Everything you need to know about YouTube advertising

Do you know that 80% of all traffic on the internet is via video? This means that video content has great potential and, if used properly, can help promote your brand in spectacular ways.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, using YouTube to promote your brand for conversions can be extremely helpful. The platform has the highest conversion rate (14%) compared to other social networking sites.

What is YouTube advertising?

Youtube advertising refers to the placement of ads on various videos based on research to find out which ones will help you reach your target audience and promote your products or services.

The fact that the platform reaches over a billion users a day and is kind of a cultural hub as the variety of videos it plays is endless means it has the potential to help your business exponentially.

What are the different types of YouTube ads?

The three types of YouTube ads were given below:

True vision

These are the standard Youtube ads that run on Youtube. Advertisers only pay for them when viewers see or interact with their ad, for example by clicking the call to action. These ads are further divided into two categories:

Video Discovery Ads

These are displayed on homepages, search results pages and "related videos".

In-stream ads

These are displayed before the user-selected video is played and can be skipped five seconds after playback starts.


These are the ads that will be placed before, after, or in the middle of the main video. They cannot be skipped and last between 15 and 20 seconds. If these appear halfway, the videos are 10 minutes or longer.

Even in YouTube ads like this, you can use audio, dialogue, or other elements to help you get the most out of your brand. Since you cannot skip them, they always contain a call to action.


These are the shortest and most effective YouTube ads that appear right before the user-selected video is played. Bumpers last six seconds, and while it's not easy to view a lot during this time, you can use them as a preview.

Make good use of those six seconds and make sure you are displaying information that your audience absolutely needs to know about the brand.

Steps to start a YouTube advertising campaign

The steps of a YouTube advertising campaign are listed below:


There are several options to choose from when choosing a destination for your YouTube campaign. The type of campaign determines which ad format you run, how many placements are available, etc.

The ultimate goal of the campaign determines your goal and the choices are:

  • Brand awareness and reach: The aim is to inspire the brand. It contains different types of advertisements
  • Leads and Website Traffic: Used when you want to get more leads and generate traffic
  • Product and Brand Consideration: Used when the goal is to create more brand awareness and get your products in the line of sight of large audiences like influencers

target group

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important parts of any advertising campaign. Youtube offers many options to address your target group. Not only that, Youtube also receives data from both Google Search and partners, making the platform's advertising more powerful than ever.

The following filters will help you better group your target audience:


You can group them based on gender, age, income, and various other factors. However, since YouTube does not require users to log in before using the platform, these unregistered users are grouped under unknown.

Don't let this category go unnoticed when choosing your targeting options as it makes up 65% of users. Always leave the "Unknown" check box selected.

Affinity targeting

This option allows you to group people based on Google's predefined categories, including Beauty & Wellness, News, Sports, etc.

More custom affinity targeting is also an option, and you can create your category. You can do this based on specific keywords used by your target audience, urls that they visit frequently, apps, etc.

Just like these, there are other options that you can use to reach your target audience and make sure your ad gets to them.


The cost of setting up ads on YouTube isn't as high as you think. Even then, you need to set your bids correctly as they will have a direct impact on the success of your campaign.

Even with offers and strategies, you have options and can choose from many options depending on how much you're willing to invest in the campaign.


Make sure you choose the right videos for your ad placement. The wrong choice can affect the entire YouTube advertising campaign. The message you need to convey about your ad is best relayed with the appropriate video.

You can either search for the video using the search option on the platform or just publish the URL of the video you want from Youtube. Since many of the videos in your channel may look similar, pasting the URL is a smarter, more accurate choice.

To install

The various parameters that must be set up for an advertising campaign on Youtube:

Choose the ad format

Choose between the three categories (TrueView, Preroll and Bumpers). You can even use a combination of these to make sure your point is conveyed.

Decide where you want the ads to appear

There are several options to choose from, such as: B. Search results, YouTube videos (best option), and ads on partner websites (your ads will be shown on partner websites, but the quality will be lower).

Go live with the campaign

Start your campaign, go live and see how it plays out.


You can use YouTube advertising tools like Creative Analytics, Brand Lift, and more to see how well your campaign is performing. These analyzes can help you figure out what is grabbing your audience's attention and where they are losing interest.

With this information, you can use this insight to improve your next ads and ensure you don't repeat your mistakes. This brings us to the next step – optimization.


With your YouTube campaign up and running, you need to work on ways to improve it too. With the help of optimization, your mediocre results could get a lot better.

Additionally, while the consistency is good, you need to keep experimenting with your content to push the boundaries and keep reinventing yourself. In your campaign, it's easy to experiment with an ad or two to test it out.


YouTube is a great platform that is constantly expanding and reaching a wider audience every day. Starting advertising campaigns on the platform is a good call considering you are working on each of the factors listed above.

A successful Youtube ad campaign isn't just about creating great ads, it's not about us taking something away, it's so much more.

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