Facebook Branding Strategy: A WINNING FORMULA for Facebook Branding

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Facebook is the largest social media platform with almost every seventh user.

Research shows that almost 93% of marketers are active on Facebook. This means that you can get in touch with a lot of open-minded personalities and have a great chance of making your brand equity a huge success on Facebook.

As you know, this is where you can interact with your friends and fans, share content and pictures with your fans, and do more of it.

As Facebook has 1.3 billion active users and grows, it becomes a great place for business-to-customer (B2C) marketing.

Best of all, it offers a targeted advertising opportunity based on users' interest.

You can easily get lots of likes on Facebook by following some simple steps like creating a brand. When Swadhin asked experts about their views on social media trends earlier this year, Facebook was the clear winner. Here is the social media research for tools to use in case you want to read.


How to improve your Facebook branding

1. Personalize your Facebook URL

It should be high on the list in your Facebook branding strategy.

Personalize your Facebook URL with your brand name before someone else uses it. First, let me be clear about what a personalized URL means on Facebook. It's a customized URL of your Facebook profile.

Swadhin also uses the brand URL www.Facebook.com/DigitalGYD for his Facebook business page. Remember, you cannot (or at least not easily) change your Facebook Page URL after you have 200 likes on it. So choose a farsighted username.

2. Listen and interact

Would you like to know the best formula for success in my Facebook branding strategy?

It is nothing more than listening to and interacting with others. It is not good branding practice that you simply create your account and share your content. To become a Facebook celebrity, you have to listen to your fans.

It will soak up all your reputation no matter how much quality you deliver to your reader. So, first of all, understand your fan's behavior, their interests, what they expect from you and everyone. Interact with them and try to resolve their questions.

Using Facebook audience insights, you can quickly review the insights your Company Page offers. You can also get insights or analysis sent to you every week by email from Facebook. Or, use a planning tool like SocialPilot (see my SocialPilot review) to plan based on these insights.

Alternatively, you can choose between Sendible and Hootsuite to find out what works best for you as a social media manager.

After that, you can clearly understand your audience and should try to help them in any way you can.

So spending time with your readers and fans is not a waste of time, but an investment for a long time to come. More about the concept here.

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3. Customize your profile picture and cover photo

Visualization is the best way to attract your reader to your profile. Your profile picture and cover photos tell about you and your brand. So, customize your profile picture and cover it with high quality graphics.

You have to pay attention to every aspect when customizing graphics for your profile or Facebook fan page like font, color, etc.

A well-designed cover photo can help you a lot with visual branding. You can use a free tool like canva that can help you create good social media images and improve your Facebook branding strategy.

4. Fill in all your details

You can enter all of your professional and personal data in your Facebook profile. This will help your readers or fans know more about you, who you are and what you do. Fill out these fields very carefully and precisely. I've noticed some people fill out their profile which doesn't make any sense.

Enter your designation and company name very carefully. This means that you don't use a consultant when managing SEO projects in a company. You can use the SEO project manager in the label and enter the company name in the organization field. An updated profile is key to Facebook branding.

Don't forget to include your school details.

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5. Deliver quality to your readers

Quality is the most requested aspect for everyone. Let me explain, if you like a page on Facebook then you can be sure that you will always read the posts updated from the page. If the page contains quality and informative posts, you will either not like the page or not follow its posts and you will never get their updates in your news feed.

This will reduce the reach of the post and damage your branding and reputation. This article shows you how to increase your fan engagement on Facebook. So I recommend that you focus on quality to create a brand, rather than quantity.

6. Join or create a fansite and group

Facebook groups are a better place to brand yourself. You will become great contributors there and develop a lively community around your blog in Facebook groups. You have the opportunity to connect with open-minded people in your niche. In groups, people usually ask their questions and share their suggestions. You can answer them with your great answers.

Through these people you notice, you will be able to make a place in their heart. For me, Facebook groups are the best branding strategy I've come across. You can use a tool like Sendible to seamlessly schedule content for your pages and groups.

You can create a fan page with your brand name. This will also help you brand yourself. Remember that quality is very important. Involve your fans with your valuable content. You can have some type of contest to encourage engagement.

7. Link the Facebook profile to your blog or website

How can you build a personal brand on Facebook when your readers and audience can't find you?

Yes, you should incorporate your Facebook profile or fan page on your website or blog by using SocialSnap's follow buttons so that you can convert any website visitor to your follower on Facebook. It will help your visitor find you on Facebook easily. You don't have to do a search.

They can be followed right from your blog or website. It will help you increase your number of followers as they love and follow your content or services on blogs.

8. Stop playing games

Yes, it is necessary to stop playing on Facebook if you want to make your brand strong. Sending other people's game requests can only remove them from you and break your Facebook branding. Even accept other friends' game requests and get distracted.

Instead, you can block all incoming game requests on Facebook. If you block a game request on Facebook, no one will notify you. But your friends don't know this trick. either tell them but avoid playing. I'm not against Facebook games, but yeah, if you ask a strong branding guide, games can't be your priority.

Final words on Facebook branding

Facebook branding is about helping your readers and fans by delivering quality in their news feed. You need to make a good contribution without expecting anything from your readers. They will help you make a great brand automatically. So just focus on being happy with quality content and a good look and feel on Facebook.

Now it is your turn to share your tips and add more value to this post. I would love to hear your views in the comments section. Have a great brand of yours.

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