In its newest free-range industrial, Harmon Brothers watered a 1,300-pound grizzly

If you want to illustrate “heartily”, then the woodcutter / forest environment is certainly a way to go. For the pancake mix manufacturer Kodiak Cakes, a big bear and many beards in the Harmon Brothers brand's short film are just right for the brand.

The Utah-based social media advertising agency previously brought us the infamous Squatty Potty campaign and the recent Poop to Gold giveaway. This time around, the Harmon Brothers worked with a very real 1,300 pound grizzly bear to make a short film about how healthy the pancakes are for the whole family.

Problems with the lumberjack family

The two-minute long film focuses on a family of lumberjacks clad in flannel and all of them with thick beards at one point, including the children. They share their log cabin and the surrounding woods with Fluffy, a giant grizzly.

The spot begins with the mother trying to feed her reluctant children a normal breakfast. But she runs into a problem that all parents can identify with: the children are too picky. When the mother threatens Fluffy to feed the children's scrambled eggs, she finds a better solution: protein-rich Kodiak cake, made from whole grains and non-genetically modified ingredients.

A clever mix of reality and CGI

The "Simplify Your Life" campaign for the family-run food company, also from Utah, underscores the idea that healthy eating does not have to be a chore. The ad gets right to the point by suggesting that healthy food can taste really good even for the most picky of eaters.

As with other Harmon Brothers work, you have to be careful – and likely watch the film again to get some of the speed the agency is known for. The bear in the ad is very real, but the gags with the giant creature are cleverly CGI. Fortunately, the kids are not really fluffy, bring their mother the morning paper or make wood presses with the son, and he doesn't really yell at the breakfast table.

“We've done some incredible things in our careers, but renting a zoo and working with a 1,300 pound grizzly was on a whole new level. It was hugely difficult to create this ad, but we believed in the creative vision and knew that the ultimate product would be memorable, remarkable, and effective, ”said Daniel Harmon, chief creative officer at Harmon Brothers.

The campaign runs on social channels, including the Kodiak Cakes Instagram page.


Agency: Harmon Brothers

Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Harmon

Agency manager: Benton Crane

Accounting officer: Kurt Horn
Creative Director & Director: Shane Rickard

2. Creative Director: Josh Stofferahn

Producer: Josh Stofferahn

Authors: Kellen Erskine, Shawn Zumbrunnen, Natalie Madsen, Mary Mack

1st AD: Sohrab Mirmont
2nd AD: Matt Tucker
Lumber Mom: Savanah Smith

Lumber Dad: Kurt Maloney

Holzsohn: Thomas Cummins

Wood daughter: Scarlett Hazen

Wood Grandma: Mary Mack
Fluffy the Bear: Beard the Bear
Cinematographer: Tyler Stevens

1st AC: Paul Green

Gaffer: Phil Shepherd
Key Handle: Kevin Woodward
Best girl grip: Julia Shepherd
Best Boy Electric: Henry Flury
Sound on set: Jared Jaynes
Sound Mixer: Brenden Bytheway
Location manager: Adam Bohl
Production Designer: Kristen Swensen Decorator: Marie Simonson
Leading actor: Scott Swensen
Set Designer: Nelson Bruggeman Catering & Crafty: Richard Taylor
Public Safety Advisor: Gabriela Mostacero Editor: Kaitlin Snow
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tyler Stevens Digital Effects: Tyler Stevens, Bryson Alley Graphic Design: Mike Henderson
Account Manager: Emily McLean
Behind the scenes: Keith Grover

Client: Kodiak Cakes
Creative Director: Brett Miller
Marketing Associate Director: Boman Farrer

Digital Media Designer: Sam Featherstone

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