Head of Buyer Advertising Platforms at Walgreens Journeys Past Shopper Wants

Some take long walks to separate from work. Alyssa Raine does the opposite.

When not working, the Group VP for Customer Marketing Platforms at Walgreens is still thinking about how the big pharmacy retailer can deliver the best customer experience. She takes long walks every day to digest and keep busy with what else is going on in the consumer world. Delving into consumer behavior insights, she believes the future of the industry lies in the merging of brand and performance marketing.

However, Alyssa has always made listening part of her routine. She resorts to books and podcasts to capture any breaking headlines and content that could be significant to her consumer's life (could she be a marketing unicorn?). She is a member of Adweek's Community Collaboration Teams, which were created to address seismic changes starting in 2020. All the evidence points to one important finding: Alyssa Raine is dedicated to her craft and her consumers.

Read on to see why she was made a marketer and what she thinks is an exceptional customer experience.

How did you get to where you are today Any notable aha moments along the way?

I always knew I wanted to be a marketer. I love understanding human behavior, culture, data, brand DNA, and assets. I enjoy combining these components to create a strong strategy through great creativity that excites the customer and drives the business forward.

I joined Walgreens almost three years ago. Walgreens is at the very heart of the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. It's an incredibly powerful (and motivating!) Purpose.

What are you currently working on that is innovative?

COVID-19 vaccine and tests! We are leveraging our latest marketing and technology innovations (including myWalgreens and mass personalization) to help our customers and communities with the COVID-19 pandemic.

myWalgreens is our revised loyalty offer. It offers our customers daily COVID-19 and other health-related content, access to tests, access to the vaccine when you are authorized, community health alerts (e.g. alerts when flu or allergens are in your area), digital receipts, contactless You can donate your Walgreens Cash Rewards to a variety of charities. You can also quickly connect to a pharmacist via chat or to a healthcare provider via FindCare (which has grown significantly since the beginning of the pandemic).

At Walgreens, we are also implementing our MarTech stack as part of our strategy for mass personalization in cooperation with Adobe and Microsoft Azure. This helps us to coordinate extraordinary experiences for our customers across our own and paid channels. It's a completely new approach to marketing compared to traditional marketing.

How do you virtually involve your teams in order to keep the spirit of creativity alive?

With the pandemic, it can be easy to get into a work routine. That is why it is so important to find moments in which we can regularly pause and celebrate our successes together as a team. I also make sure my team pulls the plug. You don't get any more creative staring at a screen all the waking hours of the day. It's important to take a break and freshen up so that you can do your best while you work.

Where do you look for inspiration when developing the next project or initiative?

There are two things I've done in the past two decades –

First, I am constantly reading books and articles and listening to various podcasts and radio stations. This helps me understand evolving customer behavior, market dynamics, marketing innovations, and the new levers that I have and should explore as a marketer.

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