25 High A/B Testing Instruments in 2021

It is essentially a way in which any two versions of the same content, be it a web page, email or any other marketing asset, is compared in order to know which works better. How well the two perform is compared so as to choose the content which resonates with the audience more.

How to Conduct A/B Testing?

Research: There are various tools out there which can be used to conduct A/B Testing. Therefore, you should look into what area needs to be worked upon and decide upon a tool based on that for optimal results.

Formulate a A/B Hypothesis: Before conducting the test, formulate a hypothesis of the potential results. This will help in making the changes which will lead to getting the end product you want to achieve.

Create variations: Don’t just stick to one version of things. Keep making changes to get the results you want, just like a trial and error method. Keep at it till you get the best results.

Run Test: After you have created as many variations as you require, run the test and go forth with the best one.

Why do A/B Testing?

Solve your Customer Problems: All the glitches faced by the customers as well their complaints can be solved using this method.

Increase ROI from Existing Traffic: Since it helps in providing a customized experience for each customer, this will lead to increase in ROI like never before. Since it will figure out the issues faced by the existing customers, when those are gotten rid of, it will only cement their loyalty.

Reduce bounce rate: Many times, people ‘bounce’ or leave websites very quickly due to some jarring terminology or images that subconsciously or consciously, don’t work for them. A/B Testing lets you know what these problematic elements are so that they can be worked upon to decrease bounce rate.

What can you A/B Test?

Content Headlines: This is arguably the most important part of any website/blog or anything else since it is the point which determines whether the viewers will be scrolling down or not. It is very important that it resonates with the viewers.

Design and Campaign Layout: How things are placed on a website/blog is vital as often, when things seem too cluttered, people have a hard time reading it and give up before even trying. Similarly, when it is very sparsely occupied, it comes across as boring and ends the same way. Therefore, you need A/B testing to balance it out.

Navigation: It is an extremely vital part of any website since it tells the user how to go about it or any other page, for that matter. Several times, testing navigation is not given a priority but it is very important.

Offer/Promotions: It can help you in predicting what sort of deals or offers are better liked by the consumers so that you can plan accordingly.

Web Forms: Using the testing methods, different segments of the form are shown to visitors. After that it is decided which version works the most effectively.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While A/B Testing

Not Planning your Optimization Roadmap: Having a clear understanding of what needs to be changed and how to get there is essential to go ahead with A/B testing. Having a plan makes everything go smoothly and saves time as well.

Running Multiple A/B Tests at the Same time: While it may help in saving time and seem an easy option, it can backfire. When two or more tests collide, even after the results come out well, the end result could go wrong. This is because those two tests weren’t aligned to work together and while they individually give good results, when they work together, it would fail.

Overloading Variables in a Testing Period: Excess of anything, including A/B testing, is bad. In this case, if one was to change too many variables at the time, it will become hard to decipher which ones work well together.

Using Unbalanced Traffic: Varying sets of data doesn’t mean that the results will be correct. On the contrary, the possibility is very high that they are false positives. This is because as variations increase, the chances of any of them delivering significant and plausible results decreases.

Testing for Incorrect Duration: For best results, every test should be allowed to run its natural course without changing it mid-test as there are various factors at play and it will hinder the results.

Using the Wrong Tools: You can only treat a problem if you diagnose it properly. Many times, we get confused about what the problem is and end up using the wrong tool or vice versa. Selecting the correct tool is of supreme importance and in order to do that, you need to make sure you know what the problem is.

A/B Testing Vs Multivariate Testing

The two are more similar than different and eventually, have the same purpose – optimizing the content on websites. While A/B Testing is designed to compare different versions of a web page, multivariate testing has much more specific functions which are restricted only to the elements on a single page. Both of them complement each other perfectly and both should be used to up your website game.

A/B Test Best Practices

Always keep Testing: It is always important to stay relevant and up-to-date. As soon as you get new data, start testing it out and keep on top of things in order to get the best out of these tests.

Hypothesis is Key: You get the best results when you know exactly what you want out of an experiment. This is where a hypothesis comes into play. Having a clear understanding of the problem before looking for a solution and then actively figuring out the solution is important.

Maintain an Open Mind: When dealing with such tests, you should have patience and an open mind. This is because customers are constantly changing their minds and because of that, so are the trends.

Working with Multivariate Testing isn’t Easy: Even if initially you are able to achieve strong results, refrain yourself from stopping the test midway. Let it run its course. This is very important and patience is required for this task as well, but it will be worth it.

The Right data is Essential: There is a thing which measures data reliability called “statistical significance”. It refers to the quality of data that is being used to conduct the test and it is there to make sure that the results are credible.

Tools for running the AB testing:

1. Optimizely

This is a platform created by a software company of the same name which allows users to not only run A/B tests but also build them. You can choose from a range of services so as to create a test that will help you in optimizing your website.

2. VWO


VWO or Visual Website Optimizer is known for its testing and optimization tools that let users that do not have any working knowledge of HTML or other technical, to make A/B tests. They can also create geo-behavioral targeting campaigns using the optimizer.

3. SiteSpect


While this one is slightly more technically inclined, it is great for people who have the knowledge and have a working knowledge of HTML as it involves editing HTML coding. It also offers its users a visual editor that makes it easier for them to make the changes they require.

4. AB Tasty

ab tasty

This is a hassle free, affordable tool that lets users, who have just started their companies or are looking to web optimization, feel the waters a bit. It is a great place to start experimenting into this domain.

