Major causes for utilizing native advert networks

Native advertising refers to paid ads that are so coherent with the web content that they look and feel exactly like the content on the page. In contrast to conventional advertising, native ads blend in perfectly with the web content and are not perceived as irritating ads by the user. In fact, it flows so seamlessly onto the website that the user doesn't see it as an ad.

Native ads make the content more interesting and improve the ad's clickability. According to reports, native ads get around 53% more exposure than banner ads. In comparison, they increase purchase intent to around 18% more. Native ads also increase the approvability of the content. A survey found that more than 32% of people vouch for sharing native ads with others, while only 19% agreed to show ad sharing. Native ads also generate a 5-8 times higher click-through rate. So increase your ad rank and campaign performance.

Top platforms for native advertising

Some of the best platforms for native advertising platforms are:


Outbrain is a very popular native advertising platform with a monthly reach of over 1.2 billion users. They offer exclusive tools with regular updates. They have a high quality publisher network that monitors the quality of ads using intelligent filters. Prices for advertising through this platform start at $ 10 per day.


Taboola is one of the most widely used native advertising and content discovery platforms that helps increase web traffic. It serves more than 1 billion users on the Internet. Taboola offers users the option of addressing their target group based on device, location, connection type and operating system. You can also run custom campaigns through Taboola.


RUNative is a programmatic native & push advertising network that offers a unique self-service platform. Users can choose their own domains and adspots on which they want to show their ads. It provides real-time statistics from campaigns. You can start your advertising campaigns on RUNative for as little as $ 100.


MGID is another very profitable native advertising platform. It has partnered with 31650+ publishers from around the world to drive high and diverse traffic. Users can also perform dynamic retargeting on this platform. One can start advertising on MGID for as little as $ 100.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is a platform that offers both native and search advertising together. The platform offers multiple ad features, including real-time feeds, carousels, tiles, videos, dynamic themes, and more. The content posted on this platform is transmitted through other Yahoo publications such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Lifestyles, etc.


Plista has an exclusive list of premium editorials with over 1500 websites. It supports three native platforms namely native recommendation ads, native outstream ads, and native content distribution. Native recommendation ads are displayed as text or image recommendations in web content. In native outstream ads, video expands as it scrolls down between sections of content. Native content distribution inserts your branded content into the editorial content of premium websites.


Nativo is a great native advertising platform that offers a very high native reach. It's a bot-free, publisher-direct platform that delivers high quality inventory to its users. The creative optimization designs adapt the content and generate a 20% higher campaign performance. is a native advertising platform that manages ad serving for more than 500,000 websites worldwide. The platform has partnered with some of the biggest advertising networks like Forbes, Tech Crunch and Facebook Audience Network etc. It is the second largest contextual advertising network and offers features such as native ads, mobile-responsive ads, contextual ads, and search for ad format ads, etc.


TripleLift is a native programming advertising platform that combines native in-feed ads with automation to provide seamless and scalable native advertising capabilities. It uses formats such as branded video, image, scroll, window, cinema chart, carousel, etc. The platform is known for giving users three times more brand awareness.


Sharethrough is a modern programmatic advertising platform that offers users a hand-curated inventory. With Sharethrough, the content headings generate 2 times more visual focus and 308 times more consumer attention. Native advertising features include native display, native video, native rich media, enhanced display, expanded outstream, etc.

Advantages of native advertising platforms

Native advertising offers so many benefits to your business, including:

  1. Native advertising leads to higher click-through rates, especially on mobile devices and tablets
  2. It helps companies scale their results more efficiently compared to social media
  3. Native advertising is cost effective and results in lower cost per click and cost per customer acquisition
  4. Native advertising allows for sophisticated targeting based on psychology, location, device, intent, demographics, etc.
  5. It allows the creation of new campaigns based on the success of the last one. This makes each campaign smarter than its predecessor
  6. Native advertising makes lead conversion easier than other programmatic ads
  7. Native advertising increases engagement rates because the audience spends as much time on click-through content as they do on a publisher website
  8. Native advertising is widely accepted in various industries and is therefore a multi-million dollar industry
  9. Native advertising increases brand loyalty by providing relevant information to consumers
  10. In contrast to conventional ad popups, native advertising offers an uninterrupted surfing experience. Thus the engagement rates increase


Native advertising is about empathizing with the audience and offering ad content that is related to the user. It works beyond the ad and pushes the message further and ensures that the brand is better received by its consumers. To be successful in your native ad campaigns, focus on three main characteristics: content, customization, and engagement. Publish high quality content to pique audience interest. It should be adaptable to different devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. as your users are different. Finally, create content that engages audiences not only with the headline but the overall description as well. The audience should be engaged at all times.

Pay attention to originality, clarity and quality of your content. Write short paragraphs and provide links for additional information. Support your content with statistical data. Add a call to action to each of your content. Use specific keywords and create a numbered list for better click ratios. A well-developed content strategy ensures that you sell through native advertising and increase your company's ROI.

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