Top 10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Made By Beginner Bloggers (With Examples)

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Top 10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them (With Examples)

We all start with blogging mistakes …

…That is normal.

And on this trip we all do our fair with rookie blogging mistakes. Even so, some of these silly mistakes can cost us dearly.

In this blog post, we're going to discuss 11 of the most common blogging mistakes and how to fix them for the better.

But before that, our reader Alice recently wrote us the following.

I started my blog with all the care I could.

I maintained each blog post with hours of planning and extra hours to make the blog post epic.

Hoping to reach my dream audience and give my blog the visibility it deserves, I've shared every blog post on social media (Pinterest and every Facebook group I could join).

And the result?

* Grilling *

Where am i going wrong? What am i missing

Sounds like your story?

I know because I've been there too.

I've had a fair share of rookie blogging mistakes as well.

But now I can proudly say that correcting these blogging errors makes me a living online.

About 95% of bloggers who want to start a blog give up halfway.

They just quit before making a single dollar out of their blog.


Because they don't have the correct plan of action after registering their domain.

I know money isn't everything, but if you're blogging for business, writing to add that extra income to your family budget, or quitting that annoying job, money sure means a lot.

As a blogger, you and I fight for attention in a distracted world.


It is very difficult to get your readers caught up in what you say and sell them something.

But in the end it all adds up to one thing. We have to try to do our best no matter what. Failure is just another chance to reassess your strategy.

Let's start with that stupidest mistakes bloggers make that you must avoid like the plague.

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1. Don't host your blog yourself

Choosing a free hosted platform (like Medium, Blogspot, etc.) isn't always an intentional mistake, but often the result of:

  1. I don't have enough money to start a blog
  2. No trust in the future of blogging as a company

However, choosing a free blogging platform is always the biggest mistake bloggers make as it means planting your flower in someone else's garden.

Not only will free blog platforms host your blog for free, they also have the rights to delete your blog as they see fit without warning you.

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing all of your 100 articles and the community and it all vanished!

Also, blogs that are not self-hosted will receive intrusive ads from the blogging platform that hosts them.

Totally not cool.

Finally, blogs that are not self-hosted so as not to rank well.

Let me ask you a question, "When was the last time you saw a website in a sub-domain ranking on Google?"

Never, right?

Because of this, it's the right way to host yourself. You own your blog, you've gained your content, and it works better on search engines too.

For starters, Bluehost is the best hosting to self host your blog. If you're having budget issues, here is a list of WordPress hostings that are billed monthly.

2. Don't do keyword research

Finding and using the right combination of keywords when creating content is the surefire way to increase overall search traffic to your blogs.

But we don't do that as novice bloggers.

We write what we think is interesting, right?

Think of it this way now …

What is interesting to us may not be of interest to our readers.

If you want to build a successful blog from scratch, you need to find better keywords that will increase your traffic. (TIP: Use SEMrush (click here for a 14-day free trial worth $ 99.95) to find hidden gems your competitors can't find.)

If you're not using the keywords your audience might be entering on Google, how can you expect visitors from Google to read your content?


  • Always focus on finding more than 3 to 4 long-tail keywords. Also, make sure to select the keywords with a monthly search volume of less than 2000. By choosing and using the less competitive keywords, you will not only get a higher rank but also faster results.
  • Get access to keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush and Kwfinder (5 free searches per day) etc. Learn how to use them. They all have free trials that will give you the list of the best keywords. If you are satisfied with them, buy!
  • Find out which keywords your competitors are using to drive their traffic. Find out if you can use similar keywords to increase your blog's traffic as well.

BONUS VIDEO: How To Increase Your Organic Traffic (FAST)

Check it out before you proceed. You will love it and come back with lots of tips on how to improve your blog.

YouTube video

3. Don't invest in your blogging business

Blogging is a business, not a hobby.

Unfortunately, most new bloggers don't realize this fact. They expect to make money blogging without investing anything in their blogs.

This is one of the biggest blogging mistake you could ever do it!

While you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to create a profitable blog, you should definitely invest money to get good design, web hosting, access to the right tools, and so on.

If you want to make money from your blogging efforts and take full advantage of blogging, there are a few places where you should invest money.

1. Tools, plugins or themes

Isn't your blog your virtual office?

If so, why not give it a premium theme?

Having a premium theme not only makes your blog beautiful and easy to convert, it also adds credibility to your blog.

When someone visits your blog and finds that you have invested a good amount in maintaining your blog, he or she will know that you are here for business, and not running away.

As a side note, here is a list of the best WordPress blog themes to try!

Likewise, a premium service like Tailwind can improve your blog's visibility on Pinterest and bring you a lot of traffic, which would obviously give you a good return on investment.

