Sendible Review 2021: pros and cons, pricing and my experience

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Sendible Review 2021: Best Social Media Management Tool? Let's find out …

In this Sendible review, we're going to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about this amazing social media management tool.

But before…

… Do you remember the good old days when social media just "made a MySpace page"?

It was so easy … now you have to switch between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram … you name it.

Combine that with accounts for multiple websites or clients and keeping track of what's happening where can be a nightmare.

Sendible is a social media management tool that can help you make this process a lot easier.

You get a single interface for all of your social networks (and for all of your different web properties or customers!). This means less wasted time and more productive work, especially for agencies and consultants who need to manage multiple accounts for each network.

In my review of Sendible, I will give you a hands-on look at how Sendible works and share my thoughts on what is good and what is bad.

Let us begin!


Sendible Review 2021: Executive Summary

Sendible is the only social media management tool you'll ever need. In addition to the regular social media tasks, Sendible supports team management, offers detailed performance analyzes and enables you to white label customer work. Given the prices, Sendible is worth every penny.

Sendible Review 2021 details
Art Social media management tool
price Free to start
characteristics Uniform dashboard
work in groups
White label
Client management
Advanced analysis
Alternatives Social pilot, Hootsuite

Sendible allows you to manage all aspects of your social media activity across multiple accounts and properties.

Ok, "all aspects" are a little broad …What does that actually mean?

Sendible helps you with its uniform interface:

  • Interact with users and keep track of the important conversations
  • Create and plan your social content in all networks
  • Discover new content that is relevant to your followers
  • Monitor content and sentiment on key keywords and topics
  • Measure how your efforts are being carried out through a detailed analytics interface, including a custom report generator
  • White label rights to present your brand with simple customer management

There are a lot of features here, so I'll show you how it works first. Then I'll look at my current Sendible rating and share my pros and cons.

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How to manage your social media efforts with Sendible

The first time you log into Sendible, you will be prompted to connect your social media accounts immediately:

sendible review connect your accounts

The process is exactly what you'd expect. All you need to do is authorize the Sendible app to connect to your account, just like any other app:

empower app

The nice thing is that, once the app has been authorized, Sendible provides you with this other popup to control how this account works. You can even choose what type of notifications you want to receive:

Configure the social media account

Then just repeat the process for all social media accounts that you want to connect.

Then you can choose specific topics that you share frequently. The benefit of this is that Sendible suggests relevant content that you can curate (more on that later).

Curate topics

And done, you can now go to the app!

Explore the broadcast dashboard

The Sendible dashboard has 6 key tabs that you can use to manage your social media activities:

  • Engage – interact with users and reply to comments (either for your accounts or topics).
  • monitor – Monitor keywords or competitors.
  • content – Create and plan content.
  • contacts – This is a kind of CRM for social users. I won't cover this in this Sendible review, but it's available if you want.
  • measure up – View analytics for your efforts.
  • Services – connect new social media accounts.


However, there is a lot going on in each tab. So let's take a closer look at your options.

Monitor the most important content with your priority inbox

The Engage Tab houses something called your Priority inbox. This area shows “important messages that you may need to view and respond to”.

That's a pretty good description – it's basically your control panel.

When you add your social accounts, Sendible will display all the important messages in this interface. You can also customize your inbox further by setting up your own "streams":

Add streams

A "stream" can be pretty much anything. For example, you can monitor Twitter:

  • search
  • Stream (home timeline, mentions, DMs, etc.)
  • Lists
  • Profile search

Or you can monitor Facebook pages, personal profiles and groups. Plus a lot more.

Once you have your streams set up, you can view the most important news by clicking inbox You can also view each individual stream by clicking on the right side.

Notice how you can also quickly interact with individual posts by clicking the icons, which makes for a very smooth workflow:

Reply from the inbox

Content creation and planning

Sendible makes it extremely easy to share content with your followers either immediately or at a later date.

First, you always have them present Compose Button in the upper right corner. This window may seem simple, but it actually has some pretty cool time-saving features built in:

Write content

  • 1 – If you enter your post content in the Original field, Sendible will copy this message to every single social network where you want to share the post. You can then switch to each network to customize the original message for each network instead of having to type everything all over again. This way you can tailor your messages to individual networks without wasting time.
  • 2 – These five buttons let you quickly schedule posts in advance, position them in the queue, easily insert URL parameters for follow-up, and get content to share.

You can even set up recurring schedules with specific end dates. This saves a lot of time on content that you know you want to share again. Just write once, create a schedule, and let Sendible do the rest:

Plan content

Once you have content planned, you can view your upcoming content either as a calendar:

Calendar view

Or a queue:

List view

Sendible also helps you discover content

Not only does Sendible help you create content, but it also helps you find content worth sharing.

See, you need to fill your social feeds with relevant content. However, this content can be difficult to find, especially if you are juggling multiple traits. That's what that content Tab is for.

Here you can:

  • Use Sendible's automatic suggestions
  • Monitor content feeds for specific websites
  • Save your own content to reuse in posts (this comes in very handy when you have evergreen content that you want to refer to repeatedly).

