Be taught Running a blog in 10 Straightforward Steps

A blog is an online informational webpage or website which displays information in reverse chronological order which means the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Blogs are usually stored on the blog page of the website where usually they are sorted into categories. Most Frequent blog topics are Small Business, Reviews of Products, Career Advice, Food and Cooking, Sports.

Should You Start A Blog?

One of the myths about beginning a blog is that you need to be a great blogger. To get a personal view on things people read blog sites, so most blog posts are in a very casual and informal way. Moreover, to have the best blog, you don’t need to be an expert on your subject. The only thing you need to become successful as a blogger is a passion for your subject.

Can You Start a Blog for Free?

There are several websites where you can start your blog for free but I suggest using Word-Press to start your blog. Anybody that knows MS Word can start a blog. It is also very easy to use. All you need is a domain name, web hosting, With some minimum amount of spending money you can get all this and even an SSL certificate. A beginner should start by spending less money, and then upgrade.

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2021?

For most people blogging was just a hobby a few years ago that people did in addition to working full-time jobs. Blogging has become the best profitable online profession today. People are still reading blogs, looking for solutions to their problems, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Blogs are still the best way to develop trust with customers. Compared to all other businesses, blogging requires only a minimal amount of money. But for sure you cannot become a profitable blogger overnight or in a few days.

How Do I Write My First Blog?

The first blog can be your introduction or you could create an about page where you can include your intro. Don’t be obsessed with thinking of what to write. Starting posts of anyone won’t be perfect and there will not be many readers reading your post, but with consistency, you can see your blog grow just in a few months. You should have patience and should be committed to this. Whatever you are writing you should know about it and try to find out your niche. Many bloggers write about travel posts that have more audience but if you are an expert on something your audience size gets reduced but you will have an engaged audience.

What Blog Niches Make the Most Money?

Whatever blog niche you choose, make sure that you are interested in it because most people drop out of blogging within a few weeks. You might have an idea about the topic you want to choose or you might not have any idea at all.

Top and Popular Blog niches that are making a lot of Money

Health and Fitness

These are huge topics and you will find an audience if you are blogging in this area. As it is a profitable niche you will have tons of articles or blogs that will be competing with you.

Personal Finance

We all want to spend less and save more money. Blogs on this topic have found a huge audience and there are many ways you can narrow your topic here like Frugality, Investing, Budgeting.


With both bloggers and readers, travel blogs are also much more profitable. You can give affiliate links to your blogs on the blogs about your travel where you can link to hotels and so on which you can sometimes get the opportunity for free vacations. You can narrow your audience by writing blogs about particular types of travelers, specific countries, and your travelers. Don’t forget to include pictures as these audiences don’t only want to read blogs they also want to see some nice pictures.

Business and marketing

There are tons of blogs that cover every topic of business. If you have a business then this could be the best one to start. Compared to the other niches this is a huge one, so you have to be unique and find a clear focus.


The lifestyle niche in blogging can be confusing for those who are new to this. Lifestyle means writing about different topics for the same audience. For suppose you can aim at a men group of age 20 to 40 by writing about style, fitness, and music.

Here Are the 10 Easiest Steps to Create a Blog

To be a successful content marketer you need to learn how to blog effectively. Blogging is important in digital marketing and if you want to have the best online presence you need to blog fast and effectively. Here is a simple step by step guide for how to create a blog

1. Find a Perfect Niche for your blog

To run a successful blog as I said before you need to choose the right niche, the niche that you are interested in and passionate about. Next check if that niche has enough audience interest. And then explore competitors and analyze monetization potential

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

In this step, you need to check all the blogging platforms and determine the blogging software you have to use. Among WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr the most used blogging site is WordPress.

3. Pick a Unique Domain Name

A domain name is a name that people type in the browser for your website. It is also the name which you will be known online. You can choose the domain name of different formats like “dot com” or “dot net”.

4. Set Up Your Hosting Account

After choosing the domain name the important decision is to select the hosting service. Depending on your blog hosting the performance and functionality will change accordingly. The content and files of your will also be stored in the hosting service. Many hosting services give the free domain for one year when you purchase their services. Based on the WordPress website the best choice is Bluehost and GoDaddy for many Blogging experts.

5. Create a Blog with Bluehost

Hosting through Bluehost can be easily purchased within a few minutes. When you sign up Bluehost’s available hosting plans are shown. Here you can see how to create a blog

  • Visit Bluehost homepage
  • Select your hosting plan
  • Set up your domain name
  • Register with Bluehost
  • Create your account

6. Launch Your Blog

In the Bluehost account, you can see different options to customize your blog which is based on Bluehost’s recommendations. There are also different options for you to do some customization to your blog before launching. And then click on Launch My Site, so that your blog will go live

7. Design Your Blog With a Customised Theme

Design and layout is the first thing your blog needs. Now install a WordPress theme. In the WordPress dashboard click on themes and click on and search for free themes.

8. Make your Blog’s Logo and Customize your Blog

You can find the Make your logo tool in your Bluehost account. When you click the checkbox, the AI-powered logo maker will open. You can create the best logo with simple steps in just a few minutes. This AI-powered logo maker helps you to generate logos automatically. Now click on the logo you like and you can also customize it.

9. Promote Your Blog

If no one reads your blog, all your work is just a waste of time. For Marketing and promotion, you should engross with your current and future readers. For blog promotion, you should be able to engage with your niches. There are different ways to promote your blog. Here are some

  • Send emails to launch your new posts
  • Be active on social networks
  • Advertising on the web (paid traffic)
  • Guest blogging
  • Be active in your niche

10. Make money with your Blog

Monetization is the process of converting your blogs into earnings. Remember blogging is not only about generating money it is about creating useful content that attracts readers and makes your audience come back to you more. You can monetize your channel in different ways by running ads on your blog, Enrolling in affiliate programs, selling products and services.


As I said before it is easy to start a blog but creating one that will be successful and make money requires so much hard work and dedication. When you begin your journey in blogging remember to be unique and transparent. As you continue consistently to create great content, success comes to you.

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