How "digital" plays a role in Sonu Sood's mission to save lives

When a 25-year-old's cry for help reached Sonu Sood on Twitter, he was prompted to act. Bharti, who lost over 85% of her lung function due to COVID-19, fought for her life. Sood had her admitted to a private hospital and had her flown from Nagpur to Hyderabad when doctors reported that she needed a lung transplant.

He did the same for another 19 year old named Kailash and helped him get the treatment he needed. These are just two incidents. Sonu Sood has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19, from organizing buses for migrants to helping the population get the treatment they need and distributing oxygen bottles.

Social media has played a key role in helping him, helping others, and making a difference in this ongoing struggle the country is embroiled in. In particular, Twitter was instrumental in this journey the actor has been on since this pandemic began.

Source: India TV News

The story so far

Since the lockdown last year, the Bollywood actor has continued to strive to make citizens' lives a little better in every possible way. It's been quite a ride and it's far from over as the country struggles with the second wave. Some highlights of his great work are listed below:

Help for migrant workers

When India stalled last year due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of migrant workers were stranded. They were helpless and had no choice but to start their journey home on foot. Sood took special permits from the various authorities and arranged free buses to take her home.

So began his work. He helped workers from all over the country – Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and so many – through his "Ghar Bhejo" initiative. All of his work reached the ears of millions across the country and several began to tweet him for help.

Is done bhai. Will sleep for some time. Make sure to remind me tomorrow. I wish you a long day tomorrow. Good night n God bless ❣️

– sonu sood (@SonuSood) May 22, 2020

In an interview with IANS he even said: "I will leave no stone unturned day and night to be with you and to ensure that every migrant reaches his destination. I will make sure that it happens to the best of my ability." And he kept his word.

Answering the requests of the helpless

With his work for the migrant workers, he rose as a messiah, a hero in real life among the people. He became the point of contact for anyone looking for help getting home or looking for supplies to deal with the virus.

One such case was that of a boy from Gorakhpur in UP, a student who was unable to return home from Maharashtras Thane. He was deeply desperate that his mother was not doing well and that he told Sood about it in his tweet, which also had his number.

To which Sonu Sood replied: "Tell your mother that you will see her soon."

Another example was when a group of 20 people in Nalasopara on the outskirts of Mumbai were stuck and desperately looking for a way to get to their hometown in Bihar. The person who tweeted him received an immediate response from him and was able to return home.

Tomorrow you go home ❣️ done?

– sonu sood (@SonuSood) May 22, 2020

In addition to helping migrants get home, Sood distributed food and helped many find work, as well as health benefits and education. He was even awarded the "SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award" by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for all of his humanitarian work.

Second wave challenges

The second wave hit India in a way that shook everyone to the core. With the rapid rise in the death toll, people were more hectic than ever. Sood has had drugs such as remdesivir and others delivered, organized hospital beds, and arranged oxygen bottles for as many as possible.

Oxygen cylinder reaches bhai in 10 minutes. ☑️ @ Karan_Gilhotra @SoodFoundation

– Sonu Sood (@SonuSood) May 6, 2021

In an interview, he said that he personally responds to hundreds of calls every day and receives around 30,000 messages on his personal number. He even mortgaged his own property to get money and help others.

Sometimes it's good to be awake at night.
Have a bed in Excel Care Hospitals @SoodFoundation

– Sonu Sood (@SonuSood) May 9, 2021

Inquiries and requests for help that keep coming in on Twitter and other sources keep him up to date for up to 22 hours a day! This is not an easy task, but one thing that needs to be done now as a priority is to help as many as possible.

Celebrities in need

Not only ordinary people, but also the actor actively helped celebrities. Recently, Suresh Raina posted a tweet asking for clues that might help him arrange an oxygen cylinder for his aunt in Meerut. Sood replied quickly, asking for the details and safely arranging a top hat for her.

Oxygen cylinder reaches bhai in 10 minutes. ☑️ @ Karan_Gilhotra @SoodFoundation

– Sonu Sood (@SonuSood) May 6, 2021

The current scenario

A few days ago he caught the virus himself and had to take a step back to recover. When asked in an interview about the time he had been in quarantine, he quickly stated that it was a little difficult for him as there was nothing he could do other than make a few calls or answer some messages. He had to stay away from the action.

But he somehow managed to do it anyway and after his recovery is back to helping as many as possible. The Sood Foundation, which he set up because of the pandemic, is in full swing to answer as many inquiries as possible.

Twitter handle of the Sood Foundation

One of the main problems he has faced in all of his work over the past year is getting the necessary permissions. But he understands that such problems will inevitably arise as these are challenging times for everyone.

He and his team are currently actively working to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination. The 47-year-old actor has no plans to stop his efforts anytime soon, and the Sonu Sood Foundation is constantly striving to ensure that any person they reach out to is able to get what they need.

How can I get help from Sonu Sood?

For anyone interested in contacting him for help related to COVID-19, you can contact him directly through the Sonu Sood Twitter handle (@SonuSood) or the toll-free number he contacted at toll-free number 18001213711 Contact number

Team Digital Ready thanks Sonu Sood and his team for their hard work and wishes them all the best.

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