Bridging the gap between brands and influencers: Qoruz launches India's largest influencer search engine

Before we make a purchase, be it a product or a service, we tend to do a lot of research. Surprisingly, we're not just talking about high-end products like cars, phones, etc. Even before we buy everyday items, we usually check a few places to make sure we're getting the best price.

Now a number of factors will help us come to a decision that we will make and one of those factors is definitely the influencing factor. This is because, whether we admit it or not, we all follow one influencer or another. And when they label a particular product or service with their seal of approval, we tend to be more attracted to it.

Since influencers play a key role in the purchasing decision of customers, influencer marketing has of course grown significantly in recent years. With this in mind, and to support brands and companies in their search for the perfect influencers, Qoruz has launched the country's first influencer search engine.

What is the Qoruz search engine?

Qoruz, India's leading influencer marketing insights and analytics platform, recently launched the country's first comprehensive influencer search engine. It has been called Qoruz Search and the search engine will give users access to the largest database in the country of thousands of influencers.

To build the search engine, data mining, AI based software and machine learning technologies are used to get the right amount of influencers relevant to the query asked by the user. With the help of technology, they are able to do this on such a large scale and thus act as the key differentiator.

With the help of this search engine, the company wants to simplify the influencer selection process for brands. With the industry growing so quickly, it has become quite a task to record which influence is best for a brand.

The importance of this step, which many have lost, has even led to the failure of many influencer marketing strategies as companies have not been able to select the "right" influencers for their product or service.

How will Qoruz Search help marketers and brands?

Speaking about the launch of India's largest influencer search engine, Qoruz Co-Founder and CEO Praanesh Bhuvaneswar explained his vision of how effectively the entire marketing and content creation cycle will work with his help.

“We believe the Qoruz search engine, starting in India and then internationally, will help marketers find relevant influencers for their goals by providing them with data, deep insights and campaign management tools.

We envision a networked influencer ecosystem; in which influencers and creators are not viewed as "vehicles of reach" or "human ad banners", but a world in which brands and marketers build closer, mutually beneficial relationships with influencers that have "money" or "reach" go out.

The search engine will effectively bridge the gap between brands and influencers. You will be able to find influencers on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs, as well as in the various sectors such as fashion, photography, technology, lifestyle, food, comedy, etc.

In addition, users can even search for influencers based on their profiles. Everyone got involved, from nano and micro influencers to celebrities. The database is huge and extensive to ensure that every brand can find who they are looking for.

The power of influencer marketing

On a global scale, the influencer marketing industry is valued at a massive $ 13 billion and is projected to reach $ 24 billion by 2025. With this search engine, marketers and brands can unlock the true potential of this form of marketing by finding the best influencers for their business.

You will be able to discover influencers based on specifications like attributes, region, category and their target audience. One can simply search for keywords like "Top Food Bloggers in Delhi" or "Fashion Influencers of Pune" and they will be able to get the results.

To help them get the most out of this influencer search, Qoruz even offers features like detailed analytics, filters, and campaign planning tools for a small license fee. Not only does it help them find the right influencers, but it comes in handy when planning the campaigns.

How can you get the most out of influencer marketing?

Like any other marketing channel, influencer marketing can be a bit tricky and depends a lot on how you pursue your strategy and get the most out of what you have. There are a number of factors you need to consider when creating a strategy and consider the following in influencer marketing:

Keep an eye on the privacy policy

When brands are in their first few conversations with potential influencers, they often rely on the audience's data to judge whether or not the influencer's followers like a particular brand. This could violate data protection regulations.

Beware of influencer scams

As the industry gradually grows, so too does influencer fraud. This refers to the ignorant use of fake influencers and even those who use paid funds to get more followers so they can ask for more money. Be careful not to fall for such scammers.

Build connections based on mutual interests

The top influencers in every industry are constantly bombarded with lots of inquiries from multiple brands. What can help you stand out is interacting with them using something that interests them personally.

Don't forget your internal influencers

In order to bring the biggest influencers to market, we often forget about the micro-influencers that could have the same or even greater impact on their target audience. These influencers can even be people on your team.


With the introduction of Qoruz Search, the influencer network will be further strengthened and sales in this industry will only increase if the campaigns become more effective and generate more sales. This could just be the wake-up call for all brands that are still on the fence about influencer marketing.

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