Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide

The content newsletter

The content newsletter is a newsletter that offers 100% pure value.

The value can come in the form of a handful of tips. Or links to helpful resources. Or a personal story.

The exact nature of the value doesn't matter. As long as you don't open anything, you're good.

In fact, pure newsletters are so rare that your subscribers will love you for them.

For example, I sent this content newsletter some time ago:

(A handful of tips for writing text.)

And dozens of people replied to my email to thank me.

Newsletter email replies

Here is the template:

The content newsletter

Fascinating subject line

Use a subject line that will make someone curious about what's in your message.

For example, I used the subject line "How I got 45.5% more traffic (in 7 days)" for one of my content newsletters. And that email has an open rate of 32.3%.

How I got traffic - subject line

Opening in bold

Start your newsletter with something SUPER compelling.

That way, you hook your reader right away.

Personally, I like to start with a mini-story.

Backlinko - Personal Story Email

Or, you can use a simple intro that provides a preview of the next steps.

Backlinko email - straightforward intro

Either way works.

Valuable content

Now is the time to deliver the goods.

If you are unsure of what to write here, we recommend making a list of 3-5 actionable tips that users can use that day.

Otherwise, you can teach your subscribers an important lesson in the form of a story.

Backlinko Email History

Or curate links to content that will help your reader get a specific result, like this newsletter from Ramit Sethi.

Email links


No, you do not publish anything in your content newsletter.

However, this does not mean that you should skip your call to action.


How can you use a CTA when your email is 100% worth?

When I send a story to subscribers, I use a CTA that prompts people to respond or take with their opinion.

End with a CTA

Or let's say you've just sent a list of links to paleo breakfast recipes.

Your CTA might be to try one of this week's recipes.

The type of CTA you work with doesn't matter that much.

The most important thing is to Always include a CTA in your newsletter.

That way, your subscribers won't be surprised when you turn up something.

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