Fb removes 1 community primarily based in France and a pair of in Russia for coordinated spurious conduct

Facebook removed three separate networks for coordinated spurious conduct on behalf of foreign or government agencies: one originating in France and two originating in Russia.

Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher and David Agranovich, Head of Global Threat Disorder, wrote in a newsroom post on Tuesday: “Each of the networks we removed today targeted people outside their country of origin, mainly Africa, and also to some countries in the Middle East. We found all three as a result of our proactive internal research and worked with outside researchers to evaluate the full scope of these activities on the Internet. "

Originating in France, the network consisted of 84 accounts, six pages, nine groups, and 14 Instagram accounts. The main targets were the Central African Republic and Mali, which also included Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast, and Niger on radar.

The people behind the activity have covered news and current affairs mainly in French and Arabic, and some have commented on content critical of France posted by one of the Russian networks listed below.

About 5,000 accounts followed one or more of the pages, while about 1,600 joined at least one of the groups, and about 200 people followed one or more of the Instagram accounts.

Examples of content posted by this network follow:

Translation: The Russian imperialists are burned in Mali! Watch out for the tsarist lobotomy!Facebook Translation: #Africa – The French development agency announces the launch of the "Covid-19" Health in Common initiative of 1.2 billion euros by summer 2020 in response to the global health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.Facebook Translation: The Russians have forbidden the von Bokassa family to gather at the grave of the late emperor. What kind of disrespect is that?Facebook Facebook

The first Russian network mainly focused on the Central African Republic as well as Cameroon, the Central African Diaspora in France, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa. It consisted of 63 accounts, 29 pages, seven groups, and one Instagram account.

This network has reported news and current events mainly in French, English, Portuguese and Arabic, with some comments on content coming from the network described above that originated in France.

Facebook said its investigation found links to people connected to previous Internet Research Agency activities, as well as to sites connected with Russian financier Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Around 263,000 accounts followed at least one of the pages, while 29,000 people joined one or more groups. Nobody followed the Instagram account. The network spent around $ 38,000 on Facebook and Instagram ads, paid mostly in South African rand and US dollars.

Examples of content posted by this network follow:

Facebook Translation: Today is World Children's Day and I want to thank President Touadera for everything he has done for our little Central Africans. I hope that thanks to his efforts to restore peace to the country, our children and the next generation will have a better life than those who saw the Central African Republic devastated by the tyrants. Pray for it ????????????Facebook Translation: "RCA-TRANSPORT: THE HEAD OF THE CENTRAL AFRICAN STATE, PROFESSOR ARCHANGE-FAUSTIN TOUADERA ATTENDS THE INAUGURATION OF BARC By centrafrik-infos Bangui on December 4th, 2020 the Central African head of state, Professor Archanges-Faustin TOUADERA. Took part in the inauguration from BARC after several months of work. Note that after SANI YALO was appointed to head BARC, the image of this building, which was once far from being called "BARC", has changed at the stop. Also note that prior to the appointment of SANI-YALO to head this building, BARC has sales of 83 million and a debt of 3 billion CFA francs. But with SANI YALO this building is being renovated and modernized, with several trucks (200) being ordered, which will be delivered in the coming days … The Central African head of state, Professor Archange-Faustin TOUADERA, has only one option to give those the chance who have the will to move the Central African Republic forward to update their thoughts on progress.Facebook

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