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Follow Adder 2021 Instagram Follower Software Review [4 Video Series]

Oct 27

When I first came to using Instagram my workflow was automated. It's taken me forever to get the top 1000 followers. But as time passed and as I lost interest it got easier. After taking this course I noticed it was huge. Everybody makes use of the tools. 

The most heartfelt comments of which I took a moment to answer personally were simply comments that were left by these Instagram bots. It is time to be careful with this option because my last thought wasn't just sending incoming spam to other users accounts. Fortunately you didn't need to spam to gain your followers anymore.


Using The Follow Adder Software 


In this video I will show you how to build a following on Instagram and as we can see before us there's my screen in front of me {On Follow Adder For Instagram}. This tool has helped me find targeted followers for my account which has led into an increase not only does the number but also quality as well!

And I’m just going to go over a tool on the tool, {Follow Adder For Instagram} that’s helping me build my Instagram following at the moment.

This tool has helped me find targeted followers on Instagram. Not just any kind of random followers. But targeted users.

I have built this Instagram account up to over 4000 targeted followers and I’ve been using it for about a month or so. But lately, my computer has been acting up such that when you open the app on your browser-based platform of choice (I use Chrome), there's no sound!


Why You Need A Software Like Follow Adder To Help You Grow Your Account Organically


But what I just haven’t had time to kind of just leave it running. As of sometimes, I can’t just leave my computer running all the time when I’m not here.

I should be using this more. Why? Because I'm paying for it and the tool really doesn't cost that much, but now we have a new service which allows you to add followers on Instagram! The tool is called Follow Adder For Instagram. It's a similar service to what was on Twitter when it started, and now we have this new add followers for Insta-gram app!

Don't just take my word for it! Check out this video about how to grow your instagram account and get all the features that Matter Most.
"They provide different pricing tiers depending on how many accounts you want in your profile or one single account – $8 per month gets access just about everything needed!"


Automate Your Instagram Growth Marketing With The Follow Adder Bot


I don't really need 10 Instagram accounts, so it's a cheap tool to help me build my following on the app with real active followers. Now I will go into detail about how you can get started if that interests or concerns you at all!

Adder is a great place to start if you're planning on trying out new things. Even though they offer free trials, I would still recommend signing up for 14 days because there's no way of knowing how products will work once we make our purchase without sampling them first!

Follow Adder Tutorials

The best way of getting followers on social media sites is by focusing your marketing efforts towards people with similar interests and opinions as yours - in this case it would be those following entertainment or rap blogs! To do this effectively, first create a list of users that share these tastes then engage them through content they will enjoy.

follow adder for instagram tutorial

Once found there's no limit when it comes down gaining more support from them; they could be liked/subscribed etc., all without any effort put forth yourself which will make sure word gets out fast while also bringing some new attention onto Your profile itself.


We will use this software to do the tedious, boring work of following these people. But if we get a certain percentage follow us back then our account has been successful! This is how you build an audience on Instagram - it's really simple once you know what works best for your niche and style preferences in settings within followed individuals' profiles/pages etc..


Instantly Increase Organic Reach And Engagement With Real People

Since I'm a beat maker, aka The Corporatethief Beats most of the time hip-hop artists are going to be on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes or coast2coastlive using words like hashtag #datpiff. Or maybe even more specifically @coast2coasts_mixtape and their Instagram account?

SoundCloud is the best way to find new music, and I was excited when my search led me here. It's so much easier than Facebook or Twitter! Soundcloud has an interface that makes it super simple for listeners like you who are just looking through their favorite rappers' work - no need to sign up anywhere else; everything happens right on this site. Who knows what kind of goodies they'll post next?

Over the years, I’ve learned that if you want your message to be heard on niche levels like hip hop or other genres such as EDM (electronic dance music) then it's important for us as marketers and creators of these types of content use an engaging tone. This will help make sure those who listen are actually interested in what we have going on instead just listening because someone told them too!
Brand-new artists should find similar kind audiences soon after discovering their passion: this way they know where there target audience is at currently without having come up against any roadblocks yet from lackings understanding exactly how popular certain sounds may become within time periods ranging between 1 – 5.

