Overnight Achievements: How Digital Marketing Contributed to Mamaearth's Rise to Fame

While it is very easy to tell that this brand or company became an overnight success, it almost always never does. In Mamaearth's case, it took three to four years to achieve this overnight success.

Marketing, of course, plays an important role in a business's journey and can make it or break it. In addition, every company's "atmanirbhar" aspect has been properly tested due to the pandemic and the endless challenges it poses.

Today, with the help of some super effective digital marketing techniques, we are going to discuss the advent of Mamaearth and how it gradually got into the company it is now.

How did it all start?

“We are a generation of Google parents. After many rounds of qualitative research with millennial parents, we found that the demand and supply for toxin-free baby care products are very different, ”said Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth, in an interview.

After young parents Varun and Ghazal Alagh found they were having a hard time sourcing products that were safe and non-toxic for their baby, it became clear that finding them in the country would be no easy task.

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In 2016, after the birth of their son, they did their research and found that most of the baby care products available are made up of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and bleach, which are not good at all for a baby's body and can build up toxicity.

They started sourcing products from the US to stay on the safe side. However, they couldn't keep up with this as it turned out to be very expensive. When they heard of similar problems faced by other parents, an idea began to form in their mind.

Making products that were safe, organic, and cruelty free by international standards became their mission. It was then that the Alaghs decided to start Honasa Consumer, the company that Mamaearth runs.

Challenges and their solutions

Initially, Mamaearth's e-commerce business was getting around 20 to 30 orders in a day. However, the brand's growth was such that this number multiplied to 20 within a few months and comprised 500 to 600 orders in a day.

At first, however, they were not equipped for such a surge in demand. There were issues like lack of inventory tracking, disorganized workflow that couldn't handle the high number of requests, high shipping costs, etc.

But they could fix it. With the help of central inventory management, bulk processing of orders and other such means, they have brought the situation under control and have made further progress.

Marketing of the brand "Mamaearth"

The only thing that can be seen from the marketing style of this brand is that they are not satisfied. Your strategies will evolve, as will their value and place in the market. They have mastered continually adapting to their rapidly growing presence in the market.

When they were just starting out and had to cause a stir about their arrival on the scene, they had a very focused customer base – mothers and babies. However, as they branched, so too did their strategies.

Marketing of the Mamaearth brand

Use digital platforms

They understood the importance of digital marketing from the start and primarily focused on using it to spread awareness of their brand. With most people turning to Google for the information they need, having a viable digital presence is critical to growing a business.

Digital platforms help to strengthen a brand's credibility. Hence, their products are available on multiple platforms such as Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, as well as on their official website. Since they have been able to leverage the power of these different platforms effectively, 90% of their sales are generated with them only.

Effective dissemination of the brand message

Their purpose is reflected in the message of their brand "Goodness inside". The whole intent behind creating the brand was to create quality products so that their customers would get the best products. Although their prices are slightly high, the quality makes it worth it.

They used the power of word of mouth as well as part of their marketing strategy. Of course, people tend to listen to what other people are thinking as it makes the suggestion seem more authentic and truthful. Additionally, they have hired many mom bloggers to promote their products because they are passionate about “mother power”.

Channel the power of social media

The sheer size and power of social media is not lost for anyone. It's one of the most effective ways brands can directly reach their target audience. Social media marketing had therefore also played a key role in Mamaearth's marketing strategy.

The brand has a fairly active profile on the various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You are in constant contact with customers and make sure they feel heard.

Use influencer marketing

We all remember the time when suddenly everyone was talking about Mamaearth. That sudden shift that put her the focus of attention was due to influencer marketing. The brand managed to attract so many influencers that it became a household name overnight.

Influencing factors from Mamaearth

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They worked with influencers of different age groups to reach their different audiences and expand their reach. The company works with up to 500 mother bloggers to make the most of word of mouth to promote their products on digital platforms.

The brand understands that when an influencer suggests something, their followers usually listen, and their suggestions play an important role in their purchase decision. All over social media, Mamaearth spread her word with the help of influencers and quickly made a name for herself and achieved massive sales of over 100 rupees!

Strengthening your presence with celebrities

When Shilpa Shetty came on board and became an investor and then an ambassador for the brand, they grew faster than ever. Shetty took advantage of her social media presence and gave the brand more prominence.

Prominent notes on Mamaearth

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Along with her, other celebrities such as Neha Dhupia, Anita Hassanandani and Shehnaaz Gill have also promoted her products. The brand is also one of the sponsors of one of India's biggest reality shows – Bigg Boss. Your connection with the show and its participants also contributed significantly to their promotions.

While they were initially reluctant to do television commercials, they recently ventured into this area as well. They ran an advertisement for their onion hair oil with actors Aahana Kumra and Pavail Gulati a few months ago, and they have come out with several others since then.

What is it that makes them stand out?

They decided to take risks that others wouldn't and held on to their roots. While many understand the importance of onion juice to hair, not many are ready to squeeze and use the juice. The same goes for the traditional Ubtan recipe for clear skin.

Because of this, the brand has launched both these and these products, using only high quality material. This is what sets them apart, their focus on quality, traditional methods and natural chemical-free products.

Sustainable brand products

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last words

The personal care brand Mamaearth D2C (Direct To Consumer) is growing every day. On top of that, the pandemic has been a boon to all online businesses and has only contributed to their continued success in this area. They have never shied away from taking risks, and the result is the empire they have created, currently valued at $ 350 million to $ 400 million.

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