5. Adobe Target

adobe target

The quality that sets it apart is that its algorithm keeps self-adjusting to bridge the gap between a visitor’s behavior and existing content. This characteristic makes sure that it always delivers the best results possible which is why the feature which draws users to Target is the automated personalization.

6. Leadpages


It is a tool which is fast becoming a favorite among people looking to broaden their reach as it helps in collecting email subscribers. This is its primary role and for effective communication, it has many templates and other features to put your word across more aesthetically as well as effectively.

7. Oracle CX Marketing

oracle cx marketing

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Marketing Cloud consists of features such as Automation, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing Channels and others, basically all the things that would help marketers to deliver customized omni channel experience to their users.

8. Convertize


This A/B testing tool is all the rage because it allows users to increase their number of conversions even if they don’t have coding knowledge or statistics. All they need to do is set goals and watch as the tool increases their sales and cash flow – and all without the extra costs of more ads

9. Convert Experiences

convert experiences

Used by major companies such as Sony and Unicef, this testing tool has been applied by more than 5000 websites of top brands. This is because it is easy to use and provides flicker less A/B testing, and results in a steady growth with good revenue.

10. Unbounce


Known as the ‘most powerful landing page builder’, it has earned this name because it gives a free rein to the customers to customize their landing page in a way that best suits their brand. Not only is it effective but also makes the job of an IT professional redundant.

11. Qubit


This tool is known for its strong segmentation abilities which are centered around personalization of content. Using this, one can do A/B testing as well as multivariate tests in order to get the highest level of optimization. In addition to this, some other excellent features it has include cart abandonment recovery and product recommendations, which make it the perfect tool for ecommerce platforms.

12. Google Optimize

google optimize

The key selling point of this particular tool is that coupled with Google Analytics, the insight that one can get into behavioral patterns are exemplary. With the help of Analytics, one can edit and personalize segments in order to get maximum reach.

13. Evolv


This particular testing tool has ‘evolved’ in such a way that it incorporates machine learning algorithms along with its conversion optimization which helps in conducting goal-based experiments. With the help of machine learning, a good number of ideas emerge and it also can do multivariate tests on a great scale.

14. Maxymiser


It is one of the best tools out there when it comes to personalization as well as targeting. These attributes, along with the visual editor that it provides, result in the creation of quality campaigns. Another impressive feature of Maxymiser is that it automatically puts together customer profiles based on their behavior, and that too for each new visitor on the page.

15. Dynamic Yield

dynamic yield

This suite has endless options to choose from, making it one of the best out there when it comes to engagement and personalization. It continuously works on bettering the existing ROI with the help of machine learning and combines segments with personalized alerts so as to optimize it as much as possible.

16. Kameleoon


A level up, this advanced testing platform lets users run advanced A/B tests, split as well as multivariate tests, swiftly but thoroughly. More than 40 targeting criteria, excellent navigation analysis tool and option to test different user segments are some of its salient features. Further, owing to the presence of dynamic traffic allocation algorithms, users can divide it in a way that shortens the decision cycle as well as increases return on investment.

17. Google Experiments

google experiments

Initially started in 2009 to exhibit the capability of JavaScript, it is now a platform which displays the characteristics of open-source web based technologies. Some examples are HTML5, SVG and others.

18. Instapage


Another excellent example of a landing page optimizer, this tool can be used in the creation, testing along with optimization of various advertising landing pages of any scale

19. Monetate


This is a widely liked tool because of its testing, personalization and segmentation tool. It is also known for the excellent client services that it provides.

20. Convert


Famous for its live chat customer support system, this optimization tool can work wonders for the average business. It supports all tests and presents a friction-free onboarding process for CMS, smooth collaboration with Google Analytics and perfect for an ecommerce platform.

21. Kissmetrics


Other than the catchy name, this web analytics solution helps in increasing customers, making better choices and keeping up with the latest trends in the market. It has a very customer-specific approach and uses insights into their behaviour using engagement metrics to get the desired results

22. Chartbeat


This analytics tool understands the importance of time which is why it uses real-time data and consumer engagement to constantly keep upping their game, according to their preferences. They provide tools to average-sized online publishers so that they can improve their existing content so as to keep their customer base satisfied

23. Omniconvert


Another strong contender of this domain, it has an all-in-one tool as it provides A/B testing, on-page surveys, personalization, overlays as well as segmentation

24. Crazy Egg

crazy egg

This makes all your worries about optimization needless as it generates heat maps which denote the problematic areas of your website that makes it so much easier to correct any wrongs. Along with these maps, it has other features such as scroll maps, confetti and overlap tools – all dedicated to optimizing the content. A distinction from others is that it requires a small segment of JavaScript code to be present on the site pages.

25. Webtrends Optimize

webtrends optimize

It has endless features which include and are not restricted to – A/B testing, multivariate testing, split testing, social proof, product recommendations engines, etc. It was the foremost testing solution in the market, way back in 2000. It aids businesses by increasing their online dialogue and ROI as well as making sure they take informed and data-driven decisions


These are just a few of the best examples out there. However, they can only help when you choose the right one, which will suit your business or brand the most and help in taking it forward. New technology is being developed daily but in order to make the most out of it, you have to understand your needs first, so that you can find the best possible solution that will suit your requirements. So make sure to take well-informed decisions, keeping in mind the best interests of your business.

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