Let's rethink the company's rankings. That is the 12 months

It's happening again: a wave of ratings from high stakes agencies is around the corner. Show the industry panic and existential payroll.

But what if I told you this year's Pitch-a-Palooza doesn't have to be painful and scary? Instead, we believe we all have a chance to reinvent the screening process as the agencies go through this process in a pandemic-triggered, remote work environment. Maybe we'll all come out with better customer relationships.

It may sound ironic, but from what we've seen so far, I'm very hopeful.

Indeed, this month marks a milestone for the agency industry. Some have completed multiple verifications that were 100% virtual.

You can assume that these ratings will depend on the cost. But here's a surprise: innovation and business transformation are finally driving the majority of them. This could be exactly what the industry needs.

At the same time, we're determined to prevent the fourth quarter from being dominated by canceled weekend schedules and hair-raising "You forgot to unmute" video sessions that go nowhere. Instead, here are some new guidelines for modernizing and humanizing the agency pitch process:

Get to the point with a superpower role model

Both agencies and clients could benefit from serious processing. Define their superpower and how that relates to their perfect customer. You should be able to articulate what you already have internally so that you can be a real power couple. This results in much smaller invitation lists for many of our reviews and thus more time that can be spent between potential agency applicants and their client colleagues.

Let's be honest: in the last few years the pitch process has inflated and every agency claims to have everything and the right thing for every client. The decks were too long and there were way too many people in the room.

It turns out that zoom enforces a welcome discipline. Agencies that make a commitment to knowing who their perfect clients are can also focus more directly on the talent, technology, and operating model that are capable of delivering, rather than trying to provide everything to everyone. This should lead to better decisions and better consistency between clients and agencies.

Prove it by testing live

During the quarantine, we all learned that brands and agencies can move much faster when they need, and don't always need, months of strategic deliberation and deck refinements. So why not apply this learning to the review process?

In fact, you can learn more about an agency's innovation, optimization, and operational excellence by seeing what they do with a $ 20,000 test budget than a hypothetical 100-page PowerPoint that has a $ 20 million budget -Dollars come to life without accountability. Clients who are willing to stop piloting see immediate differentiators of agencies and can grapple with the difficult question of how to set basic future expectations in their agency contracts. Agencies can forego the typical pitching cost, which can exceed $ 100,000 (even $ 1 million when we're back in the air) by offering a trial campaign that is worth a fraction of the cost.

Reinvent your relationship

Now it is more important than ever for agencies to re-introduce themselves to customers and to find out about their changing structures, skills, growth requirements and requirements in advance. When was the last time you had an open, honest 360 degree assessment with your partner? This is a good time to let your agency know how you have performed as an organization over the past six months and how your agency could adapt to your needs.

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