ProWritingAid Review 2021 – Is It Worth It? (Discount included!)

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ProWritingAid Review Summary
Art Software writing and plagiarism check
price $ 60 / year
details Grammar check
Writing style editor
Plagiarism checker
rating 5/5

ProWritingAid Review 2021

Summary: ProWritingAid is by far the best writing editor that does it as a grammar checker, style editor, and more. It uses AI to track commonly overlooked grammatical errors built into your day, straight from email, social media, book writing and article writing, whatever you call it.

ProWritingAid is not a substitute for human proofreaders, but at a fraction of the cost of other leading tools, it's a steal.

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ProWritingAid Review 2021

Are you looking for practical information about ProWritingAid?

You are in the right place.

In this article we are going to discuss what ProWritingAid is, how it works, how to take full advantage of ProWritingAid, and whether it is worth the price.

But here is a question for you:

Do you ever read your final draft and think it could be even better?

If that's a yes, don't worry, it happens to all of us.

Heck, even writers like J.K. Rowling & Stephen King feel the same way and use the editors before they publish their final work.

This makes even more sense if you're a blogger, writer, freelance writer, or editor, as well-edited writing can increase your credibility, bring you more sales, or attract customers who pay you well.

This ProWritingAid review will tell you what ProWritingAid is, how it can help you write better, and everything between the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our ProWritingAid review goes very deep where we discuss all aspects of the writing tool. So if you're short on time, you can use the table of contents section below to skip to a specific part of the review.

Let us begin…

Quick table of contents

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is an online writing tool that will check your spelling and grammatical errors, provide style corrections, and report to you on repeated words and clichés, to name a few.

ProWritingAid is one of the best writing apps out there. It's an inexpensive way to ensure your copy is grammatically correct, and it uses AI to identify commonly ignored mistakes when taking off a hat.

ProWritingAid claims to be your grammar guru, style editor and writing mentor all in one package.

It's like a personal writing coach!

What does ProWritingAid do?

ProWritingAid is an online editing tool for anything you write. It has an online editor so you can write directly on it or copy and paste your work for proofreading.

You can use the extensions (available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) that literally integrate with any type of writing (Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, WordPress, whatever you call it).

In addition to desktop apps (for PC and Mac) that let you edit Scrivener, Open Office, and documents in other formats, ProWritingAid also has a Google Docs plugin that is helpful if you're like me (Google Docs for the Use content creation). .

Before you dive into our ProWritingIAid review for 2021, here's a quick idea of ​​what ProWritingAid is doing that you can benefit from:

  • Helps with error-free writing – Detects grammatical and punctuation errors, misspellings and suggests better words.
  • Improves your writing – Improves your writing style and clarity, and helps you find the right words using a special algorithm hand-coded by your team of editors
  • Checks for plagiarism – With ProWritingAid you can ensure that your texts are unique and check outsourced content for traces of duplicate content.
  • Educates you subtly – All writing enhancements have suggestions and references to grammar rules, quizzes, videos, etc. to let you know about the error and subtly prevent it from happening in the future.
  • Freedom to create your own style guides and dictionaries – To make sure it doesn't match your spelling
  • Analytics and data visualizations – One of the most important considerations when purchasing a writing assistant is the availability of analytics. ProWritingAid offers you colorful diagrams and graphics with which you can see your writing quality, legibility and sentence structure from a bird's eye view.

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This is just a brief description of what you get with ProWritingAid. The actual tests and results (how it works and where it is missing) are explained below.

So, read on …

Who is ProWritingAid good for?

At first glance, ProWritingAid seems like a specialized editing tool for writers and writers, but after using it for some time, I knew why it was trusted by over 700,000 users including writers, editors, freelance writers, professional bloggers, and students.

ProWritingAid is intended for everyone for whom clear and error-free writing is important.

You will agree that even the best of us make grammatical errors that often go unnoticed until you hit the publish button. Then a writing tool, a grammar checker or proofreading software like ProWritingAid can help.

