ServiceNow Digital Agent is built-in into the office through Fb

Workplace From Facebook and ServiceNow expanded their existing relationship on Wednesday by integrating the cloud computing company's virtual agent into the company's social network offering.

With Virtual Agent, Workplace From Facebook clients can request support, receive updates on ongoing requests, and connect to live agents without leaving the platform.

Companies at the Facebook workplace can use ServiceNow employee campaigns to distribute relevant content to employees directly through the platform.

With Spoke, available as the IntegrationHub, Workplace From Facebook customers can create their own integrations to suit their employee experience needs.

ServiceNow / Workplace From Facebook

Julien Codorniou, Vice President of Facebook, said in a statement: “ServiceNow is an impressive brand with which we can deepen our partnership. Together we are uniquely positioned to provide world-class technology to every single employee within an organization, regardless of where or how they work. As global businesses reach a new normal and become increasingly decentralized, digital tools that bridge the communication gap beyond headquarters are critical to their success. This is especially important for desk-less or front-line workers who make up 80% of the world's working population. I am excited that our combined efforts will serve this important group of employees more seamlessly and enable Workplace to step into automation and productivity – something we believe is critical to all of our customers. "

ServiceNow vp and General Manager, Human Resource Delivery, Gretchen Alarcon, added, “The workplace of the future will be distributed, which means companies will need to create new workflows that keep their employees updated, engaged and connected. We're excited to partner with Workplace From Facebook to help our mutual customers break down silos, increase productivity and ultimately deliver great employee experiences. "

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