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This is a guest post by Sasidhar Kareti, a magician who makes a living blogging style.

Aha! Here I am finally on DigitalGYD. Right from the start, I longed to be featured on his blog with my guest post. Swadhin is one of the first seasoned blogger friends. I am very happy to be here on his blog today and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the invitation.

You can pick up your popcorn bucket and cool drink sippers, but make sure you enjoy reading.

Professional bloggers are from heaven. Everything you touch becomes gold, everything you breathe becomes oxygen.

Come on! I just messed you up. No blogger was born from a special place. Each of them write for a purpose and those who get most of it happily do it. That's it!

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog in India (or elsewhere); Earn 6 numbers tomorrow and go pro the next day. Then you are really in a hurry and you'd better buy some time to breathe.

Remember that the world will not end suddenly or there will be an apocalypse on earth until tomorrow. Blogging is not an easy program to make money, however. However, making money blogging is not the right definition of a professional blogger.

How can I be a professional blogger?

If this is what your inner voices are asking you, this is the right place for you to synchronize with my thoughts.

It takes some time, determination, and dedication to become a successful professional blogger in a short amount of time (at least a year, I think).

OK! I'll admit I spoke big words there, but I'm damn sure you won't see such “whatever!” Thoughts in the following 7 points and they will help you become a professional blogger yourself will.

(Let me snap my wizard dress)

Start it yourself

If you think I've bought a domain name now, what? Congratulations, you have just completed the first stage of becoming a blogger.

Here is a guide on how to start a blog yourself. Don't run after the experts and professionals. Just find some of the best tutorials on the internet (there are a number of expert tutorials on the internet. Reference them) and learn them step by step.

It shouldn't be like looking for someone, as some mythological prophecy says, that someone would come and help you. Read in this post how Michael Hyatt grew his blog from 0 to 350,000 visitors per month.

When you start a blog (entirely) yourself, you will learn the concept of blogging and understand the blogging platform very well. Slow gradual self-paced learning teaches a lot more than a series of courses. Each knowledge gained motivates you to reach further milestones much faster and more safely.

Identify your needs and strengths

In order to start something, to work on it and to be successful, one also has to know its strengths and weaknesses. The strategies for overcoming weaknesses will fall below the needs and will help you strengthen the basic knowledge for a bright future.

Make sure you meet your technical requirements. Better to choose a premium blogging platform like WordPress if you can afford it. It is no less important to choose a blogger or any other platform. Make a list of the resources you'll need to establish yourself as a blogger. This can include technical aspects such as hosting, blogging platform, and domain names.

Personally, you need to make up for yourself mentally. Blogging is not an hour a day process. It sometimes takes the most hours, like most professional bloggers do. Plan your day and timing accordingly so that you don't get bothered by the hectic schedules. In addition, the interruptions could take away the interest of the moment.

Make sure you have the right knowledge

Blogging randomly and hitting that publish button often won't help you any further. Try reading some expert blogs and catching the plots that keep the reader busy for so long. Observe what kind of language they use and how. It will help you write user-interested articles by yourself right from the start.

Also, read the beginner blogs later and you will understand the difference between the professional blog and a starter blog. This observation will help you collect things that you will need to start your blog with a lot of energy.

You should also keep an eye on your competitors. In my free SEMrush review article, I'll show you how to accurately spy on your competitors and see their top performing pages, targeted keywords, and full backlink data.

Build your network

Networking is the key to blogging success. The reason professional bloggers have a lot of followers is not just for content, but also for networking. By cultivating healthy writers-reader relationships with your readers, you can be more eye-catching. Because as I said: "One happy reader can bring ten more new readers to our blog." A reader who is happy with your content and communications will be happy to recommend your blog to their friends.

Maintain networks of relationships with other blogger colleagues. This will help you with branding and give you notoriety, backlink building opportunities, and other benefits listed in this post.

Ask professionals as a last hope

Learning from a teacher can improve knowledge, but learning on your own improves it by 100 teachers taught.

Always try to learn things by yourself. Don't rush to every stupid request with the pros or seasoned bloggers. It annoys them and you could lose a nice source of knowledge. They may be busy with their blogging routines and googling them with silly queries can get you bad results.

The internet is huge and you can find all information about it. Use the internet to find the information you need most of the time. If you can't find a clue about something, enlist the help of your seasoned blogger friends to find a clue, yes! Just a C-L-U-E. Always respect their privacy and remember that they are not signed in to provide you with premium support 24/7 (not a crime).

Never compromise your principles

You may have a certain ethic, some rules in life that you would apply in your profession. Don't compromise as long as you are honest and quality based.

If you insist on providing quality information only on your blog, you will stay in the know no matter what web traffic or the income you generate. This may not produce great results quickly, but it will be helpful in getting your blog to the top in the future.

Search engines never overlook blogs or websites with quality information. In fact, search engines love high quality blogs. So if you have some stats that you want to follow while blogging, just set them up. The rest is done by angels from heaven.

Follow the reader's first strategy

Whatever you write should please the reader. Only readers can help you get better search engine rankings if you speak technically. Make your blog easy to navigate for your readers. Use the correct grammar and vocabulary (TIP: Download the Free Handy Grammar Cheat Sheet for Times of Need). Don't fill them with ads all over the place.

If so-called "content" is king, readers should be his people in order to take better care of them. Do not forget that you are always the prime minister of your kingdom and remember not to lead your king to failure. Proper management can only make your employees (in this case the readers) happy.

last words

As mentioned earlier, professional bloggers are not born or fall from heaven. They are made on earth. In order to become one, you need to adhere to some characteristics and follow some techniques. That's it!

By the way, is there still popcorn in your bucket? I hope I didn't make it long. I have? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sasidhar is one of my best virtual friends and the tech-savvy founder of AmfasTech.com. He loves writing about technology, blogging, SEO, software design, and development issues. I told you he was a wizard.

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