Some of the people who should definitely be using ProWritingAid include:

  • Writers and Authors (ProWritingAid is the favorite child of most writers and authors)
  • Bloggers and freelance writers
  • Content marketers, proofreaders, and book editors
  • Students and academics
  • Businesses and professionals who want to create error-free emails, presentations and pitches with clarity
  • Literally anyone who wants to improve their writing.

Which platforms does ProWritingAid support?

You can use ProWritingAid on the following platforms:

  • Windows software
  • MacOS software
  • Microsoft Word Extension
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Google Docs Extension
  • ProWritingAid Web Editor

This means that you can use it as stand-alone software on your Windows or MacBook, otherwise as a plug-in or add-on for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome or Google Docs.

When you think of Android, no. Android integration is not yet available.

Even if you don't use any of these plugins, you can still use the online editor.

The user interface and features differ depending on which platform you are using them on. I'll discuss them later in this review.

How do I use ProWritingAid?

User interface and performance are two important factors that come into play even before you test the functionality or accuracy of any software.

It is the first impression that will help you decide whether or not to stick with a tool or software for longer.

ProWritingAid offers different user interfaces depending on which platform you are using.

1) ProWritingAids Web Editor

The online editor is a blank page with a list of menu boxes at the top. You need to upload your text here by copying it or uploading a text file or a document file. Yes it does support the document file and I am glad it does. 🙂 🙂

I tested with a document file that had about 1100 words of text and after uploading it took about 2 seconds for the text in it to appear. It's fast enough. :).

Soon after, the problems with the content were automatically identified and highlighted in red, yellow and blue. The color coding is important.

ProWritingAid review editing with ProWritingAid

Suggestions with a yellow underline improve readability and the blue ones correct misspellings and spelling problems such as hyphens or apostrophes, etc.

The red underlines represent unknown words that ProWritingAid considers new words and gives you two options: either to correct them to some suggested similar words or simply to add them to the dictionary (for names, etc.).

Hovering your mouse over the underlined words will bring up a pop-up window with the suggested changes. You can choose to implement it, ignore it, or include it in your dictionary or as your personal style guide.

I'll talk about the accuracy and testing of some of the grammatical errors later. Let's talk about the user interface here.

You will be amazed at how many options ProWritingAid's online editor gives you. The menu bar is filled with common but deadly grammar fixes, such as: B. sticky sentences, dialogues, duplicate words and phrases, whatever you call them.

The tool flags errors in your copy in no time. It’s so fast!

Another thing I liked was the simple (and a bit old-fashioned) and easy to use interface. It may not be a priority for most writers, but if you're like me and crave distraction-free minimal editor writing experience, this is for you.

2) Using ProWritingAid Software for PC (Windows)

Okay, thanks to the easy-to-understand installer, installing the software on the native Windows client was easy.

Shortly after starting it for the first time, you will be prompted for your email ID and password.

The UI is a bit better here, although it includes the same menu options we saw earlier in the online editor.

However, there is one big difference: unlike the web editor, there is no real-time analysis.

ProWritingAid Writing ScoreWell, don't go for the scores, I just threw in a random document, not mine: P.

The above picture is from the web editor and will show you the problems as soon as you upload content. But the software doesn't do that. Surprising, isn't it?

For most users, including myself, real-time analytics makes it easy to watch the performance of your content like a hawk. But depends on your personal preferences.

3) Using ProWritingAid for Microsoft Office (Word Plug-in)

The Microsoft Word add-in for ProWritingAid is completely different. Once installed, you can find it in the Add-Ins section of Word. It looks something like this.

ProWritingAid MS Word add-in

The first time you try to run a verification, you will be asked for your ProWritingAid license code. Enter it there.

In terms of performance, this Word add-in is much faster than the traditional ProWritingAid editors. I got suggestions very quickly.

Just double click and it will change the word to the one suggested for you.

Use of the ProWritingAid MS Word add-in

4) Using the Google Docs plug-in from ProWritingAid

If you're looking for a Google Docs grammar checker, it has to be ProWritingAid. It's the only tool built into Google Docs, not even grammar.

So, if you're someone like me who spends almost half of your day using Google Docs, this is definitely one you should try. The Google Docs plug-in is a similar version of the Word add-in. But with a better user interface.

