Learn how to improve the server velocity

The server speed is very important to the website owner as it will take more time to load page or website visitors to ignore the website due to the slow speed. Therefore, we should employ strategies and methods that can reduce server response time.

Server response time and what it means

The server response time is the time it takes from the page or site to load until the server responds to that site. It is measured by TTFB (time to first byte). The server response time is important as the study found that almost 40% of web users leave the site that did not load within 3 seconds. User experience and search engine optimization are two main factors that affect server response time.

Good server response time

According to Google recommendation, the server response time must be less than 200 milliseconds, the ideal time is 100 milliseconds and 500 ms is considered a problem.

Google divided the websites into three main groups.

  1. The fast speed between 90 and 100 and this type of website covers 10% of all websites.
  2. The average speed is between 50 and 89 and the percentage is 40.
  3. The slow speed is between 0 and 49 and almost half of the websites work as slow websites.

Ways to improve server response time / speed

  • Authentic and fast hosting
  • Some factors that slow server speed and affect server performance, including
  • Free web hosting
  • Independent hosting services
  • Unsupportive behaviors
  • Server shred sources

Content delivery network

CDN is actually a system that provides the proxies and centers for the servers and services based on geographical locations.

When choosing the hosting center, you need to know your target audience and their answers. This will help you set the goals for your websites.

Sort databases

Databases is information that is stored when you need to keep adding information to your websites and solving the little queries websites ask or that can help visitors. For example, for WordPress you need to work on small and then left queries.

Size of WordPress

WordPress is attractive to web users as it makes it easy for them to provide different themes and designs to enhance their presentations.

WordPress templet should be simple and no traffic from plugins as it slows down server speed.


PHP should be updated to the latest version. The old version has a slow speed and the server response time is delayed so an update is mandatory.

The PHP Compatibility Checker tells the function of PHP whether it is working properly or not.

Set up caching

Caching is a process by which visiting or hosting companies can reuse recently or frequently used files. It makes quick results and offers the better experience than used before.

Caching is a hidden storage space in cell phones and WordPress etc. It speeds up loading time.

Reduce the size of scripts

Scripts should be short and concise, avoiding unnecessary details and long sentences.

JavaScript, CSS, and external files improve website performance, and minimizing scripts is the best solution when dealing with large amounts of data.

It improves server time.

Choosing the right application server

By default, applications are used by application owners on their respective servers; B. Cloud and VPS. These servers face the optimization problem and, ultimately, the speed deteriorates.

Go to the default to change the server and you will get the caching recovery.

Turn on HTTP

This is a beneficial effect of HTTP. The new version has a lower server response time and can be improved in the following ways

  • Use a single connection to convert files, multiple connections slow server response time.
  • "PUSH" files require a rendering page before surfing.
  • Files that are being transferred should be in computer language rather than large amounts of data.
  • It saves time by adding small valuable files.

Upgrade the hard drive to SSD

If your hard drive is stuck and under pressure from a storge issue and you cannot find the files you need.

An SSD disc or card can be used and data can be shared, which increases the response time of the server.

Cut rendering path

The smaller number of applications are simply used to view files or pictures the less time it takes. So you have to delete the invisible themes and files and also uninstall the less used application.

Most importantly, methods and suggestions that we can adopt and apply to increase and improve server speed.

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