Analysis Findings: The Function of Featured Snippets in Driving Web site Visitors

30 second summary:

  • Selected snippets account for 35.1% of all clicks.
  • The presented snippet and the SERP Knowledge Panel together offer a better click rate.
  • Users click on selected snippets that appear "informative".
  • Users who prefer the regular search result lists do not click on selected snippets.
  • "People Too" boxes are an unpopular choice that displays the lowest number of clicks.
  • 24% of users view a selected snippet as an "ad" and do not click on it.

Selected snippets are likely the first thing people see when they do a search. If you hit position "zero" on the SERPs, the featured snippets will dominate the page and immediately grab the viewer's attention.

But does this have an impact on the visitor? Are the featured snippets getting more clicks compared to the top results? How does the audience perceive it?

To answer these and other questions, we turn to Engine Scout recently conducted a study and analyzed how selected snippets affect the behavior and overall experience of searchers.

The methodology used for the presented snippet study

In our Study of presented snippetsWe collected data from 3552 testers who were asked to look at four different SERPs with snippets. They had to search for a specific keyword on Google and make a selection from the results.

In order to collect an unbiased opinion, no excerpts were mentioned in the survey.

The testers had three options to choose from: ads, selected snippets and a regular list of results.

They were later asked which section they clicked on to estimate the click-through rate (CTR).

What is a feature snippet and how does it increase website traffic?

The presented snippet is a summarized excerpt from a post based on the user's questionsearch query"Most accurate. It is placed above all Google search results lists and occupies position zero.

This means that regardless of your website's ranking for a particular post, when Google selects a selected snippet from your post, it will appear at the top.

According to Ahrefs, it is 99.58% It's true that Google will only consider your content for a selected snippet if it is already on page 1. The other 0.42% pages that Google calls "People ask too’Box SERP function. For the same reason, this function only receives a total of 6% click approvals.

The & # 39;concise and directThe nature of these featured snippets motivates users to click on them. According to our study, they account for 35.1% of all clicks, which means thatadditional traffic‘On your website.

It can be difficult to tweak a post so that it ranks for a specific snippet. Any piece of content can be worth being a featured snippet, including a Paragraph, list, table, or even a video.

Try these three quick strategies to get more snippets getting clicks on your website.

1. Add direct answers to a search query to a section of a paragraph

Consider paragraph clippings 82% of the total presented snippets.

These snippets give the most relevant answer to a query in paragraph form. You usually tooo Display a relevant picture next to or above the text.

Here is an example of how Google shows a section of a paragraph when you search for "What is SERP?"

2. Make the most of the keywords in your paragraph

Achieving the first rank in Google for a keyword takes quite a bit of effort.

Enriching your optimized content for selected snippets with the right keywords will increase your chances of that.Position zeroIn the SERP.

Try to include question-oriented keywords in your content. People find search results with keywords that match their question: "trustworthy" and "informative. “This is the main reason they prefer a featured clipping over all other organic results.

Take a close look at your competitor's clippings for inspiration. Make a list of keywords that triggered a selected snippet for them, and make your content surrounded by those keywords.

Several online tools You can reduce your workload by pulling information and keywords from snippets of the competition. You can use them if you find it time consuming to manually optimize your content for selected snippets.

3. Include a knowledge panel in your content marketing strategy

ONE Relevant information field to a search query that appears in the right pane of SERP is denoted as a Knowledge panel.

It only appears if the search is an entity, e.g. B. a company, a person or a location. The information in this field informs the reader about the entity and enables them to contact it.

The presented snippet alone offers close competition to the organic offer for the entire click approval.

However, the page ranking for both the presented snippet and the knowledge panel surpasses the organic entries for the click rate. A snippet with two functions leaves the click rate of organic entries and receives 42.1% of the total click share.

So there is an added benefit in strategizing your selected snippet to trigger a knowledge panel.

Check out for reference In this post you will learn how Gennaro Cuofano structured his featured snippet with his Amazon author page reference. Google took this reference into account and thus displayed a knowledge window next to its featured snippet.

The other side of the story

Selected snippets can sometimes work against their intent.

According to our study, 24% of users confuse selected snippets for ads.

Selected snippets and how people will confuse them for an ad

Simply optimizing the content for the selected snippet does not guarantee a high click rate.

Google is constantly changing its user interface to make the ad label barely noticeable in paid search results.

Since featured snippets also take the top spot on SERPs, it's very natural for someone to get confused and Not Click on it.

According to Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz:

"The lesson for SEOs is that we can't target just one function. We need to understand query intent, what our buyers expect from that function, and how they perform that function."

Try to make your content look like a simple and quick response to a query with images so references look very different from an ad.

Wrap up

Google introduced the featured snippet to help searchers find relevant answers quickly. Voice search technology becomes a popular search tool for half of smartphone users, Featured snippets that were on trend and allowed users to read the answer aloud.

In order for Google to identify your content from which to choose snippets, you need to optimize your content so that it is relevant and suitable for voice search SEO to get more visitors to your website.

Jonathan Gorham is the co-founder of Engine Scout Digital Marketing. He can be found on LinkedIn.

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