The power of social media stories

The concept of stories introduced by Snapchat and used worldwide by Instagram will remain. They are not only short and concise information that can be viewed by people, but also have a lasting effect on them. This is what makes them so popular and a great asset to marketers. Read on to find out how.

The creation of social media stories

Do you know that the average Instagram user spends between 24 and 32 minutes watching stories every day? Instagram itself has confirmed this statement. Nobody had a clue that a concept that Snapchat invented back in 2013 would become what it has today.

While Snapchat was the one who invented it, it was Instagram that made it a household name. Stories basically go away after 24 hours. They are published in vertical format and are optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

In this section, the stories of all the different profiles that the user is following are mostly displayed at the top of the screen. A colored band encloses or highlights them in order to actively attract the user's attention so that he is tempted to open it. Some of the most popular platforms that business is offered on are:

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook

  • Youtube

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

Influence of social media stories on marketing

While each platform with this story feature has its own slightly different version, the main content stays the same – they want to provide information to users in easily digestible bites. It's about getting your message across to your audience effectively.

Many think that since this is such short-lived content and only needs to create a slide or something, it has to be easy. But they are wrong. That is exactly what makes it so difficult. In the few milliseconds that the user spends on a story, a lot needs to be communicated before moving on to the next.

You need to catch up with them and get their attention right away, without going too crazy and completely missing your point of view. Therefore, when it comes to using them for marketing purposes, there is a lot of thought behind every story.

How Marketers Use the Power of Stories

If you are thinking from a marketer's perspective, each uploaded story needs to have a certain depth as this will motivate viewers to search for more of your content. Instagram has given marketers the platform to run commercials and gain real business knowledge by creating and posting quality stories.

As the concept became so popular because of Instagram and Snapchat, other platforms (as listed above) also launched their own variants to reach their customers more effectively.

With the help of story marketing, you can:

  • Just get in touch with your audience

  • Go live and give your audience real-time updates, webinars, etc.

  • Promote any content you may have published, such as: B. a new post, a new blog or a new video

  • Reuse the content shared about your brand by the influencers you work with

  • Improve the transparency between your customers and the company

How can you best use stories?

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating stories:

Create content that fits the stories

When we say that, we don't mean that you are limiting yourself. However, always remember to create content that matches the dimensions so that the message is conveyed more clearly and aesthetically. Live-action videos have been observed to perform better with audiences.

Keep experimenting

There are endless things you can do with stories. So don't limit yourself to one template, color scheme, or anything else that makes your content seem monotonous or repetitive to the audience. Keep trying new things.

Be as creative as possible

Filters, stickers, fonts, and more are all available to help you create stories. Take advantage of these various features and create content that instantly engages with audiences.

Monitor your progress using UTMs

With the help of UTM codes that can be added to the URLs that you include in your stories, it is easy to keep track of what your followers are doing after seeing your stories. Find out what clicks with them and what doesn't. The "swipe up" feature is another great feature that can take your followers straight to a landing page or website.

Add AR and custom GIFs

Stories naturally focus on storytelling. Using custom GIFs or augmented reality can further improve the user experience. Try to include these elements in your content as well.


In the digital space, no two days are the same. For this reason, our content must match these ever-changing moods in the industry. Story creation is one of the fastest ways to get your message across to your audience right now. So start creating and make sure you include them in your marketing strategies.

For more information on such content, please visit the Digital Ready blog section. Also, check out the different digital marketing courses we offer and take your first step to becoming a digital marketer.

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