Then create a user follow list. I’m going to create a LiveMixtapes user list here. That’s just the name and the file that it goes in too. Here I am actually searching for this kind of people.

I’m going to have to search the name of Livemixtapes on here. So you can see that I search for the Livemixtapes account.

I am going to copy their account name and add it to follow adder for Instagram. I really want the get all of their followers, so that's why i'm pasting in Livemixtapes user id on this one! Then after clicking myFollowers tab inside LiveMixtapes (followed by scrolling down), you'll see some familiar names- these are famous people with huge following who don't usually follow back so we'll just go ahead and follow them instead ;)

If you follow a lot of famous people on Instagram, beware--they are getting bombarded with spam messages.


Try The Best FREE Tool For Growing Organically On IG Today!

Now it has been added to the Follow Adder for Instagram software. To make this work, just turn on automation and then we'll start populating users so you can follow them at your leisure! The scraping process will take care of following all those good people who are already in place - no need to stress about finding new followers or anything like that anymore since we got this handled ;)


  • Make sure to add the real user ID of the account you want to follow. The live mixtapes that I have highlighted here are what you need to add to follow adder.

  • It’s like a handle on Twitter. This is the folder that they’re going to is the one I just created. It’s the live mixtapes folder and I just add that to a new search.


How to grow your Instagram account with Follow Adder


Maybe you have been struggling to grow your Instagram account, but luckily there are ways! One of the most important things for any artist or creative person trying build an audience- whether on social media like Twitter and Facebook (or not) -is following. When someone follows us in return we will follow them back automatically which means our followers/fans get access both sides; ours as well so they can see what kind life is like through their perspective too.

The best part about this? Targeting specific interests with tailored content . That way when somebody likes something that matches theirs specifically because then it'll feel more personalized than just receiving general information throughout all platforms at once.

Instagram is a great platform for musicians to promote their work. However, if you don't spend your whole day on Instagram then the followers will start noticing and liking what content they see in other people's feeds too! So it would be best not just post interesting photos but create an active list with users who follow that type of thing by creating lists like "Music" or even more specific groups according to genre (e.g., rock). Then when posting new music make sure there are at least two hashtags related- #newmusic


Get Hyper Targeted Followers on Instagram



Just before you start learning how to get more followers on Instagram, make sure that check out the Follow Adder tutorial videos. In these last two segments of my series I will guide your way through using this tool and targeting specific types of people who might enjoy what they see- their profile likes!

It's easy to create a following with the power of liking photos! You can either like your own profile or those similar in interests. This will allow for more followers who share their passions and may lead them into becoming an active hyperfollower at some point down the line too!!

If you want to find active Instagram users, then there's no better way than by targeting those who like or comment on your favorite content. You could also consider viewing popular photos as an opportunity for engagement with other viewers and creators in their comments section!

What is a bot and how does it help you?


As you can see in my video, I found the #DatPiffMixtapes. Then using a hashtag to follow these people is just as easy on FollowAddder! 
First go into your list of users that are available for following and select "New List." Next tap “follow” under automations preferences section at top right corner once filled out all required information from above with one exception: make sure keyword targeting has been turned ON - otherwise this won't do anything besides show up every single time someone posts about rap music or any other genre related topic which might be tedious if not boring after a while.

Also, try it out with a number of good targeted keywords for best results. There are other ways of targeting people who have the following added , you can even use location targeting which I feel would be great in early promotion when promoting your show .
Surprisingly enough there is also timecode tracking so they know where on TV or online someone saw an ad has clicked something related to their interests!


Hey, you! C'mon over here and get paired up with an artist that will make your heart flutter. Find out which rappers who rap in the same style as Drake are currently hashtagging or using keywords like "Drake Fan." Target them if possible because this helps grow your following on Instagram again- just check their bio info to see what tags they identify most often when posting online about music.

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