General social media questions and answers that all marketers should know

What are the most common social media questions marketers are asked? We ask the question to our LinkedIn community and from the answers one thing is clear: There are a lot of people out there who don't know what social media marketers are doing.

Some of the most common questions marketers get asked include: So do you scroll Facebook all day? Can Social Media Really Be a Full Time Job? How do I update my LinkedIn photo? Are you an influencer? The people who ask these questions aren't always your well-meaning aunts and uncles. Sometimes they run businesses and just understand the role social media can play for their business.

Whether in a job interview or at work, social media marketers have to constantly prove they know what they are doing. And some of these things can change overnight with the pressure of a platform update. We asked the experts and gathered the latest research and resources to show you that you knew the answers.

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Common questions about social media

If you're a social media manager, you've probably been asked these questions.

What is a social media manager and what do they do?

Social media managers communicate on behalf of a company or organization via social media channels. While the job description varies depending on the size and type of company, tasks often include developing a social media strategy and content calendar, creating and planning organic and paid campaigns, interacting with followers and fans, building Partnerships with brands and influencers as well as contributions to PR contingency plans and policies.

The job title is often used synonymously with Digital Marketing Manager, Community manager, Content creators, and other.

The expectations of the skills are high and range from text creation to videography to mastering various analysis and creative platforms. "There are so many roles in one that it can be very difficult," says Nick Martin, Hootsuite's global community leader. "Then you should create a business case and advocate hiring a contractor or a part-time or full-time team member."

There are a number of challenges for social media professionals due to this increase in activity. The biggest challenge is the feeling that you always have to be “on”.

Did you feel this pressure?

– Hootsuite (@hootsuite) August 26, 2020

Here are 11 key skills a social media manager must have.

Why does social media marketing cost so much?

The social media business model is one that managers often need to create. According to a study by LinkedIn, 58% of digital marketers need to demonstrate ROI on social media in order to get approval for future budget requests.

While those who work in the social field may be disproportionately asked to justify costs, building a solid business model is good practice. Align your social media strategy with business goals, track performance metrics, and prove your return on investment.

How can I increase the number of my followers?

Social media managers are often asked this question. Unfortunately there is no simple answer.

Building an active and engaged community takes a lot of trial and error. Quality content, an active presence and personality are common characteristics of brands and influencers with a large fan base.

Here are some tips to help you get more Instagram followers.

Can we only buy followers?

For sure. But we wouldn't recommend it. It is generally a waste of money to buy a bunch of followers who have no intention of interacting with your business or, ultimately, buying your product.

How do you make something go viral?

There is no recipe for virality. In order for something to go “viral”, it has to be shared. As you create a post, ask yourself: would I share this? This is usually a good start.

This is a mental health reminder from marketing Twitter.

Not every post on social media has to go viral. You're doing great ????

– Hootsuite (@hootsuite) September 23, 2020

Which social media platforms are best?

This question can be compared to the question: "Which city has the best bagels?" The answer is obviously Montreal. See?

It all depends on who answers. Learn about your customers and research platform demographics so you can find and connect with your audience.

Here you can find 100+ social media demographics that matter to marketers.

Social media questions that show you know your way around

What was the first social media platform?

Most consider, founded in 1997 by Andrew Weinreich, to be the first social media platform. Members can create profiles, create friend lists, send private messages and use other functions that are characteristic of popular platforms today. Others trace back to, a website founded in 1995 to "help high school alumni friends make friends".

How many people are on social media?

4.2 billion people worldwide live on social media. That's more than 50% of the world's population.

What is the largest social media platform?

Facebook. With 2.74 billion users.

Source: Hootsuite

When was Facebook founded?

Here is a chronological timeline of the founding dates of Facebook and other platforms:

LinkedIn: May 5, 2003

Facebook: February 2004

YouTube: February 14, 2005

Twitter: March 21, 2006

WhatsApp: 2009

Pinterest: December 2009

Instagram: October 6, 2010

WeChat: October 2010

Snapchat: September 16, 2011

TikTok: Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, was founded in 2012. TikTok was launched in North America in September 2016.

Which companies have which social media platforms?

Here is an overview of the acquisitions and ownership structures of social media companies.

  • YouTube is a subsidiary of Google owned by Alphabet. Google acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion in 2006.
  • Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook acquired Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and WhatsApp for $ 19 billion in 2014.
  • Snapchat is owned by Snap Inc. Facebook reportedly offered $ 3 billion to acquire Snapchat in 2013.
  • LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The professional network was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 as part of an "all-cash transaction worth $ 26.2 billion".
  • In the US, TikTok is owned by Oracle Corp. and Walmart Inc., but the Biden administration can review the acquisition. In China, TikTok's counterpart Douyin belongs to Bytedance.

Which social media channels are banned in China?

Clubhouse is just the latest social app behind the Great Firewall in China. As of February 2021, the list of banned websites in mainland China includes Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, Snapchat and YouTube.

One notable outlier on the list based in the US is LinkedIn. Otherwise, popular and available apps in China are usually self-developed, including Douyin (TikTok), WeChat, Sina Weibo and TenCent QQ.

