The award ceremony for aspect tasks names the primary winners

This summer, freelance creatives Josh Weiss and Sunita Deshpande launched The Side Show, an awards program that focuses solely on rewarding side jobs and projects. More than 500 submissions later, the two – with the help of a solid jury – selected the first winners.

The couple created The Side Show to celebrate the artistic endeavors and hobbies that creatives often do outside of their daily work. The first year was largely a success, according to Weiss.

"If I had to guess, I would say we got enough good feedback and results from this one that we will do it again," he said.

In addition to the best-in-show winner, we have summarized each category winner below. The best-in-show winner received $ 500, while all category winners took home $ 350.

Best in Show: “WindowSwap” – Creator: Sonali Ranjit, head of the BLKJ creative group, and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, deputy creative director of Leo Burnett

You may have already come across WindowSwap, a website that lets you peek out of another user's window with one click. Ranjit and Balasubramaniam, who are married, got the idea during the Singapore lockdown. Since travel is discouraged (and limited in some cases) due to Covid-19, people on this website can take a break from their usual views and take a look at cities, beaches and rural landscapes around the world. Anyone can share their window view on the site. All you have to do is upload a 10 minute video of it. WindowSwap not only won Best in Show, but also in the Business / Product and Social Good categories.

Best of Category, Fine Arts: “Supersize Them” – Creator: Álvaro Palma, freelance creative director

What would the mascots of fast food chains look like if they regularly consumed the burgers, fries, and shakes that they are so eager to chill? Palma envisioned a world where they would do just that. In the style of a retro cartoon, these mascots are shown in a different light, devouring their company's menu items in an eerie factory setting.

Best of Category, Music: “Glotis” – Creator: Evan Miguel, Senior Copywriter at Fitzco

The first winner in the music category is Glotis, an album by Miguel, which he describes as "bedroom pop with anger management problems". Miguel said the album was "written and recorded while I was traveling the country for several years working in advertising because I have to do something to stay alive." Chelsea Tijerina, Art Director at 180LA, branded the album.

Best of Category, Film: "Stoop Symphony" – Creator: Michael Reiner, Author at Camp + King

Reiner directed “Stoop Symphony,” a short documentary that tells the story of how Saul Richmond-Rakerd, a San Francisco-based cellist, gave outdoor mini-concerts on his porch this spring. His performances drew locals penned up over Covid-19 and longing for fresh air and live music. "I was interested in telling a story about connections that showed the triumph of creativity in the face of challenge," said Reiner in his statement.

Best of Category, Performance Art: “WeWork Street” – Creator: Deanna Director, freelance copywriter in charge

WeWork offices were once ubiquitous in New York City (before the pandemic and its failed 2019 IPO). When the director saw a New York phone booth with a discarded office chair next to him, he decided to turn one into a fake WeWork to defraud passers-by on the street. She managed the stunt with the help of a production team and Improv Everywhere, a comedy collective that stages appearances in public places.

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