NBCUniversal is increasing right this moment's shoppable franchise of the present to incorporate Peacock

It's Christmas shopping season – and NBC's Today is hoping viewers looking for gift ideas will tune in to Peacock.

Starting this morning at 9 a.m., the station's Today Morning Show brand is expanding its Steals & Deals franchise to include the young streamer Peacock with a shopping special. This is the company's first shippable offering specifically designed for the new platform.

The special will be moderated by long-time Today employee Jill Martin. It runs on Today All Day, Peacock's special streaming channel for the Morning Show franchise. The special offers buyable programs specifically designed for the streaming service.

The Today All Day special launched as a permanent channel for the streaming service in July. It is designed to help support the company-wide goals of empowering Peacock, which NBCUniversal has identified as key to the future of its business.

"When we combine that with our second priority, commerce, it just seems like an obvious win," said Ashley Parrish, editor-in-chief of Today Digital and vice president of today's custom productions division. "It's really an intersection of our strategies coming together for this really great special."

As is customary with the decade-old Steals & Deals franchise, Martin will feature products for sale on today's shopping website. In contrast to the broadcast counterpart, the special runs for a full two hours. More than 50 products are featured on today's shopping website and can be purchased. The purchases are shown on the screen via QR codes.

Martin's broadcast segments are expected to provide a cheerful rundown of gift ideas, housewares, and other product recommendations. Meanwhile, the Peacock special will feature stories, giveaways, and guests like celebrity guests Oliva Culpo, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Tracy Morgan. Today's Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer will also perform.

The decision to make the special a two-hour event was driven by data on Today All Day viewers, who tended to spend more time watching Peacock in one session than viewers on other platforms. It was also designed to take advantage of the freedom of a stricter broadcast schedule.

"Today we know the time is much longer," said Parrish. "When it comes to streaming, it's more of a kicking back experience and more of a drawn-out experience." This allows us to go much deeper into the details and focus much more on storytelling and editing than just showcasing the products. "

The broadcast of the special on Monday, a few days before the traditional Black Friday shopping spree, is also intended to help the franchise benefit from viewers who may want to do some of their holiday shopping early.

"We know from surveys that our audience is looking for a deal more than ever, and we know they will shop early this year," said Parrish. "We know our audience is already shopping online quite a lot – but we know they will be doing more of their vacation shopping online this year."

The special has been in the works for months and was filmed over two days in early October. NBC's specialty manufacturing division went to Martin & # 39; s Long Island, New York, with the set design materials and products in tow, and decorated three outdoor sets with fake snow, wreaths, and garlands.

In order to comply with Covid-19 production protocols, cameras and masked crew stayed outside the house to shoot. This took some creativity – including positioning a boom through a wall of windows to accommodate an indoor set, said Dana Haller, SVP, Strategic Content, NBC News and MSNBC.

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