For example, let's say you want to find WordPress content to share with your followers. You just go to the content Tab and look for WordPress. Then you can quickly select multiple articles to curate:

Curate content

If you want to curate certain websites, you can add them as too Lining. You can then share the latest content at the push of a button or even set up an autopost to automatically approve content from this feed:

Add a feed

Monitor keywords and competitors (social listening)

You need to know what's happening on social media to keep up with the important conversations. But you can't sit around all day scanning feeds to do that, can you?

To save time, you can use Sendible's monitor Feature.

Here you can set up automatic monitoring for:

  • Specific keywords on social media
  • Check websites (like Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.)

Monitor content

For example, if you've set up keyword monitoring for "DigitalGYD," you can see every post that mentions DigitalGYD:

Monitoring example

However, this is not the most powerful feature. Here's what is really helpful:

You can use the … Filter by type Filter out dropdown:

  • Positive, neutral or negative mentions
  • Certain types of content
  • ask
  • Etc.

For example, if you just choose negative Content, you will see a number of negative posts (I had to switch to the keyword "freelance" as DigitalGYD has no negative content :)):

filter out negative

Knowing not only what people are saying but also how they are saying it can be a quick way to spot negative issues or see where you are fine (hopefully the latter!).

Another helpful feature is that Show diagram Drop-down list. This feature allows you to expand a pie / bar chart to show the breakdown of positive, negative and neutral posts for a specific keyword:


Measure how all of your efforts are working

Last but not least, the measure up The tab has a variety of reports that can be used to see how you are doing across all of your different networks.

If you just want a quick look, you can choose from the pre-built reports in the Reporting hub::

sendable measurement

However, if you work with customers or just want a more customized view, you may want to create a custom report that is specifically tailored for KPIs.

You can use the for this Report creator to create your own modular report. All you do is click that plus Icon to select all the different modules you want to include:

Report creator

Four things you will like about Sendible

Now that you know how to use Sendible to streamline your social media workflows, let's dig into a few areas where Sendible does well or not as well.

1. Deep, deep functionality

First off, you'll just love Sendible's all-in-one approach. It is really built to do anything.

Sendible helps you whether you want to get in touch with users, plan new content or monitor important topics.

And the functionality for all of these areas is profound. Even now I am still discovering new functions in the user interface. You'll get the same little "Aha!" Moments when you use the tool.

2. A focus on productivity

Sendible does a great job of bringing you not only many features, but also Make sure you can use these features as productively as possible.

Good examples of this philosophy in action are:

  • Quick action buttons for any item in your inbox, monitoring, content, etc. These buttons allow you to react quickly, create new content, and take other relevant actions.
  • The creation screen. The option of entering your message once and then simply customizing that original message for each individual network saves a lot of time.

3. Team tasks

If you work as part of a team, you will love Sendible's team-oriented features.

For example, you can filter by a specific team member's posts when looking at the content queue or calendar. You can also submit posts for approval before adding them to the schedule:

Team tasks

4. Sentiment analysis

There are many tools you can use to monitor a specific keyword on social media. However, Sendible makes it easier to filter out the most important content with its positive / negative / neutral sentiment analysis.

And it is also helpful to be able to filter out only questions (after all, questions are the comments that are most likely to need an answer).

One thing to consider before choosing Sendible

Compared to other SaaS tools I've used, Sendible's support could be better. It's not easy to quickly find a live chat agent in non-standard time zones, and the help content isn't as helpful as I expected.

For example sendible targets a 48 hour response time for ticketswhich is too slow in my opinion.

You probably don't have to interact with Sendible's support a lot, so this isn't a big deal breaker. However, it should be noted if you are used to the always available support of other SaaS tools.

Sendible pricing: how much does sendible cost?

Sendible's pricing plans start at just $ 29 per month for that Micro to plan. This plan allows 12 services and 1 user.

From there the plans go up:

  • Small – $ 99 / month for 48 services
  • medium – $ 199 / month for 105 services
  • Big – $ 299 / month for 192 services

To help you understand pricing, it is important to define a "service". Sendible says it is "a one-way interaction with any social network". It is Not a link to a single account. For example, you can still post and stream to a single Twitter account 2 separate services.

Keep this in mind when choosing a plan.

However, don't overemphasize the difference at this point. Because Sendible a 30 days free trialyou can easily find out how many services you will be using before paying for anything.

Final thoughts on Sendible Review 2021

Sendible offers an all-in-one approach to social media management. Content curation / management, social listening, and measurement are all rolled into one tool.

If you just want to create a plan for your content, you can probably find a cheaper tool (e.g. Buffer).

However, if you're looking for an all-in-one option, Sendible is a great way to save time and simplify your workflows.

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Sendible Review

Swadhin Agrawal


Sendible is the only social media management tool you'll ever need. In addition to the regular social media tasks, Sendible supports team management, offers detailed performance analyzes and enables you to white label customer work. Given the prices, Sendible is worth every penny.

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