But for that you have to get out and invest a minimal amount first hand.

I used SEMrush to find out some really profitable keywords that aren't difficult to rate even without backlinks.

Check out my SEMrush test and tutorial guide to learn how to use it to identify unused keywords and even spy on the keywords your competitors are targeting.

2. Hosting

Web hosting is extremely important. Not only does it determine the overall speed of your website, but the search rankings depend heavily on it.

So make sure you DO NOT go for cheap or free hosting that usually fails.

Invest money in a reliable hosting service like Greengeeks, Bluehost, etc. (this hosting can also be billed monthly).

Pro tip: I use WPX hosting for all of my blogs (read my WPX hosting review or get the WPX hosting discount coupon). It's a bit expensive but has free SSL and security, backups, and got my blog speed down to under 2 seconds.) Did I tell you blog speed, SSL (the https markup in the url) google ranking Factors are?

Oh yeah!

3. Outsourcing

Blogging is taking up too much time, whether it's content creation, search engine optimization, or managing your blog's traffic sources.

If you're not ready to invest time in blogging, consider spending money outsourcing the tasks that you will pay for in the long run.

4th I'm not focused on building an email list

When I first started blogging, I read these beginner guides blogs that always recommended creating an email list.

And I always thought I didn't need them. I have poor blog traffic. Who will subscribe to my list?

But I was wrong.

No matter how much traffic you get from Pinterest, no matter what SEO techniques you use to rank on search engines like Google, just think of one thing: yYou don't own it.

At that point, I knew I needed to create an email list of subscribers that I owned and owned.

It's great to have your own subscribers because you can connect with them anytime and they can reach out to you when they want.

An email list can help you:

  1. Increase your traffic (when you publish a new post and send a newsletter)
  2. Increases your sales (when people see value in your stuff, they'll buy what you recommend, such as specials, courses, etc.)
  3. Increases trust (trust is the online currency!)

If you haven't already started building your email list, you're leaving money on the table!

Here are some powerful tips to help you grow your email list quickly:

  • Getting started with list creation is easy: I recommend and use Convertkit. (Instead of using Mailchimp, which is a great free option, I recommend investing some cash and equipping yourself better from the start (don't make the blogging mistakes I made). Convertkit lets you segment customers based on their interest big deal how you get targeted readers = targeted sales). Click here to read how it increased my list size!
  • Give your visitors an incentive. Nobody likes to give their emails without a giveaway. eBooks are often easy to create and will help you add to your list quickly. Or you can make a checklist. i use mine

Free SEO Checklist

(Click it to reveal the login box) to entice subscribers.

  • Use more email registration forms to get more subscribers. Paste them on your sidebar, footer, page about us, landing pages, popups, etc. Use Thrive Leads to create opt-in forms that will be converted. For me, content upgrades created through successful leads work best. (Check out my Robin Williams quotes. I made a simple PDF of the existing quotes and gave it away as a content upgrade so my readers could use it as a wall hanging. Man! It converts like crazy!)
  • Get ConvertKit now ››

    (Or read my ConvertKit review)

    Do you like the tips to help you grow your blog so far?

    Discover 7 More Blogging Mistakes For Beginners And How To Avoid Them.

    Continue reading….

    5. Publish generic content

    Content is king.

    It doesn't matter how much traffic or money you put in without creating engaging content, you can't popularize a blog.

    Even Google has openly stated that content is one of the content Top 3 ranking factors along with backlinks and rankbrain.

    If you're struggling to increase your blog presence with your content, implement the following content writing tips.

    • Write detailed SEO optimized content. In general, blog posts with more than 2,000 words in Google search results are always good. So take the time to create in-depth articles that will help your audience.
      ((Please note:Of course, if your audience loves short-form content like the food niche, you can. However, don't forget to rate what your competitors are doing and then better write to help them outperform. )
    • Find out what your audience wants: Define your blog niche (there are 100+ blog niche ideas to choose from here) and identify your target audience before creating any content for your blog.
      This allows you to create laser focused content that will attract more social shares, links, and sales.

    Blogging Tip for Beginners: Write for a single audience

    Blogging Tip for Beginners: Write strictly for your audience

    6. No blog monetization strategy

    Having trouble making money from your blog? Mainly, this could be because you don't have a proper monetization plan in place.

    Without creating a strategy to monetize your blogs, you won't get better results no matter how hard you try.

    Every beginner should understand the importance of creating a blog sales funnel. Find out how to turn your normal website visitors into email subscribers and buyers.

    I recently invested in a premium plugin called Thrive Ultimatum (read my handy review here) so that I can show my niche site readers accurate partner products and increase sales.