Using ProWritingAid's Google Docs Extension

The performance is fast enough too.

Please note: The only thing to note here is that the Google Doc extension will only work with the email you used to register with ProWritingAid. If you try to use it on another Google Drive it won't work. Fair enough.

5) Using ProWritingAid's Google Chrome Extension

ProWritingAid Google Chrome Extension comes in handy when you're writing something in a text field. It gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes in any text field.

A ProWritingAid symbol is generated in the lower right corner of a text box. As soon as you move your mouse over it, you will be presented with the options.

Also, I was faced with this weird one-off problem of a text box growing in size while trying to post something on Facebook. With every second the text field was automatically enlarged and the "Post" button became quieter. This was gone when I removed the Chrome extension which confirmed it was only triggered by that extension.

I think it was a bug, maybe specifically mine, because I was unable to replicate this problem reinstalling the extension. It worked as smoothly as butter.

In fact, I use ProWritingAid's Chrome extension to ensure that my writing is clear, concise, and error-free whether I'm writing an email, social media post, blog post on WordPress, or Medium. I had previously used Grammarly's Chrome extension and both for a great job.

ProWritingAid also offers an extension for Safari and Firefox. However, being a PC user, I was unable to include these in this ProWritingAid review.

To update: ProWritingAid's Firefox extension works just as well as the Chrome version.

6) Using the ProWritingAid MacOS software

The ProWritingAid MacOS software is exactly the same as the Windows software. However, I haven't tested it (yes, PC users here) so I can't give you an accurate experience with it.

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ProWritingAid Review 2021: How Does ProWritingAid Work?

ProWritingAid has made a name for itself in the marketplace by partnering with the marking leader Grammarly (more on this below).

It has a great user interface, explanations of spelling mistakes detected (like passive speech, sticky sentences, etc.), and everything that is expected of a writing tool in and of itself.

But aren't there any downsides to ProWritingAid? Is it the perfect tool?

The answer is no. No editing or proofreading tool can be perfect or replace human proofreaders. But you will agree that not all of us can afford a human proofreader to sit over our shoulders to review everything we write.

In this section we will be checking the ProWritingAid in and out.

Okay, now that we've discussed the ProWritingAid user interface and performance, let's move on to the features that ProWritingAid offers.

To be honest, this is a long list, and I was glad that ProWritingAid had some features that other ProWritingAid alternatives lack.

If you're wondering what does ProWritingAid do?

Here's how your content will be reviewed, polished, and improved:

