Burger King turns into Burger Queen to sponsor an obscure girls's soccer staff

If you've ever heard of Stevenage Football Club, an unannounced team in the fourth division of the English football league system, it is likely due to the sponsorship of the team by Burger King.

BK's sponsorship in 2019 led to the social media stunt “Stevenage Challenge”, which encouraged players to play the club at the FIFA EA Sports game, sign big-name players and share their successes on social channels. (The campaign won a One Show Award for its originality.)

Now the Stevenage women's team is treated similarly, and Burger King is even changing its logo to support inclusivity in the sport. The brand sponsors the Stevenage FC women's team under the same conditions and at the same level as the men's team.

A video spot shows the entrance sign to Stevenage Stadium with a matchup board that changes to show all odds against the team – like Stevenage visitors, bad weather, pandemic, odds, budget, and haters. The text says: “Playing for Stevenage FC is difficult. Playing for the women's team shouldn't be more difficult. "Cut to a player wearing the new jersey with the Burger King logo that has been changed to Burger Queen.

The new logo will appear on the team's jersey throughout the 2020-2021 season to celebrate the start of sponsorship. All Burger King social channels have been updated. In addition, the Burger King restaurant in Stevenage (29 miles north of London) will be redesigned and renamed Burger Queen.

"The women's team faces the same challenges and hurdles as the men's team and it's only fair that they get the same level of support from our brand with the same sponsorship," said Soco Nunez, Marketing Director of Burger King UK.

Fans can order the limited edition kit on the Stevenage FC website.

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