An cute kitten makes this Dutch lottery advert an immediate draw

Superstitious people have given black cats a bad rap for centuries, but a Christmas advert for the Dutch lottery stars is the world's cutest little good luck charm – a charcoal-colored kitten named Frummel – to delightfully dispel those ancient myths.

The long-form ad is a continuation of two consecutive years of animal-related marketing by the Dutch state lottery for their popular New Year's Eve draw. Through the TBWA Neboko agency, Frummel joins a ragged dog named Frekkel from 2018 and 2019, Freddie, a hedgehog.

In 2020, “Believe in Luck” will be all about an older man who wants to adopt a cat. There is only one left in the litter – a tiny, dark cat. He is initially concerned about the bad reputation of black cats, but still saves Frummel.

And then good things start to happen every time Frummel meows. The red light on the way home? Green now. The elevator in the man's apartment that is out of order? Fixed everything.

On a trip to the store, Frummel even indicates the right lottery ticket to buy, but his new owner decides to go the selfless way. He steps aside and lets a pregnant neighbor take the possibly award-winning ticket.

"The strength of this campaign lies in disrupting the idea by starring the symbol of bad luck, a black kitten," said Darre van Dijk, the agency's chief creative officer. "With Frummel we show that the most beautiful things can happen if you trust your luck."

According to Arno de Jong, CMO of Nederlandse Loterij, the annual lottery has become a “real phenomenon”.

"Every year we try to present a story that touches the Dutch people," he said, calling the kitten Frummel "a wonderful successor to Frekkel and Freddie, with a beautiful and relevant message: the best kind of happiness is someone else's . "

The commercial will be broadcast digitally and socially on a large scale, including outside the home, on the radio and in retail outlets. As part of the effort, the lottery is highlighting shelter animals as "Frummel's friends" who are available for adoption by posting posters in large cities in the Netherlands.

Below you can see the Dutch State Lottery holiday ads for 2019 and 2018.

Client: Staatsloterij (Dutch State Lottery)
Concept and creation: TBWA NEBOKO
Film production: Zar Amsterdam
Director: Bart Timmer
PR: Het PR Bureau
Social: Blauw Gras
Media: Mindshare Greenhouse
Retail: Brompton Road
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen / Jacob Meijer
Sound: Joep Meijburg (ambassador)

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