Ryan Reynolds factors out an Easter egg hidden in Mint Cell's limitless map shows

Mint Mobile is working hard to distinguish itself as a brand for people by telling the world a big secret: The average American only uses 6GB of data per month, which means we pay for a whole lot of the things we pay for Do not use.

In an extremely awkward promotion that unveiled Mint's unlimited plan back in September, majority owner Ryan Reynolds recruited beloved Rick Moranis, whose role was simply to appear on the ad because Reynolds is a "big fan". As part of the same promotion, Reynolds also tried to make us smile by tracking down Paul Revere's great-great-great-great-granddaughter and 2019 Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson for even more dry humor.

A new ad released today reveals an Easter egg in these three ads: It shows that Mint secretly inserted an almost imperceptible letter "N" into the words "unlimited plan" to make it an "unlimited plan" . (Seriously, look carefully to see the tiny "N".)

While Mint's larger competitors may want excessive data plans to increase sales, Reynolds wants its brand to stand out from the rest. He tries to do this by promising that Mint customers will never pay too much – at least not under his supervision.

Customers can still choose Mint Mobile's standard unlimited call, text, and data plan for $ 30 per month. In addition, you will receive an overview of your usage shortly before each payment is due. This statement is accompanied by recommendations for an appropriate downgrade.

Customers have hailed Reynolds and Mint's social media transparency, and the company's tone of advertising and customer service, as a breath of fresh air.

It's really weird to have a cell phone company that doesn't hate you. I mean it's good But it's weird. I'm still getting used to it. ❤️

– Jeanne d & # 39; Arc Snark (@HotelCarcosa) November 9, 2020

For the past few months, Reynolds has worked to make the wireless industry more user-friendly by posting light-hearted spots that simplify complicated concepts. In October, Reynolds brought in Mint Mobile's chief technology officer to teach users a lesson on 5G after admitting he doesn't really understand it himself.

Reynolds also made fun of "big cell phone companies" for Mint in July. This ad targeted stadium sponsorship of cellular brands and how the huge marketing costs need to fall on consumers.

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