  1. Summary: If you always want to have general information about your writing style in one place, the summary option does the job for you. It collects a lot of statistics about your content. This is great when you want to send a content report along with your content.
  2. Document Ratings: It will review your document and give you a rating based on your misspellings, grammar mistakes, sentence styles, etc. And based on all of these points, you will get an overall rating.Document results in PWA
  3. Document statistics: ProWritingAid provides you with statistical data on the number of words, the number of sentences and paragraphs, the number of characters with spaces and the number of characters without spaces. The number of words and sentences is particularly helpful.Document statistics from ProWritingAid
  4. Vocabulary: Gives you an idea of ​​the words you used to write your content, whether they are common or unique words. It also lists your most frequently used and most unusual words.
  5. Readability measures: It compares your content with the globally used readability scales and assigns you the ratings accordingly. Most of all, it should give you an idea of ​​how easy your document will be for anyone to read. Very important if you are writing blog content or long form content.ProWritingAid Review
  6. Overused Words: Indicates overused words, not overused words. It will help you avoid jargon in your writing.
  7. Sentence structure and sentence length: Gives an idea of ​​your sentence length and variety. It also shows a graphical representation of sentence lengths.
  8. Writing style: Indicates the problems with the writing style and shows you suitable suggestions for them.
  9. Grammar and Spelling: This is probably the first thing ProWritingAid should do, that is, check for grammar and spelling errors.
  10. Sticky Sentences: This is an important and unique tool for everyone. It will determine if you have used glue words (the most common words) excessively, which increases sentence length and gives you suggestions for shortening it.
  11. Dialog tags: Another unique thing about ProWritingAid. It comes into play when you are writing a story with direct speaking. It takes care of that and makes sure that you don't distract the reader with adverbs to describe what is happening. If you can't understand, read more about dialog tags here.
  12. Tempo: This also comes into play when writing a story with multiple content chapters. It finds out in which areas the story pace is slow and potentially getting boring for the reader. This is also a unique feature of ProWritingAid.
  13. Transitions: Another unique feature of ProWritingAid is the transition words that connect your writing together. For example words like total, fast, as soon as, for example, etc.
  14. Repeated Sentences: Gives you the list of sentences you have used repeatedly and the number of times. It helps a lot in creating variable sentence structures and making the content more creative.
  15. Clichés & redundancies: It helps you to find clichés and redundancies in your content. Clichés are stereotypical words that are overused in their content by every current writer. Redundancies are unnecessary words in your sentences. If you leave them out, the meaning will not be compromised in any way and the sentence will be more readable.
  16. Consistency: This is another extremely useful feature that only ProWritingAid has. If there is more than one occurrence of your content, different spellings or upper or lower case letters will be searched for the same word.
  17. Thesaurus Check: This is extremely handy when you are looking for a replacement for a specific word. We search for synonyms for nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
  18. Acronym Checker: It searches for acronyms in your content. It also finds out if you've used different cases for acronyms.
  19. Homonym Check: Homonyms are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and of course different meanings (like tea and tea). This test looks for homonyms. This is not very necessary for your daily grammar check, but it is a nice feature.ProWritingAid homonym checker
  20. Plagiarism Checker: It compares your written sentences with those of articles published online and identifies the sentences that may be (or appear to be) plagiarized. This is very helpful if you are hiring a writer to write your content and want to verify the authenticity of the submitted content.

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How can ProWritingAid help you?

In a world where more and more writers rely on editing and proofreading tools, ProWritingAid is a must in your content arsenal.

ProWritingAid is the only manuscript editing software that corrects 1000+ grammatical errors and generates 20+ reports of your writing (based on style, contextual misspellings, etc.) and tracks your performance over time so you can learn and improve your writing.

The number of dimensions the ProWritingAid app checks your writing for (see above) is more than enough to spot spelling mistakes, correct them (with the suggestions you get), and improve your writing effortlessly.

Another feature that caught my eye during my review of ProWritingAid is that it is the only online writing and editing software that supports almost all platforms. I'm going to go to the grammar and punctuation checker tool for google docs (& scrivener if you use it).

The readability reports (along with the Flesch Reading Score and statistical analysis) give you an idea of ​​how your writing quality is developing over time.

ProWritingAid Tips & Tricks

Here are some awesome ProWritingAid tips and tricks to help you get the most of it:

  1. ProWritingAid is a great editor and proofreader for writers and writers of fiction in general. It has a resource library of 10,000 books that contains the algorithm for understanding fictional prose and suggestions for improvement. However, if you are a writer and want even better and crisper suggestions on how to maintain your writing, you can first feed ProWritingAid books of the specific genre you are writing, and then calibrate your writing based on the scores those books get.

    After you have an idea of ​​the grades these books get (remember, these books are edited by highly professional editors who are knowledgeable), you can use these grades to calibrate your writing without worrying about what Pro writingAid suggests.

  2. I've noticed that ProWritingAid silently overlooked some comma suggestions (although it was quick to point out mismatched quotation marks), possibly due to the following style guideline. However, it's still very efficient and one of our best comma splice checkers online.

    Simply edit and polish your copy with ProWritingAid and then trigger a comma checker from the list above and check your font one last time for correct comma placements.

  3. If you're running into lag issues just because you've uploaded your entire 400 page script in it, I recommend uploading it chapter by chapter so you can focus on editing without experiencing freezes or delays.

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium Review

We can't finish our ProWritingAid review without taking a look and comparing the free product to the premium product.

ProWritingAid also offers a free trial of the grammar checker and writing tool, which is somewhat limited when compared to the tool's premium plans.

The ProWritingAid free plan is for the casual writer who gets out 200 words a day. However, if you are serious about writing, the Pro plan will likely benefit you.

