Is your introduction calendar as cool as this one carved out of a large block of cheese?

In a year full of comfort groceries, old Borden brand is adding another layer of calories – and a feast for the eyes – to the holidays with an oversized Advent calendar carved entirely from cheese.

The nearly 100 pound sculpture is the center of their digital and social campaign for the season dubbed “Let There Be Cheese”. The stunt runs through the end of the year and features recipes, tips, and surprises behind each of the 55 tiny cheddar doors. Formal name: "55 Days of Cheesemas".

The brand wanted to take a leap in their vacation marketing – kick off Thanksgiving and run through Christmas, making it a 55-day program – rather than following the typical Advent timeline, which is closer to 25 days.

The cheesy artwork was custom made by carver Paul Dever, who had never carved cheese before but had previously won the Food Network's 2019 Outrageous Pumpkins reality competition.

According to a behind-the-scenes video that you can watch below, Dever faced a number of challenges on this assignment, including: B. shaking in a room below 60 degrees (otherwise its materials would have melted) and hearing gossip from seasoned cheese-carvers (basically they mocked).

It took him 28 hours to complete the job he says should give him the right to brag about his children. "Go tell your friends," he jokes in the video.

Borden also launched "Keto Santa" as part of the campaign, a modern twist on the classic Coca-Cola ads of the 1940s and 1950s.

The social posts promoting new baked and diced cheese snacks feature a slender St. Nick leaving low-carb treats under the Christmas trees of dairy lovers. He keeps himself in shape by doing yoga and riding the exercise bikes he supplies.

Both projects come from Gravity Labs, a young Chicago-based indie agency led by Mike Roe, formerly BBDO and Razorfish, and President Davin Power, an alum from Digitas, BBDO, and Publicis.

Agency: Gravity Labs
Customer care: Eric Prado
Client manager: Abby Hugdahl
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Roe
Senior Designer: Natasa Nikolic
Client: Borden
Mihira Rami – Marketing Director
Nathaniel Renteria – Brand Manager
Roshani Patel – Associate Brand Manager
Cheese artist: Paul Dever
Images: Nemanja Malidza
Head of User Experience: CJ Oltman
Technology leader: Brad Larson
Project management: Susan DeWeerdt
Photography: Adam DeTour

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