Roles and Duties of a Digital Marketing campaign Supervisor

A digital marketing campaign manager is required to develop, implement and manage the various marketing campaigns that would help in the organisation’s promotion along with the products or services that they provide. They are a major requirement for any company or organisation and help in increasing the brand’s public awareness in the frame of a digital space. They are also required to pull website traffic and gain customers or leads. 

What Does A Digital Marketing Campaign Manager Do Exactly? 

Among all the other things that a digital marketing manager is required to do, they are also required to identify as well as evaluate novel digital technology and use web analytics tools to be able to gauge and calculate the traffic received by the site. This would serve to better marketing campaigns, marketing through email, social media marketing as well as display advertising. In summary, a digital marketing manager is required to drive people to purchase the company’s products while also improving the brand’s recognition. 

Now let us dive into the various responsibilities of a digital marketing manager in detail. 

What Responsibilities Does The Job Of A Digital Campaign Manager Entail?

A digital marketing campaign manager has a wide range of responsibilities. These are listed below.

  • Planning and executing all the aspects of digital campaigns
  • Defining the Key Performance Indicators 
  • Measuring and reporting the performance of all the digital media campaigns as well as assessing them in sight of the goals that are to be met 
  • Finding out the various trends as well as insights and optimising the expenditure and performance based on this data 
  • Planning, executing and measuring the experiment and conversions tests
  • Collaborating with various teams formed internally to establish better user experience and come up with a landing page
  • Using good analytical abilities to calculate and assess the customer’s experience across a large number of channels and identify the customer touchpoints
  • Optimize user funnels
  • Handling and collaborating with other agencies  
  • Studying novel technology
  • Completing all the operational requirements of the department by creating a schedule and assignment distribution to employees
  • Following up on the results
  • Recruiting, selecting, orienting and training workers 
  • Counselling as well as disciplining subordinates while also monitoring and praising good work 

These are thus the various requirements for a digital marketing manager. The digital marketing manager job description will become much clearer to aspirants by taking up a digital campaign management course. 

What Are the Various Skills Required to Fit the Role Of A Digital Marketing Campaign Manager?

In order to land a digital campaign manager job, one must fit certain criteria and thus possess a particular skill set. When looking for a good digital campaign manager, employers search for the following skills and abilities:

  • High creativity with the ability to identify the target audience and create a digital campaign that is engaging, informative and motivational 
  • Ability to create as well as maintain relationships with clientele
  • Training and guiding subordinates, junior marketing officials and the junior digital campaign manager 
  • Management of the various processes and activities 
  • Customer-focused behaviour
  • Good in statistical analysis and research 
  • Ability to develop budgets
  • Being familiar with planning and strategizing of finances

These are thus the skills that a digital campaign manager would benefit from. In order to get a clearer picture, the most advisable thing to do is go through a digital campaign management course. This would equip aspirants with all the skills that are necessary for them to better their ability to achieve and succeed. 

How Much Does A Person Working In This Feild Make Make?

The digital marketing campaign manager earning can range anywhere between 4 lakhs to a whopping 18 lakhs per annum. This allows people in this field to live comfortably and satisfactorily, which is partly why a large number of people are interested in this field. 

What Are The Working Hours and Working Environment Of A Digital Marketing Campaign Manager?

Digital management executives have a mostly office-based work environment. Sometimes they can be sent to various locations for the completion of certain projects. Thus remote work is available to executives. 

The job is a usual 9 am to 5 pm job but a lot of the time requires employees to work overtime in order to complete certain projects and complete certain tasks. This may vary from one company to another and from one employer to another. It is advised to check and make sure that the time of work offered to employers is suitable to the aspirant before accepting the position.     

What Are The Various Requirements To Be A Digital Marketing Campaign Manager?

A large number of employers and companies look for certain background requirements in their employees along with the specified skill set. The general and most common ones are listed below:

  • Marketing degree (BS/MS) or a degree in any related field
  • Work experience, along with proof of having it, in a digital marketing background
  • High creativity with experience in sourcing out the target audience
  • Experience in landing page optimisation 
  • Experience with multivariate experiments
  • Experience with A/B testing
  • Knowledge in website analytics tools 
  • Having a good amount of working information on ad serving tools
  • Knowledge on HTML, CSS, JAVAScript and various other coding platforms
  • Good analytical skills
  • Data-oriented thinking 

With the above-mentioned credentials, one can make a very good digital campaign manager cover letter. Mentioned below are some tips for creating your cover letter. 

Tips in Creating a Cover Letter For A Digital Campaign Manager Resume

In just a few sentences, you would be required to explain why you would be a great fit for the role of digital campaign manager. Along with this, it would also be good to mention why you are looking forward to getting the position. You must then, in a few paragraphs explain your career goals and mention your skills and achievements. Don’t forget to mention your job experience. 

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