Play the underground; BBC Dad Returns: The First on Thursday

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The iconic signage of the London Underground has – temporarily – been taken over from symbols that are immediately recognizable to any avid gamer. To promote the launch of its PS5, PlayStation, in collaboration with Transport for London and PR agency Red, took on the signage at several popular locations for 48 hours. She replaced them with additional sign elements shaped like the four symbols on the console's controllers and incorporated them into them.

See how the visually striking project came about.

Connected: In an ad for another gaming heavyweight, Brie Larson plays games on her Nintendo Switch in various lockdown scenarios – she gets distracted during a work interview, trains with the games – and then uses Zoom to remember her sister about playing when she was young .

We have now had three action-packed days full of insights and discussions at the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit and are looking forward to even more today. To kick off a day devoted to sport for social causes, a heartwarming conversation was held with Stephanie McMahon of WWE and Shelley Diamond of Unicef ​​USA, who talked about the two organizations' partnership for the benefit of children in need around the world languages. In 2019, they introduced Unicef ​​Kid Power, which children can use to help other children around the world – and even take action in quarantine. Find out everything about the initiative here.

Even in the top moments of yesterday's sessions:

  • "We're not just drawn to athletes by their performance. We want to know more about them. These athletes have the opportunity to be inspired by their stories alone." Learn from Gabby Reece how brands should partner with athletes.

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"BBC Dad" Robert Kelly, a South Korea-based professor, gained Internet fame when his kids broke in during a live interview with BBC News. Now he's back playing in an ad for Twitter's conversation control tools. Twitter also used the platform's limited reply functionality to host a Q&A with Kelly about his experience with social media stars.

Experience the original moment and the ad that shows its virality.

Last month's news that this year's Peanuts Christmas specials will only be streamed on Apple TV + shocked many fans. Apple was grieving and relenting, allowing A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas to also air ad-free on PBS and PBS Kids. The programs were broadcast on television for decades – until Apple TV + signed a deal with media company WildBrain.

Find out when you can call up the specials and how the stationery deal came about.

More current news and highlights:

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