Greenback Normal pays hourly labor to get vaccine

Retailers have the legal right to require employees to be vaccinated to ensure a safe workplace. However, Dollar General is taking a different approach by offering its hourly staff to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Frontline employees – who Dollar General employees would qualify as – are said to be the next group of people vaccinated.

Dollar General's move comes because retailers of all kinds are grappling with customers' fears of coronavirus infection – alongside an unscientific aversion and politically motivated anger against wearing masks. The decision to encourage vaccination among its employees reflects the need to demonstrate a more hygienic retail environment. It's not clear if this will be part of the brand's promotional message. However, however Dollar General communicates this attitude to consumers, it hopes to show concern for its workers and, in turn, for its customers.

“Understanding of vaccination by healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities is ongoing. The CDC is currently recommending offering the next phase of vaccinations to key frontline workers. We want to be on the front lines to improve the ability of our employees to get Covid-19 vaccine if they so wish – and we encourage our entire team to get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, "the discounter said in a statement.

Encouragement, not compulsion

Dollar General said his top priority during the Covid-19 pandemic is keeping the health and safety of its employees, customers and local communities, and providing incentives for employees to get vaccinated is part of that mission.

Since the main retailer felt they had no on-site pharmacies or a workplace where employees could get a vaccine, they decided to give hourly workers a one-time payment of four hours' wages to be vaccinated.

Employee team members, on the other hand, are given time while they work to get vaccinated. Similar accommodations are being created for sales and transportation workers, Dollar General said.

The company also said that while encouraging its employees to receive the vaccine, Dollar General recognizes that it is a personal health choice.

The discounter said in a statement: "Although the vaccine is a critical way to slow this pandemic, we continue to take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19. This includes wearing a mask or face covering and exercising good hygiene (including frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer) and appropriate social distancing. "

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