Last June, TikTok, WeChat and 57 other Chinese apps were banned in India.

Technical social media questions

How do you measure the engagement rate?

Engagement rate is a formula that measures social interaction based on audience size. It can be customized based on the engagement metrics that are most stable or most important to your business. Here are six ways to calculate engagement rate.

What are vanity metrics?

From the Hootsuite Social Media Dictionary: “A vanity metric is an element of analysis that can be measured, but is not an indicator of actual return on investment. Examples are the number of followers, likes or comments. These metrics can best be contextualized with more concrete numbers such as the click rate or the conversions from visitor to lead. "

What are the image dimensions for each social network?

There may be some digital content creators out there who can memorize the social media image specifications. The rest of us use Google. And Hootsuites cheat sheet.

Image sizes for social media

How do you create a social media strategy?

Creating a social media strategy is not an easy task. Social media strategies should outline business goals and set social media goals that will help achieve those goals.

Strategies should include audience analysis, competitive audit, and discovery research. Of course, they should also include great content and community ideas, as well as schedules and measurement plans.

For more information, see our guide to social media strategy.

Where do social marketers look for inspiration?

Where don't social marketers look for inspiration? "I'm kind of sponge-like inspiration from everywhere," says Nick Martin, who cites films, tourism marketing, and more as sources. "I am personally very enthusiastic about tourism marketing," he says. But it's different for everyone.

For insider news from the industry, he suggests following the hashtag #MarketingTwitter. “There is a whole community that shares what they learn every day, as well as tips and tricks, as well as questions and answers,” he says.

There's also the Hootsuite blog. "Before I came to Hootsuite, I honestly took a look at the Hootsuite blog."

What are the best tools for social media marketing?

It would be strange if we didn't plug Hootsuite in here, right? We think Hootsuite's tools for planning, analysis, and collaboration are pretty good. For social listening, Nick Martin uses Talkwalker and Brandwatch.

Canva Canvas is the contact point for the design. “I don't have design bones in my body, and Canva makes it easy for me to create images that look professional,” he says. "Amplify is another tool I use to constantly fill my social media channels with content."

There are tons of social media tools out there – and favorites often depend on user preferences or workplace buy-in. We've rounded up some lists of our recommended social monitoring, management, and analysis tools.

How do you plan social media posts?

Many social media platforms have built-in planning tools. Facebook and Instagram posts can be scheduled through Creator Studio. Twitter allows you to schedule tweets through the Compose Mode interface.

With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts from different networks from one central dashboard. The Hootsuite platform enables you to create and schedule posts in bulk, assign approvals, and keep track of your social media content calendar. Here's how to create a social media posting schedule.

How do you use social media data?

As the American writer Mark Twain allegedly said, “Data is like garbage. You'd better know what you're going to do with it before collecting it. "

Social media analytics can be daunting when you're not sure how to apply your results. Basically, social data should help you get to know your target audiences, spot trends, and see what works.

Here is an example. Nick Martin, the global social engagement specialist at Hootsuite, suspected that the unlinked Tweets led to more interaction. So he used social data to test the theory.

Difficult social media questions

When working on social media it is important to address these questions and issues.

How do social media marketers manage work-life balance?

"It's really easy not to have a good work-life balance, especially when you work on social media because social media never sleeps," says Martin. He maintains boundaries by setting fixed working hours, keeping workers off his personal phone, and creating good contingency plans in advance.

During crunch time, he uses the pomodoro technique, a time management tactic that breaks work down into 25-minute sprints. This is a great way to avoid the social media vortex falling down.

As much as possible, he recommends social media managers do their best to set expectations "because 24/7 social media coverage just isn't realistic or healthy."

Watch our webinar, "Fighting Mental Fatigue For Social Media Professionals".

How do you deal with trolls and online harassment?

For people who work on social media, trolls are a workplace hazard. Online harassment is a serious problem whether it is directed at you, your business, the people featured in your content, or your community.

Collaborate with your team, managers, or relevant employees to set a social media policy and community guidelines. Determine how or whether social managers should react to messages, whether they should be blocked and / or reported.

Even with any tactic, it is difficult to reduce the psychological distress caused by online abuse. As much as possible, promote mental health awareness and resources in your organization.

Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?

Yes it can. Several studies have linked moderate to excessive use of social media to problems such as anxiety, self-esteem, depression, focus, sleep, and worse. These effects can be particularly harmful to teenagers.

Even on a good day, the social media experts surveyed by West Virginia University rated their mental health a 6.35 / 10. During a crisis, that rating dropped to 4.52 / 10.

On any given day, surveyed social media experts rated their mental well-being a 6/10. In times of crisis that number dropped to almost 4.5 / 10.

– Hootsuite (@hootsuite) August 26, 2020

Social media can also have positive effects under the right conditions. To limit negative effects, create a self-care plan, or “personal protective equipment,” as Jon-Stephen Stansel of the University of Central Arkansas put it in our recent mental health webinar. Take breaks, clean negative content from your feeds, build a support network, and keep resources ready.

If you need assistance, you can search for resources by country here.

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