Here are the basic differences between ProWritingAid Free and Premium plans:

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium
ProWritingAid Free ProWritingAid Premium
Use online only ProWritingAid Web Editor
500 words at a time Analyze full-length documents (including novels).
Write 19 reports unlimited writing of reports
No integrations Integrations with:
Word, Open Office
Browser extensions
Google Docs, Chrome
No real-time checking Real-time grammar and spell checking
No plagiarism checker Plagiarism checker in the Premium Plus plan

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium

Checkout ProWritingAid Premium (25% discount added!) ››

Now it goes without saying that I recommend ProWritingAid Premium compared to the free ProWritingAid trial version.

So let's discuss how much ProWritingAid costs.

ProWritingAid Pricing Review 2021: Is It Worth the Price?

ProWritngAid is very cost effective when it comes to pricing plans. As one of the top two editors or grammar checkers (the other is grammar) it still makes up a fraction of what grammar costs.

And the fact that you have a ProWritingAid Lifetime Access offering makes it literally the best writing tool you can find on the market for the price.

Please note: The prices below are as shown on the website after 25% discount Use our official ProWritingAid discount coupon.

ProWritingAid Pricing Review 2021

Here is an overview of ProWritingAid's pricing plans:

Please note that the above ProWritingAid prices include the plagiarism checker. If you don't need the plagiarism checker, you will get the following prices which will cost you even more:

ProWritingAid Lifetime Deal Discount

ProWritingAid also has a lifetime ProWritingAid offer and another 25% discount that none of ProWritingAid's competitors are offering. You can now enjoy ProWritingAid for life $ 255 for life (with plagiarism checker) and only $ 180 for life if you don't need the plagiarism function!

Click the buttons below to receive your discount.

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Get the Lifetime Deal from ProWritingAid ›› (without plagiarism check) now

Pro tip: I always recommend buying a product for life (especially if it is trustworthy like ProWritingAid) rather than being tied to monthly / yearly plans that add up to your recurring expenses rather than paying it once and getting your money off in 1- 2 years to regain time.

Do you want the icing on the cake?

You can save even more with your ProWritingAid discount coupon code!

I've negotiated a special ProWritingAid coupon code so you can save a 25% discount (the maximum you will ever get!) On the final price.

ProWritingAid voucher (student discount and lifetime deal included)

I have officially teamed up with ProWritingAid to bring my readers a 25% exclusive discount to my readers. You can use this discount to save 25% of the normal price.

This voucher can be used on any plan (including the ProWritingAid Lifetime Offer) and as a ProWritingAid student discount.

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ProWritingAid Support & Customer Service Review 2021

ProWritingAid offers premium quality 24/7 customer service via email and support tickets. There is also live chat on their website for assistance.

The live chat has a message that will allow you to get back to you within 48 hours (which is ridiculous). However, they responded to my message within a few hours. I think it's good to go

They also get a ton of self-service help from their knowledge base which I like to quickly find a solution (or do a google search) before reaching out.

ProWritingAid Competitors & Alternatives

  1. Grammar – Read Review – Grammar Alternatives
  2. WhiteSmoke -Read review – WhiteSmoke alternatives
  3. Ginger Software – Read Review – Ginger Alternatives

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly 2021: Is ProWritingAid Better Than Grammar?

How can our ProWritingAid review be complete without comparing it to other popular writing tools?

While none of the other ProWritingAid alternatives make a significant difference, grammar gives ProWritingAid a hard run for its money.

Grammarly's new user interface is a bit clearer and looks more modern than ProWritingAid's outdated look.

The premium version of ProWritingAid doesn't include plagiarism checking (you have to pay a little more to access it), unlike Grammar which has a single payment option including unlimited plagiarism checking. However, grammar costs way too much considering that ProWritingAid has a lifetime offer.

While Grammarly has a style editor that will edit your copy based on the genre of content you write on it (which works great for most of us), Personally, I felt that ProWritingAid's writing reports are better and second to none when it comes to manuscript or book editing.

If you're a writer, author, or book editor, I honestly think ProWritingAid is better than grammar.

