41 Tips To Overcome Writer's Block According To Science (2021)

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What is blogging?

Blogging is the art of sharing your ideas with your audience.

But sometimes when you sit in front of the laptop all you feel is like someone has drained all the juices from your creative mind.

Suddenly you are missing ideas for blog posts!

Sounds familiar?

Don't worry, as writers we all face this block at one time or another. Writer's block is natural, it's real.

But you can't let that stop you from achieving your goals or reaching your true 100% self.

In this article I will share 41 proven tips for overcoming writers Block and get your creative juices flowing.

These points will also help you out when looking for ways to avoid writer's block or keep blog topics short.

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41 tips for overcoming the blockage and healing forever

1) Stop blogging immediately to avoid writer's block

Do you think i lost it? No! This is a great way to identify your calling. When you think you are no longer interested in blogging. Leave it.

Give yourself some time.

Indulge the offline you.

I am sure this will give you time to freshen up and you can start writing with a new enthusiasm.

2) Visit your first to-do list you wrote:

While this is a matter of availability, I still have the diary of my own where I wrote my first to-do list of blogs. The chores are over, but when you see them you rejuvenate.

These mixed feelings of new blogging and impending fears will give you an adrenaline rush. You will suddenly feel like you were born for it – blogging. I think this is a solid tip for overcoming writer's block.

Here's what I learned from my blogging mistakes as I revisited my memories after a year of blogging.

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3) Do you want to cure writer's block? Then I get rid of "I don't have time".

Reconsider your apology. It's not about no time, it's about priority.

If time is preventing you from flowing your creative juices, the best way to resolve writer's block is to turn off the clock.

Stop reading your emails first thing in the morning. They're like those rabbit holes that you can never get out of.

When you cancel email, all you can do is focus on your to-do list. You can set a time slot to check out emails on the go.

Another reason we don't find time to do the right thing is because we choose to obey something that doesn't inspire us.

If you enjoy painting but want to solve math problems instead, you're sure to find excuses to give up on this task.

The same goes for blogging.

They're quick to send out apologies if you find the wrong niche that doesn't inspire you to write. Choosing the right blog topic is therefore as important as possible. If you haven't already, here are over 100 blog niche ideas to choose from.

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4) Hop across other blogs

Whether I blog or not, I bounce across at least 8-10 blogs every day. I don't visit these blogs because I have a network with them. I happen to go from this sight to that. Most start with the links they mentioned on government websites. It can be a new blog or a blog from a guest blogger.

What do I get from them? – Inspire, watch trends, see what the audience reacts to their writing. Analyze content demand, study their designs, then try to include the good ones on my blog.

This is how I was taught in the blogosphere itself. I discovered many websites like aha-now.com, bloggingwizard.com etc. through this method in my first few days.

5) Update your old posts

Failing to find inspiration to blog can be very dangerous. Try to fight instead of indulging in it. Edit your blog posts to organize them, update the content according to the relevance of the date, correct grammar and punctuation (use our free grammar cheat sheet for bloggers), change the images and add the alt Add tags to your pictures when you do this. I didn't do that.

There are two advantages to updating your old posts. This will keep your content updated in the eyes of Google. The second is that it gives your readers more relevant content.

Check out my grammar review (or get a grammar student discount) to see how it can help you write better blog posts, even when you're in the WordPress editor.

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6) Redesign your blog

Sometimes it can subconsciously get boring when you have the same color scheme and style. You may want to change the layout of your blog. You can also change the color scheme. If you're a brand with an image, consider keeping your tone similar. Hubspot recently changed its blog design for the better.

I would recommend keeping your blog's security in mind throughout the redesign process. A premium theme is what you need, among other things.

Never use a free theme given by something called a buddy or downloaded from a website. Choose from the best WordPress blog themes or a theme optimized for premium ads like Elegant Themes. <These are the best premium themes at an affordable price over (80 themes for less than $ 1 each). Check the discount coupon for elegant themes.

I use Genesis for my personal blog and Thrive Themes here.

7) Think about an ultimate contribution

Write everything you know about a subject. It will help you show authority in your niche. Here is a meaty post from me on the best plagiarism checking tools online.

Check out how this one epic article got me 21 backlinks, 3000+ social likes and shares, and more website traffic for me.

8) Eliminate writer's block and receive feedback

Sometimes we are so busy trying to satisfy our inner voices that we forget to hear what others are asking or expecting of us. You need to hear your customers / readers if you want them to promote you. Ask your readers for feedback.

This could be the content they want to see or a new feature they want to feature on your blog. If you're tired of writing, try these tips from your readers. It will surely help you avoid the deadly writer's blockage.

9) Edit broken links

Over time, you must surely have accumulated a lot of links that could not lead to anything. Not only are these confusing to your readers, but they also affect the ranking of your website.

Take advantage of the writer's resistance, install and correct the broken link checker. Or, you can change your blog's permalinks to a new one that is search engine friendly.

