How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter in 2021 (Step by Step)

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Want to pin a tweet or get pinned tweet ideas?

You are in the right place!

Twitter, the platform that bloggers and businesses first think of when they think about online marketing, has numerous features to help us attract our audiences.

One of these features is pinning a post to the top of your profile through Twitter.

In this article, you will learn how to:

I know you have been using it since its inception, but are you using it effectively? What Kind of Tweets Should You Pin to Twitter?

Here's how to do thatPin a tweetFunction effectively for marketing on Twitter.

How can you use the pin-a-tweet function effectively?

There are tons of ways to do marketing and branding on social media. Almost all functions of social media platforms can be used to market our online businesses.

For example, online marketers and small businesses can use the pin-a-tweet feature as a Twitter branding strategy to increase Twitter engagements, get more Twitter followers, more likes and retweets.

Here's what to pin on Twitter and what not to pin to your Twitter profile in 2021.

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1) How can you pin a tweet on Twitter in 2021?

To pin a tweet on Twitter:

  1. Open your Twitter account.
  2. Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.
  3. Click the inverted triangle in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the option "Pin on your profile page".
  5. Done.
  6. You just pinned a tweet at the top of your profile page on Twitter.

How to easily pin a tweet on Twitter (step by step)How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter

Here is a video tutorial that will show you step by step how to pin a tweet.

Youtube video

2) How can I pin someone else's tweet?

To pin someone else's tweet to your profile:

  1. To pin someone's tweet, go to their profile
  2. Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.
  3. Click the inverted triangle in the top corner to the right of the tweet.
  4. Click on pinned tweet.
  5. In the next popup, uncheck the Include Media option.
  6. Scroll down for the raw text of the tweet. Copy everything including the url (if the tweet has a picture).
  7. Go to your profile and tweet the copied content.
  8. Follow the process to pin this new tweet.
  9. Assure yourself They give credits due and check that the person allows retweets.
  10. Done.

3) How do you pin a retweet?

To pin a retweet to your profile page on Twitter:

  1. Go to the retweet you want to pin.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon in the top corner (right).
  3. Select "Embed"
  4. Copy the text version of the retweet onto the new overlay (enter the URL… so that the image remains tweeted)
  5. Tweet the copied content, then follow the above process to pin it.
  6. This is different from pinning a normal tweet because Twitter does not currently have a retweet pinning feature.
  7. Don't forget to pay tribute to the tweet.
  8. You have now successfully pinned a retweet.

4) How can I pin a tweet in the Twitter mobile app? (For Android & iPhone)

How to pin a retweet in the Twitter app:

  1. Update your Twitter app to ensure that the "Pin a Tweet" feature is available in your version.
  2. Go to the tweet you want to pin.
  3. Click the ellipsis and select the "Pin to My Profile Page" option.
  4. You have now successfully pinned a tweet using the Twitter mobile app.

5) How do I remove a Pinned Tweet in 2021? Delete a pinned tweet:

To remove a pinned tweet, do the following:

  1. Go to your profile page on Twitter.
  2. Click the ellipses in the upper right corner.
  3. Select from the options remove from profile page.
  4. Completed. You have now deleted and removed this pinned tweet.

Step by step guide to getting rid of a pinned tweetHow do you get rid of a pinned tweet?

6) How can I pin a retweeted tweet?

To pin a retweeted tweet:

  1. Since you can't directly pin a retweet, here is a workaround
  2. Go to the retweet and click the link that will take you to the original tweet
  3. Now tweet it again but this time retweet with a comment
  4. Now you can pin this retweet as an original tweet by clicking on the three dots and "Pin on your profile page ” Possibility.

Why should you add a tweet to your profile?

Pinning a tweet on your timeline gives you immense visibility.

Here are some of the unique advantages a pinned tweet has over regular tweets. Pinned Tweet templates (shown below) will help you in the following ways.

