentions are never shown publicly – even if the mention is from a public account. In other words, you can search for Twitter mentions, but protected Twitter accounts won't appear in your search results.

Can you move away from being mentioned on Twitter?


All tweets are public by default. And tweets mentioning that someone else created you so you can't just delete the tweet.

The only way to Delete Twitter mentions is when the tweet itself is problematic or violates Twitter's rules in any way. In this case, you can report or block the user.

What Monitoring Your Twitter Mentions Can Say About Your Business

Now that you know what Twitter mentions are and how they work, let's talk about why your business should be monitoring them.

The short answer is: Mentions from other users will give you a lot of valuable insight This can help you improve your social media marketing strategy.

Let's take a closer look at what you can learn from Twitter mentions:

You know how customers feel about your brand

Twitter is widely used as a customer service tool. Customers can contact Twitter via Twitter and get your brand's attention with a Twitter mention to share their experience with your brand.

And they could use it to voice a negative experience that would require a brand rep's attention:

Yo @Wendys that's a joke! 😂😂

Tried ordering chicken nuggets and a burger for my husband and me.

No bun? Are you kidding me?
This is the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen and the girl who answered the phone pretending to be the "night manager" 😂😂

– Kat Petty (@RorschachKat) February 25, 2021

By monitoring Twitter mentions, your brand can quickly respond to concerns and issues, and please disgruntled customers.

You will know who to deal with

By tracking mentions, you can not only raise concerns, but also connect with customers who share positive experiences with your brand. Don't leave positive mentions unanswered!

When your brand receives such comments …

I definitely take the time to rediscover the natural world around me – from the starry night sky to snail trails in tide pools. Thanks for the nice photos, @greatroom.

– Josie Osborne (@Josie_Osborne) April 13, 2020

… Interact with the happy customers to build a loyal and dedicated following.

You will see which users increase your reach

By monitoring Twitter mentions, you can keep track of your top mentions. The top mention is a tweet posted by another Twitter user who mentioned you who had the most impressions in 28 days.

Especially when the mood is positive, you should respond to these mentions! They're doing you a favor by expanding your reach more than any other user-generated tweets in any given month.

You should also remember that it is you when replying to top mentions Make your account more visible. And that could bring you new followers or help you increase brand awareness.

Finally, keep long-range engaged users on your radar for potential collaboration opportunities.

You could get more Twitter mentions

Like all social media, Twitter is a social platform. If you dig into the mentions, you can start a fun, social interaction with your followers. Basically, taking the time to chat can make your followers feel special!

By following Twitter mentions and doing more of what works for your brand, you can earn more mentions and more followers.

Here's a great example from Wendy. This fast food chain takes the time to respond to the mentions it receives, whether they're serious or more of a joke:

Pigtails are branded

– Wendy & # 39; s (@Wendys) February 22, 2021

You can quickly identify potential problems

Don't let a crisis go unnoticed! If your brand's website crashes, an item is out of stock, or there is a problem at a brick and mortar store, customers might reach out to Twitter to let you know. Customers often use Twitter to share problems in real time.

If you regularly monitor mentions, you can tackling a crisis before it escalates.

How to Monitor Your Twitter Mentions

By tracking Twitter analytics, your brand will get insight into your performance on the platform. And now that you know you should be monitoring metrics like Twitter mentions, here's how.

How to monitor Twitter mentions using Twitter Analytics

1. Open Twitter Analytics

From the Twitter menu, click More (the three-dot icon) and select Analytics.

Twitter menu Analytics

2. This will take you to the Twitter Analytics landing page

You'll see a 28-day breakdown of key Twitter data that your brand is likely to be tracking. This includes impressions, profile visits, followers and mentions. The Twitter analysis shows you an overview of how this data has changed in the last month.

Twitter Analytics landing page

3. Scroll down to monitor Twitter's monthly mentions

If a snapshot of Twitter mentions for the past 28 days doesn't, see more detailed information on each month below.

See what your Top Mention was for the month and who tweeted it. Twitter identifies the top mention through impressions. You can see the full mention right in the panel next to the relevant statistics.

In the monthly summary on the right side of the screen, you can see the total number of mentions your brand received during the month.

Analytics monthly summary

4. Monitor how your Twitter mentions change from month to month

Analyze and compare these numbers with your Twitter impressions, profile visits and new followers.

How to monitor Twitter mentions using Hootsuite

While Twitter Analytics is a good place to start, your brand may want to go into more detail when analyzing Twitter mentions. This is where social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite are particularly useful.

Social listening tools like Hootsuite have features and analytics that Twitter Analytics doesn't.

1. Sign in to your Hootsuite account and make sure your brand's Twitter account is connected

If you haven't already, go to your profile. Click on Social networks and teams. Then click on Add a social network.

Or navigate to the dashboard and click Add a social network.

You will be taken to this screen where you can select Twitter.

Add your Twitter account to Hootsuite

2. Add a new stream specifically for Twitter mentions

With Hootsuite, you can create a variety of different streams to suit your brand's different social listening needs.

To see all of your brand's Twitter mentions in one place, go to your Hootsuite dashboard and click New board and choose My posts and mentions. Then follow the instructions to add a stream of Twitter mentions.

You can also get to this point by navigating to your Twitter forum and clicking Add stream. Make sure you've selected Twitter, then choose Mentions.

Add mention stream

3. View all Twitter mentions in a list

Unlike Twitter Analytics, not only are the mentions displayed, but you can also interact with them. With Hootsuite, social media managers can respond to mentions quickly and efficiently.

At the bottom right of each mention in the mentions stream, you'll see icons that you can use to reply, retweet, like, or assign the mention to a team member.

Show all mentions in list form

Unlike Twitter Analytics, your brand can also respond to being mentioned in a direct message. You can also forward the tweet to an email address. This can be useful if you want someone else in your company – such as a customer service representative – to see the mention.

These options are available after clicking the ellipses.

4. Don't forget to include mentions when composing Tweets from Hootsuite

Just like native tweeting, you can include Twitter mentions when you write tweets in Hootsuite.

Just navigate to New articleSelect Twitter and write in the text field. Include the @ symbol and the Twitter username you want to mention anywhere in the body of your tweet.

And don't forget: you can add as many mentions as you want.

Mentions when posting tweets on Hootsuite

Respond to Twitter mentions more efficiently

You can also access Twitter mentions in the Hootsuite inbox. This means your brand doesn't have to rely on streams to monitor mentions. You can see all of your brand's public and private social conversations – across all social channels you've connected to Hootsuite – in one place.

This contains:

  • Private messages, comments, replies and visitor posts on Facebook
  • Comments and replies on LinkedIn
  • Direct messages, replies, and mentions on Twitter

The inbox makes it easy for brands to act on all Twitter mentions and other interactions through a dashboard.

With the new inbox functionality, your brand can:

  • Stay in the know by seeing all Twitter mentions in one place.
  • Assign Mentions. You can assign or select mentions to a team member Assign to me to make sure nothing is forgotten and the best person sends a response.
  • Receive a notification when you've been assigned a mention to work on. This is another way of making sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.
  • See which mentions still need to be answered by navigating Unallocated Inbox tab.
  • Mark untied mentions as Done.
  • Filter the inbox messages by social account, message type, or by the team member assigned the mention:

Filter inbox messages by social account

For more information on using the Hootsuite Inbox, please visit:

And that's it – you know what Twitter mentions are, why monitoring is valuable to your business, and how to monitor mentions. Now is the time to get in touch with your customers and respond to those mentions!

Save time managing your Twitter presence by using Hootsuite to share videos, schedule posts, and monitor your efforts. Try it for free today.

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