Here is a list of the FREE WordPress SEO plugins to improve your rankings.

10) meet up with your local bloggers group:

Many big cities have their blogger group or union. If you are a member of one, meet with them and attend their annual conferences. In addition to updating your blogging knowledge, you'll have plenty of opportunities to network and build relationships that can help you further.

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11) How can you overcome writer's block? Ask for help

Sometimes you don't know what you need. Blogging alone can lead to depression. If you have a problem, ask a friend. Talk to him or her and make a progressive decision.

I have so many wonderful friends blogging near and far, but my three blogging friends are Harleena Singh and Atish Ranjan.

These two super talented and pro bloggers will never let you demotivate other than having a huge treasure trove of experiences to learn from.

12) Write a product review

I've written a lot of product reviews on DigitalGYD. These are the reviews of products I believe and use, but they also bring in affiliate sales through the links placed in them.

It's a win-win situation for me and my readers, they get tested products and I get a commission for the referral without costing them a penny more.

If you want lists, posts can work wonders too, rather than just a single review.

Here are some examples:

13) Write guest posts

Writing for other blogs can expand your reach and learn a lot from following rules for writing and speaking to audiences other than yours.

Make sure you are using a good proofreading tool or punctuation checker to write error-free content.

Connected: Check out my ProWritingAid review to see how it can help you write better English and be your own personal writing assistant. Don't forget to use our official ProWritingAid discount coupon to save more.

14) Do affiliate marketing

Sometimes a little money is enough. Affiliate marketing can bring you an extra income and sometimes the income you need to make a living on your blog.

When you have money, you are sure to be confident. You can also take a break because of the passive income from affiliate funds, and then freshen up and retype. This is perhaps the best way to earn some extra income and spend more time writing. Here is a list of the best blogger affiliate programs for you to try

If you are new to blogging, or still have to start a blog; Take my free, step-by-step course on how to start a blog that makes you money.

15) Organize a link party

Tired of creating content for the audience? Believe me, your regular audience might get bored reading the same monotonous posts on your blog too.

Have a link party also known as the best posts. It can contain the top posts you read during the week that are related to your blog niche. You could turn this into a newsletter or a Patreon business as well. 🙂

16) Start a podcast

Podcasting is trending now. Whether you have a blog or not, people are just crazy about podcasts. If you think you can manage the requirements for a podcast, start one.

17) Read a Book to Help Get rid of Writer's Block

No matter what device you read a book on, ultimately there is no satisfaction other than reading a real paper book.

Yes, try reading a book / novel, completing it one by one, or even reading short stories. This will rekindle your creativity. Here is a list of the top blogger books that you will enjoy.

18) Watch a movie to overcome burnout

Try to watch a movie. I haven't seen a movie in about six months. It's there on my to-do list: P too. But I haven't lost my mojo yet. If you've lost the charm of blogging, check out an old classic or an epic cult movie. You will instill a new aspect of positivity and see things differently. I'm damn sure that you will most certainly be able to get rid of writer's block.

19) Try to stand upside down

Yes, that is the form of yoga, but you don't have to do it regularly. Try to stand like this for at least a few seconds. It will make oxygen and circulation is a better way. Ask your doctor before doing yoga.

20) Try meditating to get your creative juices flowing

This is the best step in seeking inner peace and serenity. Try to meditate for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. This will calm you down and help you overcome the fear caused by the writer's block.

21) If you want to break through writer's block, talk to an old friend

Talk your heart to him / her. Often we are so fascinated by our writing, new ideas, old drafts and fictional characters that we block our minds for creative currents. Talking to a friend does just the opposite.

With a friend, you are who you are in reality. No more writing targets, no more zone in the zone of the fictional characters. So talk about what matters in the real world. Talk about crushes, new movie releases, go hiking, and have tons of fun.

When you return you will find that you have completely overcome writer's block. With new inspirations and sun rays absorbed into your body, you are just another living version that you lost in the writing game.

22) Challenge yourself to do something you've never done before

You can challenge yourself to overcome a fear that you have long succumbed to. This can be any fear, such as fear of lizards, a dark room, or fear of talking to a stranger.

If you are scared to swim like me, you can try to overcome it too (but with the supervision of someone you know). This has nothing to do with your passion for blogging, it gives you courage and confidence. This will surely help you blog better.

23) Convert your blog posts into an eBook

Take a couple of your posts, hopefully from the same category, and turn them into an eBook. You can use this as a lead magnet or sell it on Amazon.

24) Help a friend

Helping someone who needs your help can have a positive impact on your blogging career as well. You might be motivated to do more. I recently installed the Genesis Framework on my personal blog.

I was struggling to get the Pro-Theme magazine on my domain. When I asked Angela, one of my designer friends, she readily agreed.

Despite a huge number of clients, household chores, and more, she made this video tutorial just for me (it will help you in case you've been like me for a week in trigonometry and HTML coding!).

