Nielsen is the newest firm to hitch The Commerce Desk's cookie-free Unified ID

The Trade Desk announced today that Nielsen has signed up as an employee for its Unified ID 2.0, an open source, cookie-free, open-web login solution. This is the third such deal in a week as LiveRamp and Criteo have just announced their respective support for The Trade Desk's offering.

Unified ID 2.0 is the continuation of The Trade Desk to its original Unified ID, which served as an alternate solution for ad targeting to Google and Facebook's walled gardens. The difference to the updated version is that third party cookies were used in the original ID. Trust in this part of the current ad targeting toolset is about to be phased out by Apple and Google as the tech giants try to respond to stricter privacy laws.

This new iteration of The Trade Desk's targeting solution eliminates the need for third-party cookies. Instead, encrypted e-mail addresses of logged-in users are now used. It will also be available through advertising channels including audio, mobile, streaming TV and web browsers.

Jeff Green, CEO of Trade Desk, described Nielsen as the "gold standard for media data and measurement" and said in a statement that the company's support was "a major step in increasing the value of the open Internet."

"With consumers using connected devices more than ever and with television becoming fully digitized, advertisers are looking for a new approach to identity that allows them to measure across platforms so that consumers are in control," continued Green. "Through the industry-wide cooperation, Unified ID 2.0 achieves these goals and at the same time preserves the exchange of values ​​of relevant advertising."

The Trade Desk was announced in July and set up over the summer. It hopes for a full roll out of Unified ID 2.0 by early 2021. The largest independent demand-side platform has announced that its tracking solution will put consumer privacy controls first and allow publishers to maintain control over those on their website collected data.

"The TV and digital worlds collide – in order for the market to have a cross-media measurement that actually drives transactions, the industry must adapt to a common path to share and protect data," said David Kenny, CEO of Nielsen, in an explanation. "We're helping The Trade Desk develop the industry-leading Unified ID 2.0 approach to drive industry alignment and market efficiency through consumer visibility."

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