That said, ProWritingAid has a fantastic lifetime access plan that is insanely cheap if you ask me. The difference between ProWritingAid and Grammar isn't much, except for the Chrome extension (which is free for grammar).

The bottom line is

ProWritingAid is highly recommended versus grammar for writers, writers, or editors of books / novels. Es überwältigt Grammatik einfach mit den Optionen, die es bietet, um Ihre Fiktion zu polieren. Vergessen Sie nicht, dass Scrivener- und Google-Dokumente unterstützt werden, was Grammatik nicht tut. Beachten Sie auch, dass das lebenslange Angebot von ProWritingAid Grammatik nicht bietet.

Kasse ProWritingAid (25% Rabatt inbegriffen)

ProWritingAid Vor- und Nachteile

ProWritingAid Pros

  • Es bietet alle möglichen Optionen zur Korrektur von Grammatik und Vokabeln, die Sie möglicherweise benötigen.
  • Mit den Stilvorschlägen, allgemeinen Schreibberichten und Tipps zur Verbesserung basierend auf Ihren bisherigen Schreibergebnissen ist ProWritingAid wie ein persönlicher Live-Schreibtrainer für sich.
  • Die ProWritingAid-Engine wird mit dem neuesten englischen Vokabular aktualisiert, und die Genauigkeit der angebotenen Tools ist genau richtig.
  • Verfügbar für alle Plattformen, einschließlich nativer Scrivener-, Windows- und Mac-Software, Word-Add-Ins, Google Text & Tabellen- und Google Chrome-Plugins sowie eines Online-Editors.
  • Die gesamte Benutzeroberfläche ist leicht, schnell und einfach zu bedienen.
  • Ein Lifetime-Deal für nur 255 US-Dollar ist ein Deal-Maker, wenn Sie im Schreibgeschäft tätig sind (weil wiederkehrende Zahlungen auf lange Sicht tatsächlich viel teurer sind), und ein Jahresplan für nur 60 US-Dollar ist viel billiger als Grammatik

ProWritingAid Cons

  • Manchmal verzögert sich, wenn Sie große Bücher oder Dokumente (z. B. 500 Seiten gleichzeitig) zum Bearbeiten werfen.
  • Der Plagiatsprüfer ist als separater (und dennoch günstigerer) Plan erhältlich.
  • Die kostenlose Version von ProWritingAid ist mit nur 500 Wortprüfungen pro Testversion etwas eingeschränkt.

Mein Fazit: Lohnt sich ProWritingAid?

Ja! Nach meiner Erfahrung ist ProWritingAid definitiv Ihre Investition wert. Es erkennt, kritisiert und gibt umfangreiche Vorschläge zur Verbesserung Ihres Schreibens, was mehr ist als bei den meisten Mitbewerbern.

Mit der Preisstruktur (mit lebenslanger Zugriffsoption), der Anzahl der generierten Schreibberichte und den unterstützten Plattformen (Google Docs, Scrivener usw.) lohnt sich ProWritingAid.

Es ist das beste Online-Schreib- und Bearbeitungswerkzeug für den Preis, mit dem es geliefert wird.

Wenn Sie schon immer einen eigenen Schreibtrainer haben wollten, macht ProWritingAid dies nur für viel weniger möglich.

ProWritingAid bietet eine Reihe von Bearbeitungswerkzeugen zur Hand. Ich war überrascht zu sehen, um wie viel Sie Ihren Text mit diesem Tool verbessern können.

Unter den verschiedenen angebotenen Funktionen mochte ich einige Funktionen wie klebrige Sätze und Kleberindex, wiederholte Phrasen, Thesaurus, Klischees und Redundanzen usw., da sie auf die Bereiche hinwiesen, die verbessert werden können und Ihre Inhalte lesbarer und ansprechender machen.

Wenn Sie Ihr Schreiben auf lange Sicht verbessern und verbessern möchten, anstatt nur Rechtschreib- und Grammatikprüfungen durchzuführen, ist ProWritingAid ein Muss.

Kasse ProWritingAid (25% Rabatt inklusive!)