This is certainly a good ploy to take advantage of the time that would otherwise have been wasted due to writer's block.

25) Think of something that will be helpful to others

Instead of sharing typical posts, try researching to find common issues that your niche members and fellow bloggers are facing. Suppose they ask for distraction-free writing tools that will compile one for them.

Regardless, there may be a million websites with the same information, but your loyal readers will love reading it on your blog.

26) Conduct a series of interviews

I have yet to revive my interview series. When you inspire someone who inspires you, you can heal if you have writer's block. Read this interview with Harleena Singh to learn the art of interviewing and for some tips on what it takes to be a professional blogger.

27) Accept an interview request

Nothing beats being featured on other blogs. Most interviews allow you to tell about your journey so far, talk about your obstacles and how you overcame them.

These tidbits of your writing journey will help you revive the lost mojo and remind you how you came up to now.

You will also get a lot of PR, popularity, increase and increase in authority and all of these will help you fight as well Crush writer's block with a heavy hand.

28) Announce that you are open to guest posting

Try to allow other writers to post relevant content on your blog. This will spice up the whole criteria. I've accepted a lot of guest posts in the past. If you have a guest posting option, it's better to create a "Write for Us" page. Check out this link to see how to create one.

29) Change and update your media kit

Modifying or designing a brand new media kit for our blog: We often see that we don't have a branded media kit for our blog. This is very important if you want to attract advertisers to your blog.

30) Hold a webinar to balance your writing

A webinar will definitely help you grow your audience. This will help you break the blockade your writers have from not writing and instead speaking and interacting with your audience.

31) Listen to a podcast

Spend at least 30 minutes listening to your favorite blogger's podcast. It can be Pat Flynn or any other blogger to inspire you and connect with. Inspirational podcasts can go a long way toward clearing your procrastination and instantly curing writer's block.

32) Sleep off your heart

Try to take your time off to sleep. This will relax you. As bloggers, we work almost all the time in front of computers and that late night shift. A good night's sleep can make your tiredness go away.

33) Wikipedia someone you admire

Needless to say, we have done this many times. But I know you will agree that reading their life can inspire you like magic. You have been through pain and worry and still achieved so much today. You can use their lessons to improve your mood.

If they could get out of their low streak, you too could break out of your bloggers' block and write another epic article, book, or whatever you're working on.

34) Write your plans on a notepad

When was the last time you wrote on a real offline notebook? I don't think so soon. Write your plans and thoughts in a notebook. This will help you open up.

35) Write down your miserable blogging moment and rip it open

It's a science. Writing down on paper all of the negative things you feel and then tearing it to pieces can surprisingly increase your strength.

If you have any bad feelings, something a reviewer said about your posts that you can't easily chew on, or whatever it is, put it in a newspaper. No need to show it to anyone, just write it down and tear it up once it's done. You can also burn it to ashes if you'd like.

This will help you get out of that cocoon of feeling and you will soon start writing again.

36) Adopt a dog or a cat or a mouse

This will not kill your time, it will make you feel with strength every time you decide to play with them. After that, you can start writing your blogging posts.

Solitude is always nice, but having someone to share your feelings, snuggle up with, and share food is fantastic. Alone can drain your juices because we are social animals.

If you don't have a friend or someone to open up to during these creative burnouts, talk your heart out to your pet. You will feel light weight and this is a great way to easily cure writer's block.

37) Play a board game

Board games are nothing more than a great medium to spend time with friends and family. Play with them. Feeling like you have someone (friend or family) is always important in keeping you stronger and more motivated in the long run.

38) Have a picnic:

Plan a trip away from the normal noise. Drop your phone, tablet, and laptop at home. Upon returning, you'll see the difference that you feel when you get into blogging. I am sure you will be a better you. Taking off is key to overcoming writer's block and finding new ideas for writing.

39) Clean up your workspace

Relieve your workplace. Remove the files and books that you no longer open. Update your desk calendar and do whatever you can to keep it clean.

40) Please don't blog from your bed!

For God's sake, beds are meant to help you rest and all the things that come on your dirty mind right now. I wouldn't want to see you from your bed in your next video. This habit would not give you an energetic work environment either. Instead, it affects your productivity.

Keep your own office space. This may not be a separate room. You can just set up a standing desk next to your closet, or at least blog early in the morning with your kitchen table.

41) Read regularly and interact with your audience

Nothing beats interacting with your direct audience. You will get to know their way of thinking and thoughts and then find out what is missing in order to connect with them. As soon as you see this, click through.

Conclusion: How to Overcome a Writer's Block and Heal It Immediately

This post showed us how we can come up with a creative blogging idea, especially when we hit a tipping point in blogging. I am sure that by following these safe techniques you can avoid and heal writer's block.

These tips for overcoming writer's block are really good if you have blogging ideas or want to think about how to get inspiration for blogging. What are your secrets How do you avoid creative blocks?

Share in the comment section.

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