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How to Create TikTok Videos the Algorithm Loves

Sep 1

DataReportal revealed that as of January 2021, there are already almost 700 million active monthly Tiktok users. The number of users the platform amassed in a short period landed them the top 7 spots among the biggest and most used social media platforms. The consumer’s reaction to the content shared on this platform is so phenomenal that it has become more than just an avenue to showcase one’s life, hobbies, and talents. 

Now, it’s used by small and big businesses, influencers, and celebrities to engage people and move them to subscribe to an idea, buy a product, or simply do something about the information shared. And with the high engagement and market traction viral Tiktok content gets, it’s more than easy to monetize any kind of content. 

Then again, it doesn’t mean that just because others are raking thousands or millions from their TikTok views that you can simply post and click. Like other online platforms, there are rules that you need to know to bring your content straight to your target audience and convince them to engage actively. This article will share some pro tips to achieve that. 

Trigger the algorithm with the right signal

Your TikTok content’s success and ability to go viral will depend on how deeply you know and understand the platform algorithm. Just like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, your TikTok post will reach as many people as it can if you can trigger the TikTok algorithm with multiple positive signals. And if you tick the right boxes, your efforts might be enough to push TikTok to care. If this happens, you will surely go viral and be visible on every user’s "For You page." In this case, even non-followers and people who don’t know you can easily see your viral content. 

TikTok videos might be very short, but their algorithm is almost the same as that of YouTube. This means that your users have to watch a certain length of content for the algorithm to be triggered. The maximum content length users should watch for this to happen should be around 10 to 15 seconds. The more people who play and replay your video, the higher the chance to hit the algorithm. 

To know how your TikTok videos are faring in terms of replays, you can access TikTok Analytics under Settings and Privacy. Click the Content tab to see the average video watch time for your content. If your TikTok video is 10 seconds long, and you see that the average watch time for it is around 15 seconds, that means people are replaying or playing it on loop. This, as you expect, will send good signals to kick the TikTok algorithm. 

Encourage shares and engagement 

Aside from aiming for a higher average TikTok video watch time, you can also trigger the algorithm by having your viewers finish the entire video when they watch it. If your watchers often skip your video, expect negative signals sent to your platform algorithm. 

If your viewers often share your content and engage with you in the comment section, there’s also a high probability for the platform algorithm to react positively to your post. So, if your video appears on other users’ "For You page," encourage them to engage by replying to their comments, reacting to what they say, and simply make them continue talking. This is like telling TikTok that you’re somebody worthy of their time and attention. 

Curate videos that people would love to watch 

Everything starts with the content. If you create content that people resonate with, it’s easy to make them watch. In TikTok, the most engaging contents come in series that culminates with the video creator, revealing something he has been teasing his audience in his past videos. 

For example, this creator started his video series by sharing a story about a bullied street vendor. He can pique the viewer’s interest by showing his short clips attempting to locate the said vendor while also documenting himself while receiving help from other TikTok users. His video will then culminate with another video of him finally finding the vendor and handing him all the help he gathered. 

Video reveals trended on TikTok because it hinges on the human need to resolve issues and find closure to a specific problem presented to them. Make use of the screen text to tell people to watch your videos because you have something they’ll be interested in. It could be as simple as this --’Guess who I met today? You’ll be surprised if you knew!’

But don’t just create any video you feel like making. Pick topics that you know your audience will care about. It could be your father helping you pack orders for your small business, a quiet sibling who showed support in an extraordinary way, or a good Samaritan who offered help when you least expected it. Be creative in picking content topics -- you’ll never know when you might get viral. 

Compile trending sound effects 

People on TikTok just love it when they see how much effort is given in a short clip. As you scroll other people’s TikTok videos, be on the lookout for a sound that shows an unexpected plot twist. Save them and use them in future skits and videos you’ll make. 


It’s pleasantly surprising how a simple platform like TikTok can create a vast following and impact ordinary people’s lives. The platform’s popularity gave rise to new breeds of influencers who added a different value to their followers. For some, the rise of TikTok even opened business opportunities for them. You can start your business from scratch and just ask help from the community to make your product go viral. You’ll be surprised at how much change one sincere video can make. Others even monetize their content and change their lives forever. You see, this trend only proves that if you learn and innovate, you will go far. Take these tips to heart. Who knows, your next TikTok video might be your ticket to fame!