  1. It is visible to every new visitor to your profile.
  2. It has more visibility and gets the first attention of all visitors to your timeline.
  3. You can use the pinned tweet to alert or promote a special offer, blog post, or even showcase a product of yours.
  4. Use pinned tweet aesthetics to show off your personality
  5. Make money with Pinned Tweets

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How to pin a tweet, pin a retweet, or someone else's tweet guide

The 19 best pinned tweet ideas in 2021

Here are 19 of the best pinned tweet ideas and templates to use:

1) Present a recent blog post from yourself


You can pin your latest blog post to your timeline to attract new followers from you (via your profile) and get traffic for your post instantly.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin to add twitter shares and follow buttons and click to tweet boxes to your blog posts. More about our SocialSnap test.

2) Pin your most popular post

What's your favorite post? It is popular because most people like it and it has information that will help them.

Maximize your reach and give your Twitter followers an insight into your powerful blog post. You could also consider posting an ultimate guide to Twitter.

3) Pin a partner product

If you are promoting a product that is very popular with your followers, send it to a place that is already getting that many views. This way, you could make a few dollars from your Twitter profile.

PRO TIP: Also, add a link to a product or partner review (like this Kinsta Hosting Review or WPX Hosting Review) on your blog. This adds credibility and the visitor may want to read the review before buying.

This way you have 2X chances of converting your follower into a lead.

4) Pin your own product

Do you have a product that you sell online? It could be anything, an eBook, a course, or anything that you sell based on your niche and the interest of your followers.

With the help of Twitter analysis, you can check the interest and other statistics of your followers in order to pin the corresponding product.

5) Pin your most retweeted or favorite tweet

People tend to follow people who have influence on Twitter. So you have a tweet that magically surpassed your other engagement tweets? Why not stick it on the top to attract readers and show your authority.

6) Pinned Tweet Ideas To Make Money

If you run a business or are a social media influencer, here are some pinned tweet ideas for making money:

  • Pin a link to your Amazon influencer storefront or Patreon link
  • Blogger? Pin a tweet with a link to the best blogging deals through your affiliate links
  • Business? Attract your customers with coupons and offers.

7) Pin a testimonial

What could be nicer than Twitter to showcase your proud testimonials. Paste them into a video or as a standby image. Trust me, they will change the way your followers think of you.

8) Pin a service that you offer

If you are a freelance writer, web designer, or someone who can offer a service to your clients, advertise them for free here. A sticky tweet can serve as a billboard or a billboard for your business.

9) Pin your contact details and customer care information

If you're an already established brand, consider using Twitter's sticky tweet feature to gain even more customer confidence by showing how much you care about them.

Brands like Hubspot and Xbox have already used Twitter to provide instant help to their customers. Why should you fall behind?

10) rent? Let it go to the top of your Twitter stream

If you need a team, service, or hire more people, Twitter is the best place to announce it. This will put you in front of thousands of your followers.

PRO TIP: Research shows that people immediately retweet when asked to do so. You can ask your followers to retweet the tweet to extend its reach even further.

11) Pin a case study that shows how you can positively influence your customers

If you have a case study of how a customer has been positively influenced by your business, consider it your top tweet.

You can also use this to post a tweet that has an image of how a blog post inspired your readers (or an image of the email you received from them) and then put it at the top of yours Profile to hang.

12) Put a positive quote on top

Nothing is better than a positive quote. Brands and blogs like Foundr have emerged as a hot favorite of tweeples by using custom images of quotes in bulk.

13) Use Twitter cards to collect email from your followers

Buffer did a great job collecting nearly 182 email subscribers in one week using Twitter cards. Ace blogger Amit Agrawal also uses this technique for lead generation.

With the help of the Twitter cards in the e-mail collection, your followers can add themselves to your e-mail list directly from the tweet without having to leave the social platform. It's simple and convenient, and a must-have for anyone with a list.

Using the lead generation card on Twitter

Here's a guide to get started with optimizing Twitter lead generation cards.

14) Pin a tweet where an influencer is interacting with you

When I published my post on Facebook Marketing and Conversion Tricks for Bloggers and Businesses, Mari Smith tweeted it not just once, but twice. She also generously shared it on Facebook. 🙂 🙂

Your two tweets with me got over 60 retweets, which is a pretty rare feat. I can also use this to improve my image as a social media enthusiast and demonstrate my writing quality.

