Nude Shoed Jackman; 2020’s High Halloween Costumes: Friday’s First Issues First

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Bare-Ass Hugh Jackman Proudly Swears to ‘Only Wear’ the Boots He’s Now Endorsing

In a revealing new ad, Hugh Jackman appears to be confused about the terms of his endorsement agreement with Australian boot brand R.M. Williams. He’s under the impression that his agreement to only wear R.M. Williams boots means that’s literally all he’s allowed to wear, and lauds the brand in near nudity while discussing it with a company executive.

Get an eye-full of the entire… endorsement package.

Can’t get enough Hugh Jackman? This spot quickly follows another funny ad appearance by the star in a Ryan Reynolds-narrated ad for Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee brand.

Pantone’s Newest Color Is an Ode to Menstruation

Pantone is celebrating the billions of people on the planet who menstruate with a bright red hue released in partnership with Intimina for the intimate wellbeing brand’s campaign “Seen+Heard.” The color, aptly named “Period,” aims to end the stigma of the bodily function by helping people feel comfortable with their bodies and teaching them about menstrual care.

More about the campaign: It also includes a donation to an international charity for women and girls.

Related: On a less empowering note, period and leak-proof underwear brand Mobidobi says Facebook banned one of its ads, saying scenes using the color red to represent period blood would have to be edited out if the brand wanted the campaign to resume.

Senate Committee Votes to Subpoena Big Tech

The top execs at Facebook, Google and Twitter will be subpoenaed by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation over their content policies, with a particular focus on their protections allowed by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and whether the act should be reformed. These platforms don’t face the same legal liabilities as other, more traditional media companies, and some political figures including Republican Senator Roger Wicker say they disproportionately suppress conservative views.

Will Big Tech be “broken up”? This is only the latest concern that has brought these companies under government scrutiny.

Related: Facebook extended its election ad policies, announcing it will ban ads that executives believe “delegitimize the outcome of an election” and will formally ban ads that promote QAnon conspiracy theories.

Here Are the Top Halloween Costumes of 2020

Without big-ticket movies in theaters as planned, TV shows and video games are inspiring the most popular Halloween costume options this year. That means you’re likely to see revelers and trick-or-treaters donning digs modeled after people and characters from Netflix’s Tiger King, Fortnite and Overwatch. But one other notable category is showing up in greater volume too: real-life heroes like doctors and nurses.

Back to the classics: In a dearth of new popular film characters, some people are turning to old favorites.

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