Lead era with LinkedIn – defined

"LinkedIn – The social media channel that gives you maximum information about people's working lives."

LinkedIn, an increasingly popular medium in the elite world, has seen its users increase by 14% since it ended in 2018. Currently, LinkedIn has 760 million users, of which 260 million users are monthly active users.

Now, lead generation and LinkedIn are two terms that are closely related. For most businesses, lead generation is one of the most important ways to generate income.

Why should you set lead generation goals on LinkedIn?

Basically, LinkedIn generates 277% more leads than any other social media network. So you can start!

Make yourself visible

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just intended for visibility on Google. Indeed, presenting your profile and recommending your experience can turn out to be the most promising way to sell your product or service.

Some of the easy ways to do this are:

  • Let your profile get "All-Star" status on LinkedIn or complete it 100% in simple words.
  • Understand what keywords you want to add to your profile and search for them. One way is to click on the search results above and focus on where those keywords are placed on the professionals' profiles.
  • Ask for recommendations. About 10 or more good recommendations can improve your profile's search engine ranking.
  • Include anchor text in your links on your profile.

Use LinkedIn Pulse to post content

LinkedIn's publishing platform strengthens your professional brand image. You can even become an influencer with more publications in the form of blog posts or educational articles about your industry.

With LinkedIn Pulse, you can do this through an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create large and lengthy content. This can include videos, pictures, or links to your main website. Repurposing your website's blog posts for LinkedIn can also be a time-saving tactic.

Visit LinkedIn's ProFinder service

LinkedIn's ProFinder service is triggered by freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork. The advantage of this feature is that you can take advantage of the large amount of user data that LinkedIn has to offer. This can later be used to find the highly recommended professionals for each job posting.

An outstanding profile is required to become an integral part of Profinder. According to LinkedIn, such a profile must contain the following points:

  • A good professional profile picture
  • A summary of your successes
  • A title associated with the service for which you want to be discovered
  • Links to the content you have published on LinkedIn
  • Several recommendations specifying your skills and a description of your role in a project

Start a sponsored InMail campaign

No more clutter and no more distractions! The sponsored InMail campaign takes you to the inboxes of people who matter to your business. With this service you can send your selected prospects extensive content and eye-catching offers.

Take the example of VistaVu Solutions, whose customers are supporting the oilfield services industry through the Sponsored InMail campaign. The results of the campaign were:

  • 4-5 times more leads from display ads
  • 2.4 times more lead conversion than any other display advertisement
  • The conversion rate for InMail was 23.8%

Benefit from plugins

LinkedIn is an amazing lead generation tool and it becomes more effective when you integrate other add-ons.


It's an excellent handy tool for Gmail users who use Chrome or Firefox. When the tool runs, you will get a list of the Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, etc., of the email addresses in your contacts. You can send personalized LinkedIn invitations instantly from your inbox.

Headline No.

It's a paid plugin for Google Chrome that automatically creates headings made up of the keywords you mentioned.


You can use it to spontaneously invite people who have recently viewed your profile. This also makes the implementation of the tip number extremely easy.

Borrow the power of dynamic advertising

The more individual your message is, the better it appears to potential customers. Taking into account LinkedIn's dynamic advertising, you can reach people with well-defined marketing messages.

Additionally, the ads have a good visual appearance as they contain a member's profile picture. More ad copies can be added to help promote content. The best way to get ads working is to associate them with custom landing pages after the click.

Get past customers

With LinkedIn, it is very likely that you know what your previous customers are up to. And believe me, there is no room for awkwardness in doing this. When you want to contact a customer, instead of leaving a normal me-first message, you can leave a comment praising the good job they did.

You can also ask certain new questions about the upcoming projects. And so, you can start looking for ways in which you can help them.

Don't make cold calls – practice warm outreach instead

What is the difference between an introduction that comes on a cold call and an introduction that comes in on LinkedIn? The latter comes with a pat of confidence! It doesn't seem like you're just selling. If instead you come across a referral from someone the recipient is connected to, there's a good chance you'll get a lead.

Additionally, sending a message through LinkedIn is best as the platform indicates a business condition. So when you're looking for a prospect, you can view their profile, find out their interest, and find that having something in common with them can spark interest in your business.


If you want to get leads from LinkedIn, this is 100% achievable. You just need consistency and allow yourself some time before you can reach all of your target leads.

That way, you'll beat your competitors using LinkedIn's lead generation tactic.

Good luck!

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