Instagram provides knowledge from the accomplice's advert setting

Instagram on Monday released an ad setting for partner data that allows users to choose whether Facebook's own photo and video sharing network should use data about their activities from its partners to personalize their ads on the platform .

The setting includes information about activity on third-party websites and applications, as well as offline interactions with advertisers, such as: B. In-store purchases.

Instagram users receive a one-time in-app notification asking them to review their ad settings.

If you opt out, data about your activities will no longer be used by partners to personalize your ads on Instagram.


In cases where Instagram can determine that users with Facebook accounts have made decisions about the settings for the social network's ad settings, these decisions will be taken into account by the Instagram setting.

Users who have connected their Instagram and Facebook accounts will see an option for both platforms on their settings page.


A spokesperson for Facebook said, “With this setting, users have more control over how their ads are personalized on Instagram. Part of our ongoing work is helping people understand the types of ads they see on Instagram, and giving people a clear way of choosing the mindset that is right for them. "

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