Just one.6% of historic plaques in London have fun black pioneers. A marketing campaign goals to fill the void

LONDON – In buildings around England's capital, there are more than 900 circular blue plaques on buildings, each with the name of an extraordinary person who has lived or worked there in the past.

The ongoing efforts of England's non-profit heritage celebrate and aim to commemorate pioneers in their fields – including politicians, scholars, artists and musicians. But the vast majority of plaques celebrate white people, leaving the famously diverse city, which lacks monuments, to its black pioneers.

To change that, the nonprofit Nubian Jak Community Trust, which found that 1.6% of London's official blue plaques celebrate black people, has launched its own plaque placement project to honor those who are not represented . The group will install 32 black plaques across London the next year.

In collaboration with Havas London, the Trust has also launched an outdoor, social and long copy print campaign that will run on donated media for the next 12 months, telling the story of notable but largely forgotten black heroes.

Each issue contains a unique QR code that takes users to an immersive microsite and brings the forgotten stories to life. The agency also created a short launch video to promote the project.

Stories that need to be told

Dr. Jak Beula, founder of the Nubian Jak Community Trust, said, “Black history is British history. For generations, black pioneers have been changing the social fabric of this country in a positive and lasting way, often despite systematic discrimination. Unfortunately, this discrimination persists to this day in the way we remember these people and their remarkable achievements.

He said the campaign was launched to "tell these stories, celebrate our rich and diverse past and inspire future generations".

The people who are thought of in the campaign include:

Fanny Eaton, the mysterious muse of Pre-Raphaelite artists; Ken "Snakehips" Johnson, who entertained the British public during World War II and died on stage during the Blitz; Justin Fashanu, Britain's first openly gay professional footballer; Ethel Scott, the first black woman to represent Britain in international athletics; and Johnny Kwango, a pioneering musician and dancer turned professional wrestler.

Vicki Maguire, CCO of Havas London, said of the character known as “William Brown”: “How could anyone hear about the woman who served first in the Royal Navy – by disguising herself as a man for more than a decade – and don't feel like knowing anymore? It's not only wrong that these stories were forgotten from a historical and cultural point of view, but a travesty out of a narrative story – because they're just so damn interesting. They deserve to be heard, just as these remarkable people deserve to be remembered. "

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