How Social Listening Helps You In Digital Marketing?

From social media to blogs, discussion rooms to advertising messages, users are reacting and responding constantly. How they are reacting and responding, or social listening, plays a major role in digital marketing and in the creation of user-generated content for B2C (Business to Consumer) companies.

According to certain reports, 4 million posts are getting uploaded on the various social media networks every minute, and not to forget the 2.6 billion daily social media users. The digital space is always teeming with users and all their daily activities.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process through which brands or companies can gauge and monitor the different social media platforms. Social listening in digital marketing helps in tracking mentions and conversations which are centered around the brand. Then analyze them and plan if any action can be taken upon them.

The whole process can be split into two steps:

  • Monitoring the different social media channels, brand mentions, competitors as well as keywords relevant to your business.
  • The analysis of the information is then done to take further action if required. The subsequent action could be something as small as replying to a satisfied customer or as big as changing the entire social media marketing strategy, based on the responses of the audience.

Social listening should not be confused with social media monitoring as the former digs deeper into the psyche of the audience to understand their moods while the latter is based on metrics such as engagement rate, etc.

Reasons why Social Listening in Digital Marketing is Important

When it comes to maintaining a brand image and keeping up with the times, social listening becomes extremely important. Some other primary reasons why social listening in digital marketing is necessary have been listed below:

Increases Engagement With Customers

Social listening will help you in actively engaging with your customers as you will discover opportunities where they might have reached out to you. For example, if some customer tweets about how much they liked or disliked your product, or if they reach out using some other platform to request customer service.

In both cases, you need to be aware and acknowledge their message. You can thank them for their positive feedback, assure them that you’ll work on any problems that they might have faced, and help them connect with your company’s customer service.

Helps You in Managing Crises

You need to be prepared for negative feedback as well so that you can do crisis management. With the help of social listening in digital marketing, you can track how people are reacting to your products in real-time and take action accordingly.

When the feedback is good, you find out what exactly is working for the audience and remember it for future use. However, when the feedback is bad or down, you need to review your social feedback to understand where exactly you’re going down.

Further, if it gets too bad, you need to start making changes right away. This could be by pulling down something that is being deeply disliked by the audience or just putting out a tweet with an apology for some insensitive comment.

These sort of things need to be done and contained as fast as possible as they can damage your brand image and affect your sales.

Assists in Tracking Your Competitors

Not only do you get to know what the audience is saying about you, With social listening in digital marketing you can also learn what they’re saying about your competitors. These insights can be of great help when it comes to improving your own work.

This is because by analyzing what they’re liking or disliking about your competitors, you can make changes to your content accordingly. What exactly is going wrong with their marketing strategies or how are they piquing the interests of their audience?

By studying your competitors and social listening, you will be able to answer such questions and use the answers to further your strategies, and plan for any mishaps that could happen.

Locates Pain Points

By keeping your ear to the ground and listening to what all is going on in your industry, you can learn a lot. The strategies which are working and which are failing, how are companies dealing with the heat and coming out of it stronger, and so much more.

You get to unearth a plethora of information if you pay attention. Based on your newfound knowledge, you can make changes to your product to serve your customers better, amplify the marketing of a certain product you previously had doubts about, and so on.

Not just the work of others, but you’ll also be able to discover where exactly you are going wrong with your products by listening to the frustration of your customers. After getting to know these pain points, you can work on resolving the issues.

Uncovers New Leads

Social listening in digital marketing helps in getting new leads. Everyone knows that people like being listened to. This means that by acknowledging their issues or replying to their positive feedback, you are forming a connection with them.

By reaching out to them, you are making them feel heard and therefore, helping them out by sharing helpful information. This will establish your company as an excellent resource and ensure that the customers think about you whenever they think of their next purchase.

Discovers Influencers and Advocates

Influencers are, as the term suggests, very influential digital personalities of their particular niches. By learning about them and connecting with them, you are broadening the reach of your brand.

The followers of these influencers place a lot of trust in their judgement so when they review any product or service and give positive feedback, it affects their purchase decisions.

Besides influencers, you will come across those who are actively saying good things about your brand or its products and are termed as brand advocates. You can collaborate with them as well to increase your reach by the use of social listening in digital marketing.


Social listening helps in digital marketing by going beyond numbers and superficial factors that have been developed to understand people. It helps you in going beneath the surface and deciphering what really their moods or feelings are when they are buying or searching for products or services to buy.

Therefore, it is an excellent tool through which you can get rich insights about every aspect of your business from your audience’s point of view.

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