Home Care Website Case Study


Home Care Agency Client Profile:

  • Non-Medical Home Care Business
  • Independent, not franchised
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Billing over $1mil+ per year
  • In business for 10 years
  • Looking for growth online.
  • Well established networking partners and name brand locally.

Home Care Client Summary: This client has worked hard over the last 10 years to establish themselves in their local community as a trusted non-medical home care agency. Their brand recognition is excellent. The primary owners are now wanting to increase their online presence and do a much better job of “Showing Up” in as many surrounding towns as possible. They serve large counties but know that being visibly by “town” is more important. (#true!) Their website and online marketing strategies were outdated.

Home Care Marketing Services:

  1. Re-build website from the ground up, using the cleanest wordpress platform available, and hosting the website on super high-speed hosting.
  2. Re-do all Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Add town pages and service pages that are a minimum of 1000 words each.
  4. Add advanced schema code to all pages.
  5. Test and optimize for MOBILE SPEED.
  6. Start blog posting that complement the new town and service pages.
  7. Feed blog posts to FB and LinkedIn.
  8. Train client on how to manage leads through their free ASNSpark! CRM account.
  9. Access Google My Business listing and map it to their website, optimize it for better results.

Home Care Web Design and SEO Tactics

  • Complete keyword discovery prior to website launch
  • Selected a mix of critical keywords, high traffic keywords, and long-tail keywords
  • Website and blog were mapped based on visitor personas and keywords
  • Focused on one keyword per page
  • Optimized title and meta description for each page and post
  • Optimize internal linking
  • Optimize connection to their Google My Busines listing

Home Care Website Results:

  • Website went from ranking for a few awesome keyword phrases, to ranking for multiple keyword phrases in their market within 90 days.
  • Phone is ringing!
  • Recruiting as fast as they can to stay nicely staffed.
  • Since April 2 they have added 358 new contacts to their ASNSpark! CRM system. These include referral sources, home care leads, inquiries, contact us forms, get started forms, and website instant chat forms.
  • No paid advertising involved, all organic rank.
Amazing! What If Your Home Care Website Could Do This? 3
Home Care Website went live around April 2. Dominating page one followed about 90 days later.


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