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ProWritingAid Review 2021

Swadhin Agrawal

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Prowritingaid ist das Schweizer Taschenmesser für Blogger und Schriftsteller, das Ihnen nicht nur bei der korrekten Grammatik und Zeichensetzung hilft, sondern auch nach Spuren doppelter Inhalte sucht. ProWritingaid ist kein Ersatz für menschliche Korrekturleser, überprüft und hilft Ihnen jedoch beim Schreiben fehlerfreier Inhalte.

FAQs zu ProWritingAid Review

  1. Ist ProWritingAid sicher?

    Ja, ProWritingAid ist definitiv sicher zu verwenden. ProWritingAid erwähnt auf seiner Website deutlich, dass sie Ihre Arbeit nicht speichern oder speichern. Die Daten werden nur zur Verarbeitung an die Server gesendet und nicht in diesen gespeichert. ProWritingAid ist auch GDPR-konform. Sie können die GDPR-Richtlinien hier anzeigen.

  2. Ist ProWritingAid legitim und zuverlässig?

    Ja, ProWritingAid ist absolut legitim und zuverlässig zu verwenden. Es wird von über einer Million Autoren, Studentenautoren, Bloggern usw. als vertrauenswürdig eingestuft und verwendet und ist voll funktionsfähig in führende Software wie Chrome, MS Word usw. integriert. ProWritingAid speichert oder speichert Ihre Dokumente nicht, sodass Sie sicher sein können, dass Sie sicher sind Plagiate oder Diebstahl von Inhalten oder Datenschutzprobleme. Die Rückerstattungsrichtlinie erleichtert es Ihnen, wenn Sie sich Gedanken machen

  3. Ist ProWritingAid besser als Grammatik?

    Ich wünschte, es gäbe eine klare Antwort darauf. Während meiner ProWritingAid-Überprüfung stellte ich fest, dass es sich um einen leistungsstarken Grammatik-Konkurrenten handelt. Ich mag die Benutzeroberfläche von Grammarly, aber wenn es um Autoren, Indie-Autoren und das Überprüfen kreativer Arbeiten geht, bevorzuge ich ProWritingAid mehr. Schauen Sie sich meine Grammatik-Rezension an, um selbst zu entscheiden

  4. Unterstützt ProWritingAid Open Office?

    Ja, ProWritingAid funktioniert auf den meisten Plattformen wie Open Office, Scrivener, Safari usw.

  5. Wie bekomme ich eine Rückerstattung für ProWritingAid?

    ProWritingAid bietet eine 14-tägige Rückerstattungsfrist für die Verwendung der Premium-Version. If you decide that it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can issue a refund by emailing them on hello (at)

  6. Where does ProWritingAid save documents?

    ProWritingAid does not save your documents. The documents are only uploaded to their servers for processing and are deleted from their after it is done.

  7. How to get rid of the colors on your document from ProWritingAid?

    You cannot get rid of the colors on your ProWritingAid document. These colors, like in any other editing tool, are coded to symbolize the error categories and cannot be changed or deleted. However, these colors do not stay on your final document, they are only for the editing phase.

  8. How to activate paid version of ProWritingAid Google docs extension?

    ProWritingAid automatically detects the email id used for purchasing the premium version and links it to the Google docs account on that gmail id. If you want to use a different Google docs account with your ProWritingAid, you can change your email in the account settings.

  9. How to use ProWritingAid with Scrivener?

    1. Open your ProWritingAid desktop app, click “File,” then click “Open File.”
    2. Select your Scrivener doc from the menu and it will populate within the ProWritingAid app.
    3. If your formatting looks different, don’t worry—the desktop app ignores formatting while you’re editing, but retains it in your original Scrivener doc.
    4. When you’re done making edits, click “Save” and all those edits will be synced back to your original Scrivener doc.

  10. Is ProWritingAid free?

    ProWritingAid offers a free plan that you can use with limited features. For more usage you can use their paid plans that cause less than most of ProWritingAid competitors.

  11. Does ProWritingAid offer a student discount?

    No, proWritingAid doesn’t offer a student discount, but I’ve negotiated with them to give you a 25% discount coupon (max you can get) to save 25% off the listing price. Click here to avail your ProWritingAid student discount.

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