Lotame's on-line identifier is the newest to achieve acceptance

Another day, another identifier.

Lotame sees the adoption of his Panorama ID, the ad tech outfit's response to the rejection of third-party cookies. Publisher Advance Local supports the ID, while Magnite and Sovrn are among the first supply-side platforms to share the Lotame ID.

Lotame is one of a handful of vendors offering an identity product in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The Trade Desk is pushing for the full roll out of Unified ID 2.0, its open source product, while other vendors like ID5 are also signing publishers for their identifiers.

David Rowley, senior director of customer success in ad platform strategies at Advance Local, said the company has doubled in size in developing multiple identity partnerships. While Lotame's Panorama ID will be a key component in the publisher's programmatic and direct-to-sell business, Advance Local will continue to incorporate other identity solutions to attract marketers.

"We feel like we need to have multiple partnerships from an identity perspective in order for the ecosystem to be almost self-creating," said Rowley. "To get buyers to buy for an ID card, they need to see enough scalability from us on the publishing side. So we feel like we're doing our part to create this market in order to build as many partnerships as possible. "

Publishers are testing new identifiers to prepare for the end of third-party cookies – the web trackers essential to online advertising – that Google will remove from its Chrome browser in early 2022.

According to Pierre-Marc Diennet, VP of Product Management, Lotame offers its Panorama ID for free. The point is to raise all boats when the tide rises to find alternatives to a third-party cookie.

However, a higher acceptance of the Panorama ID means higher income, since the enrichment of the audience data will take place on the Lotame platform.

"We can enrich a profile for an advance (locally) on things they may not have known about a consumer, and when that transaction … takes place we can enrich a profile." This is how we are counted anew, ”said Andy Monfried, founder and CEO of Lotame.

Monfried added that Lotame was open to the integration of his Panorama ID "in all identity players".

Panorama ID focuses on giving identity to anonymous web traffic. Instead of relying on the email addresses of registered users as the backbone of the ID product, according to Panorama ID, Monfried combines various pieces of information in order to create target group profiles for marketers and publishers.

“We believe we are playing in a very unique track on the anonymous web. We're putting the hard part of this problem together, ”said Monfried.

Most online traffic over the open web (outside of Facebook, Google, and Amazon) is anonymous. Only around 5% of Advance Local's traffic comes from registered visitors.

"Like many publishers, we are very focused on getting as much (as possible) authentication as possible," said Rowley.

Advance Local claims it is the ninth largest news organization in the country, earning around 52 million visitors a month. Its properties include NJ.com, AL.com, and Cleveland.com.

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