This increases your credibility.

15) Pin a tweet to send Twitter followers to a landing page

Why not display a pin at the top of your profile that you can use to send a follower to a landing page? Use the pinned tweet to direct your leads to a page where you can sell them something or turn them into a subscriber.

16) Make a sticky tweet out of your upcoming event

Want to know how power users use the Pin a Tweet feature? They are announcing their next event on Twitter and pinning it to get more eyeballs to the event.

Do you have a live webinar, offline meeting, or twitter chat? Mark the time and date of your event at the top of your Twitter profile. Jeff Bullas did this very intelligently.

Jeff Bullas Coming Webinar Free

17) Ask a question that will make your readers think

Questions and puzzles are a great way to increase engagement rates. You can use pinned tweets to increase the engagement rate among your audience.

18) Take a poll or poll

Do you have a survey or poll that needs more participants? Twitter users are far too supportive and able to share their thoughts on the matter with you.

What you need to do is pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile that has the survey form or the link to it.

19) Show your personal and transparent self

Transparency helps to build trust. It also shows that there is a real person behind the profile.

You can pin a video tweet or graphic that shows a behind-the-scenes look at your work or office interior, or a snippet of your teammates interacting with each other in a fun moment.

Bonus: Make your social proof loud and sticky

Do you have a large number of followers or subscribers?

You can upload a custom picture that shows the number of people who trust your blog or business.

This shows your authority and brand strength. This also affects turning a visitor into a follower and a follower into a lead.

Summary: How to Pin a Tweet + Pinned Tweet Ideas

Hope you enjoyed our step-by-step guide on how to pin a tweet, pin retweets, and remove pins to improve your Twitter visibility.

Pinned tweets are very useful for getting your attention on Twitter, and if used wisely, they can give you a lot more than just decent engagements on the platform.

There are endless ways to effectively use the pinned tweet on your timeline. With that said, I'd say your decision to pin a tweet should be tailored to you and your niche. You need to use this feature as it suits you best.

I would say experimentation is the key to your success. Experiment, A / B split tests, and change the format and style of your Pinned Tweets.

You can also use hashtags to increase the lifespan and reach of your tweet. An animated GIF can also be used to say something that a simple picture cannot say.

Finally, I would say that anyone can use this feature and it is not limited to bloggers and online marketers.

P.S. If you liked this post, You will love this guide to get more followers on Twitter.

How do you use the Pin A Tweet feature in your Twitter marketing strategy?

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FAQs on Pinned Tweet Ideas

Can you pin someone else's tweet?

Yes, you can pin someone else's tweet as well as a retweet they've created. Here is how to do it.

Can pinning a tweet delete it?

Pinning a tweet doesn't delete it. However, if you delete a tweet, it will also be removed from the pinned spot.

Can I pin a tweet in 2021?

Yes, you can pin a tweet in 2021. This is a core function of Twitter. Click your Tweet's drop-down list (the ones you want to pin), then select the "Pin to Your Profile" option.

Can you pin a tweet on the phone?

Yes, you can pin a tweet from both mobile and tablet devices. To pin a tweet on mobile, go to your profile, select the tweet, then choose the "Pin to Your Profile" option from the drop-down menu.

Why can't I pin tweets?

If you're having trouble pinning tweets, check to see if you're pinning your tweet or someone else's. You can't Pin other's Tweets unless you tweet them with a comment.

How do you embed a tweet?

You can embed a tweet by simply clicking on the three dots that appear on a tweet or your desired tweet. Then select the "Embed Tweet" option and copy and paste the resulting code. Finally, like WordPress, paste this code into your CMS to embed it.

How do I see someone's Pinned Tweet?

To see someone's Pinned Tweet, you need to visit their profile. The first tweet on their timeline would be the pinned tweet labeled "Pinned Tweet". If you can't find labels, that person hasn't pinned a tweet.


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