    This plugin can help you set up campaigns as you see them with countdown timers (example: the offer will expire in 7 days). This kind of hype and showcase of the scarcity situation will help your visitors buy your product faster. So far, I've been making an incredible amount with this plugin.

    The email list is also great for business blogs or website monetization. It can quickly help you raise awareness of the product or service you are promoting.

    Don't just depend on one or two strategies like AdSense, selling banners or affiliate marketing, etc.

    If they don't help you make money, you will eventually lose interest in blogging. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 🙂 🙂

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    7. Don't network With other bloggers

    Connections are all online.

    The most common mistake when blogging for beginners is not trying to hook up with other bloggers and influencers.

    Your network is your wealth.

    Watch any successful professional blogger like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, and Darren Rowse and you will find that they have all spent a lot of time building a loyal community around their blogs.

    In doing so, they have been able to create tens of millions of dollars worth of websites online.

    Even you can do this by focusing on creating fans for your blogs. Unfortunately, most beginners spend a lot of time pleasing Google.

    Chasing your target audience will give you the best rewards from Google. As simple as that.

    See how Harleena Singh built her blog with the sheer power of networking with her blog commentators and fellow blogger.

    Also read: Relationship Marketing Strategies For Bloggers And How They Can Help You Grow Your Blog.

    Backlinks are the backbone of any website that receives large traffic from search engines.

    Without high quality contextual backlinks, you won't get good results on Google, no matter how much content you create.

    Here are some effective link building strategies you can use to try and grow your overall search engine traffic quickly.

    • There is nothing like great content that naturally attracts a lot of links. If you spend a lot of time writing in-depth articles, you have a better chance of getting more links from other blogs.
    • Make sure you link to other bloggers regularly. Let them know whenever you link. That way, sooner or later, if they find your content really informative, they will too.
    • Guest posting is the most effective way to get backlinks. Try writing for top blogs in your industry. This can quickly help you improve your overall domain authority and backlinks.

    If you follow the next 3 blogging tips, you agree that these may be the best blogging tips you have ever read!

    See how….

    9. Check the website statistics every time

    Seriously, most bloggers (especially those starting out) check their traffic stats every minute. It's a waste of time.

    Whenever you are starting a new blog, your focus should be on spending your time increasing your traffic without checking the stats. If you're having trouble increasing your blog traffic, try the following.

    Also read: How Michael Hyatt grew his blog from zero to 250,000 monthly users

    10. Don't write for other blogs

    When starting a new blog, most bloggers make the mistake of writing content just for their blog.

    See how you can reach a wider audience by creating content for a new blog?

    Blogging is about reaching more people and ultimately increasing your blog awareness, isn't it? This is why you should start by creating the best content for other blogs. If you guest post for them, you will get a lot of traffic to your own websites.

    Try to make a post every week for a better blog in your niche. Within a few months you will not only be creating a lot of links, but most importantly, you will gain more prominence.

    If you think your writing is not up to par and why someone should read your blog posts, STOP everything now and read this post (takes 30 seconds). Okay, you can thank me later. 😉

    10. Do not use social media

    Social media is becoming the new SEO. If you're struggling to increase your search traffic, then you should try social media.

    You can easily take advantage of social media traffic by connecting with and reaching out to influencers on social media. Find out how you can help others with your content or tips, and make sure your content goes viral.

    You can create fun pictures, memes, infographics, etc. to quickly reach more audiences on social media.

    Below are some of our guides that will help you use social media to grow your blog:

    FAQs on common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them

    What Are Some Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

    Some of the most common blogging mistakes to avoid start with a free blogging platform that doesn't have a solid plan of action, writes on random topics, and mistakes like fear of investing in the blog.

    What is the wrong blogging practice?

    One of the deadliest blogging wrong practices is "not sticking to a niche or topic". When you start blogging on random topics, you don't have a dedicated audience or current authority on what helps search engines decide on your expertise on the topic.

    What are the biggest mistakes bloggers make when monetizing a blog?

    The biggest mistake bloggers make when monetizing a blog is loading it with clunky ads and thereby affecting the user experience. Another mistake would be not to have a solid plan and promote things that are not useful to the target audience.

    Are blogs limited to free blogging platforms?

    Yes, blogs on free platforms are very limited and indicate a beginner's journey. If you're a professional blogger and you're making a decent income, you'll want to switch to self-hosted blogging platforms like WordPress.


    Hope you enjoyed my collection of beginner blogging errors and received tips on how to fix these errors.

    Blogging is difficult, especially at the beginning. Not only will you struggle to increase your traffic, but also your sales.


    Every professional blogger (who makes a lot of money on their blog) was a beginner at one point or another.

    Building a successful blog depends on how quickly you learn from the mistakes you make.

    So what are they Common blogging mistakes you've made that really cost you a lot?

    Do share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss them.

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